It's all the same to me

It's not even 10pm here and I'm wiped out. The question is, "Why?"

Today, I've talked to a few friends and relatives, I've played nursemaid to a sick child, as well as myself, I made dinner, thought about folding laundry and I've done a lot of sitting around.

I'm still adjusting to my reentry into circus life, and if we all felt better, it probably wouldn't be so difficult. Punkin is still fighting a fever, and it looks as though my day off on Monday will be spent tending to her, as well as doing all of the things (for both work and home) that I haven't done in the last week.

Today wasn't the day I wanted it to be. Lucky for me, I have a year to make up for it.


hellokittn said...

There is always tomorrow love. Hope you and Punkin get back on the saddle real soon!!!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

They can't all be winners I suppose.

Nilbo said...

Having done just a wee bit of travelling, I know all about the decompression time when you come home ... here's hoping it won't take you long to shake what I call "life lag" ...

Doug said...

I hope the night broke Punkin's fever, and yours as well.

Get well you two, that's an order. Can't have my Sis and her little on the sick list.

Hugs and hot chocolate.

LadyBug said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry you're sick.

Hope you and Punkin are both feeling much better today.

Circus Kelli said...

Kittn - Thank you! Yep, there's always tomorrow.

Mr. B - No, I guess they can't. I'll have to declare an "unbirthday" day and try again.

Nilbo - Heh... "life lag" - very good.

Doug - We're doing our best, Doug. I think Punkin is a little better today, but still not 100%.

LadyBug - Thanks, love.

eclectic said...

OK -- I'm callin' it a do-over.

Happy Birthday, Kelli!!! Today's going to be great!! You and Punkin are going to feel great by this afternoon, and hubby's going to surprise you by taking everyone out to dinner, (Ooops, I spoiled the surprise, didn't I? Sorry!) and you're going to love today. Because I said.

Now, if only I can get the day to cooperate with me. *crossing fingers*

Effie said...

feel better soon!!! Here--I'll send you some magic gummy worms--they'll make you two feel better in a hurry!

Laura said...

Aww Kelli. I get like that when I've been out of town also. I hope this feeling goes away soon!

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