Sunday Circus

As of 11:45am CST, Hubby was here in Escanaba, Michigan. He will be home tomorrow.

The kids are whiney today, and I'm not feeling good in general. I'm restless and mopey and crabby. Since I don't feel like doing anything other than moping around, I've decided to clean out and organize a couple closets. I know, it doesn't really make sense to me either -- I'm feeling cruddy, so I might as well do something that I like the least, but that needs to be done.

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Later Sunday

The kids went over to a neighbor's this afternoon. It seems like they've been gone for days. I called to check on them a few times, then fell asleep. I'm feeling like I've neglected them, and taken advantage of our neighbor.

Now they're home and at each other's throats again. We'll have dinner (something they'll eat (chicken nuggets and fries), then baths, and we'll all be in bed again. Hopefully by then, the worst of the storm that's thundering through will be over.

The best moment of the day happened early this morning. Sweet Pea came in to my room around 6:30am and whispered "Momma, I need to show you something in my room." I opened my bleary eyes to peer into her big brown ones and asked "Right now?" "Yes, come wit me..." I got out of bed and went wit her to her room. She pulled back the curtains and the blinds to show me a pretty pink, orange and blue sunrise. That kid always surprises me.


Nilbo said...

Sunrises are always new, always filled with wonder and delight, always unique and original. They're like kids that way. Except the sunrise doesn't expect you to make it breakfast.

Sorry you're feeling mopey. Do what I do and get to bed earlier! You burn the candle at both ends, all you end up with are burnt ends ...

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I blame the country music for the mopes.

Lynn said...

Sweet Pea is precious!!!

Maybe you just miss your husband. That would certainly give ME the blahs.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Yeah. I was a little too burnt to fully enjoy the sunrise with Sweet Pea.

Mr. B - You may be on to something there.

Lynn - Yeah, well... the fact that he isn't here doesn't help.

Doug said...

Even though you might not have appreciated the sunrise to the fullest extent, I think you'll have to admit to enjoying the glorious sight. Somehow sunrises give hope for the future. At least they do for me, that is, if and when I get up that early or stay up that late.

Sweet Pea is an amazing person really. And a darling one too.

Effie said...

that dinner sounded like my Saturday night dinner--only it was fish & chips....easy and tasty

Your little Sweet Pea knows how to start the day off just right, eh?! That must have been lovely!


LadyBug said...

Awwww, what a sweetheart, sharing the sunrise with her Mama.

I hope today is better, dear. Love and hugs to you.

WILLIAM said...


Circus Kelli said...

Hi, William!

LadyBug, it is. I hope today is better for you, as well.

Effie, hugs back to you!

Doug, she is, isn't she?

eclectic said...

Hi CK! It's a rare day when I get to tell you, "Yay! It's Monday now!!!"

P.S. -- Sweet Pea makes my heart squeeze.

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