I've Got The Music In Me

... and when it gets out, people take issue.

I'm tone deaf when it comes to singing. No, really I am, and I'm ok with that. This only truly bothers me when other people are around and the music isn't loud enough to drown out my singing.

And if I didn't know this fact before, it became crystal clear when Punkin was about 2-1/2 years old and ordered me to "No sing, Mommy!" from the back seat of the car -- sweet Pea gave me the same order again this evening on our commute home.

This simple fact has never stopped me from singing along (sometimes rather loudly) with whatever music happens to be on (sometimes rather loudly) in the flameless Mommyvan.

In the flameless Mommy van, I currently have six CDs. Nickleback, Trace Adkins, Rob Thomas, Big and Rich and two CDs for the kids -- The Philadelphia Chickens and a Kids Dance Music CD that someone gave us eons ago. (Heh, thanks Beej!) The Kids Dance Music CD is part of a disc set. This particular CD has only ten songs on it -- "Macarena", "Boot Scootin Boogie," "Locomotion," "Walkin' On Sunshine," "Electric Slide," "Achey Breaky Heart," "Rockin Robin," "Hands Up," "Hokey Pokey," and "YMCA."

Sweet Pea can name whatever song is playing in about three notes now.

I don't know what songs are on the other CDs in the Kids Dance Music CD collection. I believe the rest of the set to be somewhere up in Punkin's room -- but I'm not going to ask. This one CD is enough for me.

There is only one thing that has saved me from throwing this CD out the window at 65, er 55 miles an hour -- and that is the way my kids refer to the songs.

For a while, Sweet Pea labled the "Macarena" as "The 'panish 'peaking song" and "YMCA" was "the ABC song".

Once everyone is buckled in the van on the way to and from school, someone picks a song to "start out with", and the music gets "shuffled" from there. (I play it on shuffle so I never know what's coming next. After you listen to the full seven minute version of "Hokey Pokey," only to know the seven minute version of "Macarena" is coming up next, you might want to jab something pointy in your ear. If you don't know what's coming, you at least have hope that the next song won't be as bad.)

The other day on the way home, Buddy showed a preference for what song was to be played. He's never done that before. Over the past year, his speech has improved a great deal, but there are still some words we have a hard time understanding. His pick was "Lekka Lide". When I guessed "Electric Slide", his face lit up and I knew he was proud of himself for saying it, and proud of me for making the connection.

Later that night, he asked me to sing him a song before he went to sleep. Despite the fact that they tell me to stop singing with the radio, they still ask me for a song before bed. (I don't get that, either, but hey, it makes us both happy...) Sweet Pea usually picks "Twinkle Twinkle", and Buddy's recent favorite had been "You Are My Sunshine" -- up until this night. This particular night He wanted "Bakey Howt", or "Achey Breaky Heart". You'll be happy to know I didn't sing the whole song, just the chorus.

Let me just state for the record right here that my son's smile can light up the most dimly lit of rooms. If singing "Bakey Howt" will make him smile and his eyes sparkle, I'ma gonna do it.

Eventually, the kids will tire of the Philadelphia Chickens or this Kids Dance Mix CD, and I'll have to warp their little minds with the likes of perhaps Barry Manilow or Donny Osmond. What'll really send 'em to therapy, though is their mother's rendition of "T-R-O-U-B-L-E," heh... Boy am I gonna have fun with THAT.


sharkey said...

"Bakey Howt" . . . I love it! What a cutie.

Love your new Halloween look!

Effie said...

Oh, go on and find those other "Kids" CD's--increase your repertoire--that'll be a blast! The "kid's Macarena" could drive a person insane on its own, I'm sure!

Can you and Buddy sing "Bwakey Howt" for us? Hmm? ;)

Happy Chocolate Tuesday!

LadyBug said...

I'm giggling at the thought of you singing "Achey Breaky Heart" as a lullably. Hee.

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - Thank you!

Effie - Buddy doesn't sing the song, he just grins like a goon.

LadyBug - Heh, I know...

Amy said...

i love 'panish'. All they do is drop one consonant and they are winning the cutest kid of the year award!

You need "Little People Songs From Around the World" There ain't no better time than listening to the kids sing Waltzing Matilda.

cat said...

As long as the Donny Osmond music you chose is from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, you'll in like Flynn!

Um, but not in the icky Errol Flynn statutory rapist kind of way...

Doug said...

Must run in the family Sis, even in elementary school during singing period when everyone was supposed to sing by letter (open your mouth and letter fly) I was the only kid allowed to sit and read while the oral carnage ensued.

What great kids you have.

Circus Kelli said...

Amy -- I'll check that out! Thank you!

Cat -- I was thinking of his older stuff... so, no, huh? :)

Doug -- Thanks, Doug. I like 'em! :) (and yeah, I quit chorus in 7th grade shortly after I watched the instructor try to find the one kid who was SO off key as we were singing... it was me)

eclectic said...

Hee! My brother made us a greatest hits of the 70s cd for the car, and Littlest Eclectic LOVES "Dozznee Ahhman" -- which is how he says Donny Osmond. He'll sit back there in his carseat just belting out, "Sweet and Innocent", complete with the glissando on "me-ee-ee-ee-ee-Yeah." There are worse things.

There ARE.

Are TOO. *sheesh*

Annejelynn said...

"funk of 40K years..." is that Vicent what's-his-bucket from Michael Jackson's Thriller????!?!

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Deep Purple is my all time favorite.

Annejelynn - That's Vincent Price all right! :) I love the alliteration.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*wanting to hurl, steps backward and slowly out the door*

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - I knew you'd like this one, Bloggy.

Bone Machine said...


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