Conference Day Four

Yes, this morning, I got my lazy behind out of bed and walked the beach as the sun rose. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

The conference today went well. We had a new instructor to talk to us about project management. The day went by fairly quickly, and I was able to get outside in the sunshine for a couple of minutes here and there.

After the conference, Mo and I changed and went down to Miami Beach for a little bit of last minute shopping and sight-seeing. We found Miami Ink and also discovered there are not enough free bathrooms around the Lincoln Mall area.

We walked around for a bit, then each grabbed a slice of "pie" at Pizza Rustica (667 Lincoln Road). OH. MY. GOSH. THE best pizza I have had in a LONG time! Wooo!

Now, I'm back in my room. I've packed up most of my belongings, and I'll be flying back home tomorrow evening after my conference is over.

The hotel has been lovely, and the beach and sunshine has been awesome.

I'm looking forward to seeing the circus again... it sure will be difficult to get used to the cold weather again, though. Brrr.


Doug said...

An eastern beach at sunrise can be magnificent Sis. Hope you get to see one last one in the morning before your leave.

Know you will be glad to get back to the Circus and am sure you will be greeted with open arms and glad cries. Including a warm welcome from your hubby.

Wouldn't it be nice to play hookey from Illinois in the winter and go to the beach on the weekends ?

May your flight be smooth and without delays and the trip home from the airport rapid and comfy.

Lynn said...

I'm glad you found some good, pleasant times on your trip. We'll be waiting to hear that you have arrived home safely. I bet you miss your sweet little circus. Have a nice flight, Kelli.
Hugs and love to you!

WILLIAM said...

Florida is perfect this time of year.

Nilbo said...

Miami Ink???? Oh, I KNEW you would get a tattoo. It's a snake, isn't it? No! It's not a snake! It's a giant clown, and your bellybutton is his nose! No, wait! It's FLAMES! You got flames on your ass because you can't have them on your van. You'll no longer be the flameless mommy!

Nah ... I cant guess. So tell us!
Or better yet, let's see a pic!!!

Ohhh, I hope it's the flames, I really do. What does everybody else guess???

Bone Machine said...

Rumor has it that it's a YPS!! gnome.

And once again for emphasis...


Amy said...

So glad you had a good time in Meeami, CK.

Damn now I want 'za for lunch. In Miami. With you.


eclectic said...

Hope you're home safely, darlin'. Tell me when you're ready for a little treat in your mailbox!!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - It was beautiful. It would be so nice to play hookey from IL in the winter.

Lynn - Me too! Thank you!

Nilbo - I may or may not have gotten a tattoo. Stay tuned...

William - I've noticed that.

Bone - The tattoo may or may not be a gnome... And again, AMEN - Winter sucks.

Amy - I'm back in IL now. Miami was beautiful.

Eclectic - I'm always ready for a treat in my mailbox! :) I'm home!!

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