There is an Executive Committee (the "EC") over at our Corporate office. It's a group of people, and my boss thought it would be a good idea to have one mailing list set up on the main server that includes all of the people in that group. I attempted to call the main Executive Admin (my boss' boss' assistant, let's call her "Pita"), but she was away from her desk. My boss' assistant (let's call her "J") and I took it upon ourselves to get this set up. Yesterday, I received this message from Pita:

This sort of request / directive (to compile a list for the EC) is to be generated from the Big Boss' office. Also, a call to this office to discuss beforehand should have been the course.

I've reviewed this with Big Boss. Please retract your request (to I.S.) for this distribution list. (I see that I.S. already responded/created this, but please ask them to eliminate it.) Also, please notify J, who was copied originally.

Lastly, you include your boss in the list below, but he is not a formal member of the EC.

Thank you, Kelli.

- Pita

Later, I received this message from Pita:
Kelli, in case you are, don't worry about the earlier thing. It's forgotten.

And if you do want to consider an idea, I'm happy to hear you out. Then, I can help you determine whether or not it will fly.

Wowzer. Condescending much? Apparently, it's not forgotten...

You'll be happy and pleased to know I maintained an air of professionalism and, in a return email just apologized and did as instructed.

Then blogged about it.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

People are great aren't they? You can always rely on them to suck a great percentage of the time.

Susie said...

Wow, so professional. You're too professional to do so, so allow me to say it, BIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!

Effie said...

Very well blogged...and SO professionally handled!

Does PITA stand for Pain.In.The.A$$???

Just curious!

Doug said...

Much like, TOGA, TOGA, TOGA,
Makes you wanta,

Hope she has nightmares . . . . .

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

And from the great Daddy album entitled "At the Women's Club" we have the selected lyrics:

"I'd be having nightmares
if I could only sleep..."

Bone Machine said...

Although this Pita bitch doesn't know me, she can kiss *MY* ass.

(and hush about that Daddy disc because I haven't played it in ages)

Lynn said...

Yeah, what Susie said.

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - She's a peach!

Susie - THANK YOU!

Effie - Thank you!

Doug - LOL-LA!

Mr. B - An-a 1, an-a 2

Bone - Wait, is that an idea, because I think we have to run it by her first to see if it will fly...

Lynn - AMEN!

Annejelynn said...

tsk tsk - has Heather taught you nothing! No bloggy about the jobby, young lady!

Nilbo said...

I might have replied "Attempted to call, but you are repeatedly unavailable. Decided to take the initiative which you have never shown. But thanks for directing me to all the proper channels, that should save the company lots of time and money. Regards, Kelli" and cc'd her boss.

But that's why I can't work for other people.

I still like my Boss best. He lets me do whatever I want, all day.

What a guy.

Circus Kelli said...

Annejelynn -- It took me nearly a full minute to realize "Heather who?" :)

Nilbo - You're henceforth in charge of writing all my work emails moving forward. Your boss ROCKS! (And I don't think that would have gotten me anywhere -- her boss likes it that she's like that!)

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