My Wednesday Plans In a SeaShell

HEY! Guess what?!

*doing a little dance of joy*

I have Wednesday off of work!
I don't have to go to work on Wednesday!
I can do whatever I want to do!

Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

I'll tell you what I'm NOT going to do on Wednesday:
Laundry, dishes, washing floors, errands, straightening, tidying up, cleaning bathrooms, or anything remotely productive or practical.

Now. What shall I do with my day off of work? Sleep? Watch television? Read? Blog? Run around the house naked doing a Risky Business dance montage? Watch a movie? Play music really loudly? Eat cookies for breakfast? Go out to lunch? All of the above?

So yeah... Did I mention I have Wednesday off of work*?


*(and, if I'm very lucky, the fates or karma or whatever will not ruin my lovely day to myself by making any of my kids sick or otherwise ensuring there is something I *have* to do with my precious day off)

And now, I leave you with this little gem. I'd never heard this song before Sweet Pea started in preschool, and it just charms the socks off me every time she sings it.

"In an igloo on an island in a sea of icy water lived an inch worm named Ignacious and his itsy bitsy daughter

She was smaller than an ink blot and her name was Isabelle and she didn't need a cradle because she slept in a sea shell"

this is an audio post - click to play


thephoenixanddragon said...

congrats on not having to go to work. I o the other hand have a crazy day tomorrow. I have a colonosopy(?) and an endoscopy(?)(spelling?) at 1030 tomorrow. I guess they are getting me coming and going. lol enjoy your day off

Susie said...

Now I can go off to bed with a smile, courtesy of Sweet Pea. Have a terrific Wednesday, CK. xoxox

Doug said...

Wow, a day off in mid-week. Can't beat that with a stick !

Sweet Pea's song is darling, maybe she can come up with a South Seas Song to keep us warm this winter ? Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on it ? ? ? ?

Have a total blast Sis . . . you deserve it !

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

You have a vocalist of that calibre in the house and you dare wonder what to do with your day?

May the Fates of Karma, or whatever, force you to PLAY ALL DAY!!

ZZZAAAAPPPPP!!!! ***Balls of lightning and (balls of beach) clear the air and make way for fun and silliness***

WILLIAM said...

As I sit at work on Wednesday I will be thinking of you and all the things you could possibly be doing.

Effie said...

I vote for DO all of the above--especially eating cookies for breakfast!

I want to hear that Sweet lil Sweet Pea singing--sounds like it'll be an adorable song!

Miss Valerie Jean said...

Yay! Have a great day NOT doing all the mommy,wife,icky responsibility thingies that we have to do as "Big People" Have a blessedly brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, day of time to yourself!!!!!!!!

LadyBug said...

I never listen to Audio Posts at work, but those lyrics were so adorable, I just had to...just this once. How CUTE! (Was that the "Clementine" tune? You know..."In a cavern, in a canyon...")

I'm hoping nothing ruined your plans today. Doing the Risky Business routine sounds fun. You'll need wood floors and socks, I believe.

Nilbo said...

Wood floors, socks ... AND a pretend microphone ... but yeah, I'm with Ladybug.

And sweet? I'm in a diabetic coma here. Adorable ...

Effie said...

dahling--have an extra nap for me, 'K? My hubby had to get up early to finish something for work, and I got up with him, to make him breakfast and help him out. I'm a good wife, I know *patting myself on the back* but BOY am I tired now! And no--I'm not telling you how early, but we usually get up at 5am, if that's any indication!


I so want to hear your little Sweet Pea...maybe I'll sneak over to someone's computer who has a sound card on my lunch break....

What movie didja watch? Anything good? Funny? Chick flick?

Circus Kelli said...

Phoenix - Wow. Good luck to you! I'll get some time off in the middle of the day on Friday for an "annual" -- Fun times!

Susie - YAY! You have a great day, too, Susie.

Doug - Nupe, I love the mid-week breaks.

William - And I will be thinking of you working *snicker*

Effie - I napped for two hours, and am getting ready to watch a movie in a bit. :)

Miss Val - I'm doing my best! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

LadyBug - Yes, that was the tune to "Clementine". I don't have wood floors, but I'll still give it a whirl!

Nilbo - Sorry about the diabetic coma... she is awfully cute, though, iddin she? :)

Amy said...

Here's to you and your day off, my love.

eclectic said...

Ooooh. I'm jealous!!! Hope it's a perfect Kelli-Day!!!

Annejelynn said...

how was your Wednesday?

Circus Kelli said...

Amy - Thank you! And here's to you!

Eclectic - It was. :)

Annejelynn - It was terrific! How was your Thursday?

Bone Machine said...

I've got to check this concept of what was it again? A "day off"?

And yes, I liked the song.

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