Very Good

After work tonight, I picked up the littles and got home as quickly as I could. I had to go to a "mandatory" meeting for some thing for Punkin's school tonight, and I knew there wouldn't be time to get much done.

In the hour and fifteen minutes I was home before I left again, I:
  • - Changed my clothes
  • - Made dinner
  • - Got the dishes together
  • - Rotated laundry
  • - Collected all the garbages
  • - Made lunches for Wednesday
  • - Got the 'daily backpack' for the littles together
  • - Ate dinner
  • - Changed a poopy diaper
  • - And rushed out the door while Buddy was distracted and Sweet Pea crying because she couldn't go with me don't these kids realize we're not attached with an umbilical cord anymore I just really need to leave now so I'm not late and I can get home soon please just let me go...?!


    I arrived at the meeting and sat through the whole thing thinking "Mandatory, my ass... I'm not coming to this next year" and mentally telling the speaker and the other parents to "Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah... Hurry up, move along, people get outta my way!"

    Hubby was at home working on the deck, (trying to get it done before Friday because his brother is coming up on Saturday to help with the benches) and working with power tools and watching two little clowns (and one bigger clown who was pouting because I asked her to do the dishes) doesn't really go together very well.

    So you see why I had to get home quickly, right? I mean... after I stopped at the shoe store, of course. (What?! My Keds had a hole in them that my little pinky toe kept trying to escape through. I needed knew ones, and the store was *right there*.)

    I found a pair of Ked-like sneakers for me, a new pair of gym shoes for Punkin (she hasn't worn them all summer and her gym shoes were so tight today, she got blisters from them) and a very cute pair of BOOTS. I love me some boots. I really do. And I hardly took any time at all to find and decide on my purchase -- I was probably in the store for about 10 minutes.

    And do you know what was waiting for me when I got home?
  • - An empty sink because Punkin had done the dishes
  • - Another poopy diaper
  • - Buddy running around in his winter coat
  • - And a completed deck! B and Hubby had finished the floor of the deck! They did an awesome job. And now I won't have to step over Hubby's wood in the garage anymore. (What? Those big cedar planks were taking up all kinds of space in there!)

    Then the kids went to bed, and I wrote this, and now I'm going to take a nice hot shower and get myself in bed early.*


    *fingers crossed that everyone sleeps through the night and no one wakes me up at 3:30am to tell me someone turned her box fan off.

    Nilbo said...

    My God. Sleep well. Who deserves it more??? You're a superhero, aren't you? Come on, you can tell us ...

    Lynn said...

    The need to rotate laundry is just one of those little life constants we can always count on...

    eclectic said...

    Sweet dreams, CK! We'll talk more tomorrow.

    Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

    Those school meetings sucks. We don't even attend the "Family Fun Night" anymore cuz it ain't.

    LadyBug said...

    I'm so freaking immature. I'm giggling at "Hubby's wood." *snork*

    hellokittn said...

    lmao, I'm in the same boat as ladybug...

    I won't have to step over Hubby's wood in the garage anymore.

    What, you're just going to STEP on it now?!??!?

    Best wife ever.

    Doug said...

    Reminds me of some of the corporate brain washings I had to attend and painfully remain awake while the blather went on and on and on.
    And Sis, I think you are an ideal MOM

    Effie said...

    Everybody slept through the night for you, right??!! I hope so!

    You, my dear, deserve a new badge "SuperMommy"!!!

    Effie said...

    go read Poop & Boogies--made me weepy--well that might be the hormones kicking in, but it's really sweet!

    Anonymous said...

    Nilbo - Heh, yeah, right. Cutting glass with my voice is my special power.

    Lynn - It surely is.

    Eclectic - Thanks!

    Mr. B - Maybe if you just picture everyone in puke green boxers, that would make it more fun.

    LadyBug - I've been giggling about it for days! He doesn't like that much, btw.

    Kittn - Hee!

    Doug - I love you.

    Effie - More like "SuperTiredMommy!"

    And would you believe I can't even post comments to my own blog without a hassle from Blogger today...? Sheesh.


    Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

    WRONG. The principal (because the principal is your Pal) was my fourth grade teacher. I do NOT need to see her in boxers.

    eddie said...

    sounds like a wild day,sleep well

    Circus Kelli said...

    Eddie - It was, and I shall!

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