I Heart The Chicken

When picking up the littles from daycare this evening, Buddy came along quietly, but not Sweet Pea. She did not want to leave school, and she made sure everyone at the school understood that.

She was eventually buckled into her carseat, despite continuing objections. She objected more than halfway home. I had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home, so we ended up travelling in a different direction than usual. She did stop long enough to question why we were taking a different route. When she got her answer, she continued with the carrying on.

It was only when Buddy saw the big yellow walking chicken that she stopped in mid-scream. Sometimes, it just takes a big yellow walking chicken to make you stop all your catterwalling and carrying on. After all, it's not every day you see a big yellow walking chicken on the way home.

When we were even with the big yellow walking chicken, I rolled down the window on the flameless Mommyvan, honked the horn, and waved and waved at the big yellow walking chicken. He (and I'm only guessing it was a "he" in the big yellow walking chicken suit) didn't even know what a hero he was to be able to make my middle child halt her screaming so suddenly and become so very, very blessedly quiet. I could have kissed him if he had been closer.

And imagine what THAT story would have sounded like tomorrow at daycare -- "Forget Santa Claus! My Mommy kissed a big yellow walking chicken on the way home last night..."

I didn't look at the children behind me, and I presumed they were waving, too. As traffic began to move and we pulled away, there was still silence. For about five seconds. Then I heard it, a whine. Not just any whine, it was definitely one of those whines where you just know somebody's heart was breaking.

It was Buddy. "Buddy? Wha? Why? Buddy, what's wrong?" From what I was able to deduce, the big yellow walking chicken didn't wave to him. So now, Sweet Pea was quiet, and Buddy was upset. "Oh, Buddy, the big yellow walking chicken waved to ALL of us in the van! He waved to you!"

Oh, see, that was ok then. Buddy quieted and once again, peace was restored to the occupants of the van. Ahhh. So nice. Just the sound of the traffic outside the window, and the faint sound of the radio.

From the back, I heard this: "I don't think that was a real big yellow walking chicken. I think that was someone in a big yellow walking chicken suit. Big yellow walking chickens look different than that..."


LadyBug said...

I (heart) your big yellow walking chicken story.


(Thank God It's Friday - Let's Have Some Chocolate!)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*bets that big yellow walking chicken was walking AWAY from KFC*

That's what it's all about with kids. Redirecting their attention to other important matters in their life.

eclectic said...

"Big yellow walking chickens look different than that." OMG -- how does she have such skepticism at her age??! She gets that from ME -- I LOVE Sweet Pea!!!!!!! She is clearly part mine, and I demand visitation. What a friggin' crack-up!!!

Bone Machine said...

We're all looking for the big yellow chicken.

Anonymous said...

i could have used a big yellow chicken today with Rolo!!!!
hope your day is great!!! miss you and the littles!!!

Effie said...

why did the big yellow walking chicken cross the road?

To stop the Littles from crying, silly!

I echo Ladybug's sentiments: LHSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - I heart you!

Mr. B - Forget "SHINY!" "There's a big yellow walking chicken!"

Eclectic - I was just stymied on how she knew what a real big yellow walking chicken looked like...

Bone - Duuuuude.

Chocolate K - Drive down Route 14, past the Tweeter store, then just past Main like you're headed to Wal-Mart. It'll be on your right.

If you're going the other way, look for a Big Walking Bee wearing a vest. He looked sorta cranky, though... The chicken totally had it going on.

Effie - LOL - That's great!

Doug said...

Ohhhh Man, I'm totally cracked up. Hee, heee, heeeee

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - Me too! :)

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