The Circus In The Dells

After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER (because truly, every minute that excited kids are waiting to do something fun can seem like HOURS, not just to the kids, but to the parents as well) my BIL and his family landed in our driveway.

They piled out of their vehicle for a potty break, and a quick update on the deck (because Hubby had been out working on it every available second last week). The kids all congregated and did the excited jumping up and down thingthat kids on the way to a weekend of fun usually do. Finally, we all piled back into our vehicles and hit the road. We (the parents) were informed by Miss Sweet Pea that we had to watch out our respective windows for any cows or horses that we saw. When we did see them, we were to announce that we seem them, point, and do all of this with plenty of time for the little clowns to be able to see the cows/horses before we passed by them.

Everyone was in good spirits and on the several hour trip up to the Dells we sang songs in the car (not a great radio station selection, by the way, but 70's tunes are usually fun to sing along with, especially because the kids have never heard the songs). All the passengers, myself included took naps on the way up and were ready for lunch when we arrived.

Although we couldn't get into our room yet, we were able to obtain passes for the hotel's waterpark, and commenced taking full advantage of it.

Our hotel's waterpark

By the way, that's a word that Buddy didn't know before this weekend "Wah-deh-pahk". (water park) I can't tell you how pleased we are that we got to introduce him to it.

The outdoor waterpark "The Lost World" was a blast! There were different pools of all shapes and sizes for the kids, a big bucket that filled with water, then dumped all over everyone at regular intervals, and something I've not been on before... "The Lost River", or as I called it "The Lazy River". I could be lazy AND play with the kids while on this ride! All I had to do was commandeer an innertube and float. I must have floated along with the currents on the innertube for a good couple of hours. I'd check in with the family when I floated by, sometimes taking one of the littles on my lap, then switching them out the next go round. I loved it. I was just floating by... looking at the scenery... That's when I got caught staring at a lifeguard -- by Hubby and Punkin -- and was teased mercilessly about it for the remainder of our time there, and probably the rest of my life. Apparently, it wasn't that I was staring, it was the look on my face. Kinda "dreamy", I guess. Since when are all life guards tan, blonde, foreign, and young enough for me to be their mother, anyway?

The rest of the weekend, whenever we saw a male lifeguard Hubby asked, "Is that him?" and he would laugh. Finally, I'd had enough and told him "You know, honey, I don't know. I didn't look at his face." Heh.

Saturday night, we went out for dinner, then over to one of the indoor waterparks. This one had a kid section that the littles played in for a while, but they also had a big wave pool. Hubby, BIL and the littles Cousin Emmy all boarded innertubes and rode the waves for a bit until Hubby's innertube capsized, dumping him and Sweet Pea and Buddy into the drink. After that, Buddy decided he was done for the night. (the next day, he nearly ran away from an innertube, and would only go in one if he could sit in my lap. We did that for a lap or two around the lazy river, and he recovered.) Shortly after that, we all went back to our room.

Our hotel room

Our room was really great! We rented a suite so we could all stay together, but still have our own rooms. The kids decided they all wanted to sleep together in the Murphy Bed. That didn't work out too well Saturday night, and Punkin and Buddy ended up sleeping in our room (our room had two queen size beds in it), as Sweet Pea and Cousin Emmy slept in the Murphy Bed. I heard Emmy call for her Mom in the early morning hours. As I was trying to decide who was calling "Mommy", I heard Sweet Pea say "Sssh, Emmy. It's ok. I'm right here." (Awwww....)

The other water park

Sunday was more of the same, waterparks and water rides and walking around the hotel and walking around outside and more lazy river floating. The skies threatened rain all afternoon, but it didn't rain until after dinner. We all watched Chicken Little while getting the kids to calm down before bed. That night, the only one who slept in our room with us was Buddy.

Monday we just sort of sat around the hotel room, hanging out, packing our stuff up. We went to a playland in the adjacent hotel and let the kids run all their energy out, then to McD's for lunch. As we were pulling into the parking lot at McD's, Buddy just burst out "BOOGA FIES! BOOGA FIES! BOOGA FIES!" like he hadn't eaten there in decades. I think he was more excited about lunch than the waterpark!

After that, we said goodbye to BIL and his family, loaded the little clowns back into the family truckster and headed on home. A quick check into the back of the truck revealed some tired kids with mopey faces. They had so much fun, they didn't want to leave. I think we all did.

