Conference Day Three

Our first instructor left after our class today, and we'll have another instructor for the next two days. "Project Management" - it should be interesting, and I'm grateful that the attendees will remain the same. Some of these women (and one gentleman) are quite intriguing. There is a group of people from Nassau and the Bahamas. I could listen to them talk for hours.

Part of our conference today was held outside in the sunshine. That was fantastic. I wish we could do that for the next two days as well.

Tonight, I'm just sort of chillin' in my hotel room. Tomorrow night, Mo and I will head back on over to South Beach for a couple more items, then after the conference on Friday, I zoom back home.

Saint Shelley has been helping Hubby with the kids while I'm here in Miami. She's been a blessing to them, and the kids love being with her.

I've made a habit of calling home a couple of times a day, checking in to my work email once or twice a day, and, of course, checking my personal email and blog friends as often as I can.

Tomorrow morning before the conference, I may walk the beach with Mo. We did that a bit this evening after the conference. We had been released from the conference a little bit early, sprinted up to our rooms, changed into our swimsuits, and hit the beach. We had to keep chasing the sun as it slid behind the buildings. It seemed like just as we got comfortable in a patch of sand, the sun moved again.

Since the lunches at the conference are such generous portions, we've been just having appetizers for dinner. Tonight, we sat and ate and chatted with some of the women from our conference, then walked the beach looking for shells until the sun went down.

Right now, I'm just soaking up the quiet, and surfing the net... wondering what tomorrow will bring.

- - - - - - - -
** Update: It's the morning of Day Four of the conference. I did indeed get up and walk the beach at sunrise. I took some lovely photos that may never show the true beauty of the scene. I sat on a stack of lounge chairs listening to the surf roll in and out, watching the sea birds swoop and dive. I felt the just perfect breeze on my skin, smelled the sand and sea. I closed my eyes, trying to take it all in.

*deep breath in*


That's when it hit me. I don't ever want to leave this behind.


Doug said...

Seems as if you are doing all the right things there Sis.

Send me a pretty little shell to put with my River Rocks to remember Florida by.

Enjoy, hugs.

eclectic said...

Where's my piercing??! Or tatt? SOMETHING!! *sheesh* If you want a vacation done right, you have to do it yourself, I guess. ;) Glad you're having some fun, Kel.

Lynn said...

They took part of the conference out into the sunshine? That rocks!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

nanny boo boo! Your hubby is a lightweight! :P Having help with the kids while the wife is gone for a WHOLE week.



*runs and hides*

Lushy said...

Thank you for that update. It took me right to the beach and I needed that little 30 second trip!

Glad you are getting some relaxation in!

Effie said...

You may miss your little ones soon though....and they don't often have snow at Christmas--you'd miss that too!

Nilbo said...

Ah, the warmth and sun and gentle ocean breezes are nice ... but I hear people in Florida get all ornery about Northerners moving in.

Click your heels together three times and repeat after me ...

LadyBug said...

Sounds like a lovely evening and morning, hon.

Laura said...

Oh please, I am so biting my tongue, NilBO.

Work on that tan, Kelli!

Nilbo said...

See? Totally ornery.

Laura said...

(nice canadian, my ass)

Bone Machine said...

Miami is a wonderful place.

Winter sucks.

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - Amen.

LadyBug - It was.

Laura and Nilbo - Thanks for the good wishes. Now, if you're going to continue to bicker, take it outside.

Effie - Heh... yeah.

Lushy - Glad I could help!

Mr B - You are in SO much trouble...

Lynn - It was awesome.

Eclectic - I got your tat right *here*.

Doug - I'll do what I can.

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