Watchin' The Clouds Roll By

It's rainy here
Gray sky
The kind of weather that makes you want to curl up under the covers and take a nice long nap.

Just plain BLEH.

All I can do is sit by the window and wait for the clouds to pass.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

You could at least find all the animal shapes in them as they go by. Or maybe read "Sector 7" by David Wiesner ISBN: 0395746566

lawbrat said...

Tell ya what- I'll come on over, we can get some very warm and comfy soft blankeys, and curl up on the awesome chair of yours. I'm sure it will fit both of us. Your hubby can bring the kids to my house, and him and Phil can be in charge and we can relax.

Hot cocoa
good book
music players w/headphones
phone with a list of delivery places

The only problem? Who's going to take care of us? We need one of the guys to stay there and wait on us. Problem solved!

Doug said...

Lucky us - - - - we picked the perfect day to go to the mountains to see the Aspen Trees in their golden glory. No clouds, no cold, sunny and warm. Supposed to cool off and wet up a bit in the next few days - - - or - - - it won't.

Nilbo said...

Been sunny here for the past while ... but moving in tomorrow is what I call "Quilt weather" ... where the best defence is to hide under a quilt with a good book or a bad girl.

The floor is open for nominations.

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - I'll check that book out, thanks. Oh, and so far, I've seen an elephant, a weiner dog, and, oh look! A bunny!

Lawbrat - Wow, that sounds awesome.

Doug - That's terrific! I'm so glad you guys had great weather for that! Wish I could have gone with you.

Nilbo - Quilt weather... yeah, with cocoa and my pillows and unlimited nap time.

LadyBug said...

I hope they passed quickly, hon.

hellokittn said...

Duck butts brighten anyone's day.

eclectic said...

You kidding? I'm a mom... ALL kinds of weather make me want to curl up with a blankie and take a nice, long nap.

Lynn said...

Hi CK! I was going to ask if you saw any interesting cloud shapes, but someone beat me to it. If you want, I'll bring you into my sleep again. I have the most awesomest quilt/blankie in the whole wide world. I'll share it with you, ok?

I watched 'One Hot Mamma'! I love it! Thanks, CK.

gopher said...

It's wet here too. I have to confess that I like the rain, especially after a long dry summer. It's still warm enough to be outside though, wait till November and ask me how I like the rain then. LOL!!!

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - they seem to be gone. Sun's out this morning.

Kittn - Of course!

Ecelectic - Gawd... you're right!

Lynn - That video is a hoot, iddin it?

Gopher - I hear you. It's the wet and chilly that I could do without.

BJ said...

It was so cold here last night I had a fire in the fireplace. That may be the earliest in the fall I've done that.

And about that weenie dog in the sky...I hope you didn't go break it!

Circus Kelli said...

BJ - I t'weren't anywheres near the weenie dog in the sky! Sheesh...

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