Still, though. It was good to land back home.

Our digital camera was iffy all weekend, and only about half the pictures I took actually came out ok. Any pics you see here are the best of the worst.


eclectic said...

Yay, pictures!!!!! That looks like a kick-ass time, CK! And you're cracking me up with the "I didn't look at his face, darling"!!! Hah!

:::looks at comment, realizes it's all exclamation points:::

I'll stop yelling now.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic, I LOVE exclamation points!!!

Sharkey said...

Did you see me waving? I totally thought of you guys when we drove past the Dells exit on Saturday.

Did you stay at the Wilderness? The hotel kinda looks like it--that's where we stayed two years ago when we took my sister's little ones.

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Nilbo said...

Shame on you for brazenly checking out the lifeguard.

Don't you know you can't just stare? It's like looking into the sun - you don't stare for extended periods, you glance, then avert your eyes, then glance again.

Ask hubby. Men know how to do this. We were taught in that health class in junior high when all the girls went off to learn about female stuff and we guys were left behind to talk about "Our Changing Bodies".

hellokittn said...

You guys have got to be the coolest parents ever.

Love to you and yours :-).

Doug said...

Looks as if you were in the best of all worlds Sis. With family too.

Gee, I'd like to have been there. The water park looks and sounds like great fun.

You know where I would have lured Heather - - - under the big tippy bucket, probably just once though.

I could spend hours floating on inner tubes on the "Lazy River."

Times like that it is easy to understand the word "Family," and how precious family is.

Heh, life guard huh ? ? ? ?
Bet hubby kept his glances at the young beauties under cover ! ! ! !

Cheers to you all.

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - I did! And I waved back! The hotel we stayed at was connected to the Wilderness by a walkway. The Wilderness is HUGE! We got lost in there. :)

Nilbo - It was really more of a langurous appreciation than a stare...

Kittn - LOL! Love to you right back!

Doug - Oh, it was SO much fun! You're right, of course, family is precious... and don't be so sure about Hubby's glances being covert. I knew who he was looking at before I even checked to see if he was looking. ;)

Effie said...

I know--you were looking at his TUSH weren't you?!!

I hope you pointed out many cows and horses along the way...I always enjoyed seeing other farm animals, that weren't so normal--like llamas,emus, sheep and billy goats...

Happy Wednesday!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Looks like fun.

Time to replace the camera if you're missing out on memories though.

Lazy Lightning said...

How fun! I love water parks so much, but haven't been to one in probably 10 years!

Circus Kelli said...

Effie, Um, no. Not his tush. ;)

Mr. B, I know... I know...

Lazy Lightning, WELCOME! I think the last time I was at one was (gulp) 20 years ago. I was lookin' at lifeguards then, too. :)

LadyBug said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Boofa fies?

Effie said...

his legs then? *batting eyelashes innocently*

...oh, OH, you MEAN you were looking at his SPEEDO???????????????


Last night on my way home from work I went through the Wendy's drivethru and got (with a winning cup thingy) a FREE junior bacon cheeseburger....I can't believe how good it tasted--I mean--it was ultra-processed food, and I still gobbled up every last bite. I NEVER do that. Boy, was that good...(Buddy's booga fies reminded me of that!)

Kat said...

Sounds like an absolute fabulous trip!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

So, like, did ya did ya?! Let's see the pics with the new camera!!

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug, Nooo... Booga fies! Totally different. ;)

Effie, Nooo... somewhere between his face and his Speedo...

Kat, No--wait, yes! Yes it was! :)

Mr. B, Nooo... we haven't found a new camera yet! Sheesh!

LadyBug said...

Umm...actually, I meant to type Booga flies??. Apparently, my coffee hadn't yet kicked in when I typed that. (Also, the dog ate my homework and the sun was in my eyes.)

I still don't know what booga flies means.

Oh. Wait. Is booga, burger? As in Burger & Fries?

Something tells me I may have missed a post on this.

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - Booga Fies = Burger Fries = McDonald's. :)

lawbrat said...

I laughed so hard at- I wasent looking at his face!! That was great!

It looks like a very fab place to be.

Lynn said...

Booga Fies! That is precious. My twins used to say TUBBBY TUSSERD for boston cream donuts. That means filled with Tubby Custard like on the Teletubbies.

Circus Kelli said...

Lawbrat - It was!


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