Conference Day Two

Hi there!

It's still sunny and beautiful and warm here in Miami... and yeah, I still went to the conference again today.

The instructor skipped a lot of what was in the syllabus, and I'm hoping she gets back to some of those items tomorrow.


Tonight, Dit is here and we're going to South Beach to explore a bit, have some dinner and some fun.

I have thought about ditching some of the conference, but I don't think that'll happen. I'm a good girl, after all.

SOoooo... we're off to drink, dance on bars, get tattoos and piercings.

Bye! Have a great evening!


Doug said...

Hoo gollies, better get Sandy down there with a new supply of thongs and things.

Then you all can harmonize and thing that thong !

Closet Metro said...

tatts and piercings? there better be pictures!!

August95 said...

So this tattoo... will it include flames lol.

Wanted to pop over and say Howdy do?

Effie said...

make sure you get pix of your tattoos! ;)

Don't do anything TOO bad dearie! Get some sleep tonight!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Down with conferences!!

Oh, wait. Are they serving donuts?

Nilbo said...

Now we're talking ... tats and piercings. I want a picture of you just at the moment the cop is guiding you into the squad car, making sure you don't hit your head. THAT would be the sign of an awesome trip!

Lynn said...

Hi CK!

Nilbo makes me laugh. Hi Nilbo!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - Hee hee! No kidding!

Welllll... looky who comes outta the woodwork for tats and piercings?! Hey, CM!

August - I'm hoping so! :)

Effie - Hee! Define "too bad"...

I *wish* they were serving donuts, Bloggy. Hell, there's hardly any Coca-Cola! I had to go out and BUY SOME AT A STORE tonight. Sheesh!

Nilbo - No kidding! Look for me on COPS! I'll be the scantilly clad drunk girl fighting the cops putting me into the squad car....

Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by! (Nilbo makes me laugh, too... don't tell him, though, I wouldn't want him to get a big head or anything...)

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

You're being better than I was when I went to a conference in New Orleans...

But nothing says you can't come home inked and pierced, either (I did).

Honestly, do they think they can send you someplace fabulous and warm, when it's so crappy and cold at home, and have you behanve 100% of the time? I think not!

eclectic said...

Bucky's right -- they're practically begging you to party! Get a piercing for me, please!!

WILLIAM said...

Pictures please?

Platypus said...

Glad it's all still good. I'm sure the Universe won't mind if you skip just a teensy bit - and the kids will be fascinated by the tats!

Amy said...

Pics please.

Pics please.

Pics please?

Bone Machine said...

Show us your tattoo(s)!!

Kat said...

Silly conference getting in the way of your vacation.

Circus Kelli said...

Bucky - Hee hee, you might be right!

Eclectic - You have a point there... and where exactly did you want the piercing again?

William - I've been taking a lot of pictures, but I'll have to wait to post them until I get home.

Amy - See above answer to William.

Bone - See above answer to Amy.

Kat - No kidding! :)

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