I made it

Hey folks, I'm here in Miami.

It was a long long travel day. The plane was delayed an hour. Waiting for shuttle buses gets old after about 10 minutes.

I read the comments on the last post -- Eclectic, girl you totally cracked me up.

I'm a bit fried right now, but I'll try to put up a post that has some sort of substance tomorrow. (No worries... I have my laptop. I'll be back here... what? I just had to go more than 8 hours without internet. Any longer and I'll start rocking back and forth in a ball...)

The Trace Adkins concert was VERY cool. Erika and I had a blast.

And hey, people... the silence... it's deafening.


Lynn said...

I've forgotten the sound of silence. I'll bet it's tangible.

I'm glad you made it safe and sound and it's awesome that you've got your laptop. Yay! for the laptop!!!

eclectic said...

:::brushing hands together:::

Then my work here is done! ;)

Glad I made you laugh, and very glad you're safe and sound. Since you're traveling on business, we'll give you a pass on posting the concert review, but it'll expire soon. So don't think we're letting you out of it indefinitely! We NEED to hear about Trace!! When you have a moment, that is. Which, since you're used to MC'ing a circus and now you don't have to for a few days, ought to be very soon. Right? ;)

Gawd, I'm such a brat!

Nilbo said...

Yes, we're all deeply interested in your review of the tracey Addison concert. I'm sure it made you shake your ... what was it again ...?

Have fun in Miami, no doubt spending all your time on a beach, soaking up the sun in a skimpy bikini while we poor slobs up north contemplaye a bitter winter. Business trip my ass ...

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

May I clarify prior comments? We do NOT need to hear about ANY country AND western music. Bleck!

Time to dig out my Gillan and Glover CD and crank up Via Miami.

WILLIAM said...

Hopefully Florida will treat you well.

LadyBug said...

Did you sleep like a rock last night, CK, with no littles to disturb your slumber?

Doug said...

Glad you made the trip okay Sis.

My good wishes for your good time and peaceful rsst continue unabated.

Jeannie lives in Boynton Beach, how near is that to where you are ?

Lushy said...

Hope you get the chance to stand in the ocean and let your feet get sink into the sand!

Enjoy your little break!

Effie said...

havin any fun yet?

Don't forget about chocolate tuesday tomorrow--I'll double up on my end for you just in case you do forget though! ;)


Platypus said...

Yaaaay, you're back - kind of. I know what you mean about the silence. I always find it deafening just after I take Stumpy back to school. It's only a week though and you'll be even more glad to see them when you get back. :)

PS My word verification is eupafox - I may start using that as a pseudonym when platypus just isn't enough! ;)

Amy said...

i have some silence going on here at work in the afternoons that actually hurts my ears.

Having fun, you are.

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