Checking In

Day Five of the conference couldn't go fast enough. I hadn't slept well the night before and I woke up feeling completely achey and horrible.

I've had a cough and raspy throat for a couple of days, and just attributed it to allergies and something about the Florida humidity. I thought maybe, since it was an older hotel, perhaps there was something in the room (mold or something) and was bothering me. The raspy throat and cough was worse in the morning.

Not a big deal, I was practically on my way home. The morning dragged, and sometime after lunch I think I really did fall asleep for a moment or two during "Project Management".

As I thought about leaving and the trip back home, I began to get very anxious again. (I shouldn't have wasted my energy, in the long run. The return trip home was very smooth. Everything went well.)

I was able to spend a few more minutes on the beach, and out in the sun before I left. Thankfully, the class ended about a half hour earlier than it was scheduled to. I said goodbye to the new friends I'd made and waited for the shuttle back to the airport.

The trip home was unremarkable, and for that I was very glad. I was still feeling awful, and ended sleeping for most of the flight. Hubby was waiting for me when I arrived home, the kids were already in bed.

I was so glad to be home. It was such a long day, and I was so very tired. I may or may not have cried as I hugged him hello. A short time later, I took something to help the aches and help me sleep. There is NOTHING like being back home in your own bed after time away.

Unfortunately, I woke this morning with the same raspy throat and headache... and the dawning realization that I'm sick. Dammit.

Today has been a good day so far. The kids had stored up a bunch of hugs for me while I was away. Buddy has been a great cuddler today. I've even unpacked already (so Buddy could play in the suitcase), and started some laundry. I've straightened up a bit, and fallen right back into routine.

I'll work on getting all the pictures I took formatted and posted this weekend. I took SO MANY pictures. I'll post some on my blog and make an online album of the rest.

The kids are eating lunch and watching Cinderella. I think I'll warm up some chicken noodle soup and try not to do so much -- sort of ease back into this circus life as much as I can.


Lushy said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip home. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Get better soon!


Doug said...

Own bed, littles and chicken soup - what a remedy for what ails a person.

Glad you are back in good order after an uncomplicated flight.

Get well quick and have a good weekend. l (the rest of it)

Waitin' on the pics.

Lynn said...

Climate changes often get me sick, too. Maybe some Vicks (if you can stand the smell) would help. I'm sure it's great to be home. Welcome back, sweetie! I look forward to the photos. I hope you feel well very soon!

Bone Machine said...

It's good to know that you're home safely and maybe you did have the pilot bomb Kentucky with some sun because the rain has moved elsewhere today.

There's a rumor going 'round that there may be a birthday on the horizon.

eclectic said...

So glad you're home!! Now beat that cold that's trying to take you down, and you'll be all set. Sending thoughts of tea, vitamin C, and snuggly comforters.

Laura said...

Welcome home! There's nothing like hugging your kids and hub again after all that time away, is there. :)
Hope you're feeling better today. :(

Circus Kelli said...

Lushy - Me too! Hugs back at you!

Doug - You know it. I'll get those pics as soon as I can.

Lynn - I can do Vicks. It helps Buddy when he's congested (and it's in his room right now).

Bone - You shouldn't listen to rumors.

Eclectic - Thanks for the snuggly thoughts. I'll kick this virus soon.

Laura - No kidding! The hugs were the best.

Bone Machine said...

I usually listen to Motorhead.

Lushy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope this is your best year yet!

Nilbo said...

Happy Birthday, Kelli! Welcome to life after 40!


eclectic said...

It's your birthday?????? Happy Birthday!!!!! Damn, I hate it when I'm the last to know!!!

Doug said...

Riiight - - - a birthday now is it ?

Weeeeel - -

'sthat good enough for this year ?

OH yeah, ice cream and cake and coffee too,
That'll do ? ? ? ? ?

Susie said...

I'm glad you're home.
Napping is an important part of "Project Management," so no harm done there.

Feel better, honey.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...


Amy said...

Sorry you are sick, darling. That kind of puts a crummy end to your time away.

I love that the kids stored up hugs for you. So sweet.

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