Weekend Shenanigans

Last Saturday, we took the kids to a local fire station "open house".

There were a lot of activities for the kids: A "smoke trailer" where you learn what to do in case of a fire in your home, coloring and table top activities, and putting out real and imaginary fires with a fire extinguisher and hose. Tours of the fire station were also available. The real attraction, though, were the fire trucks and the ambulances.

While Hubby and the girls were in the smoke trailer, Buddy and I walked around and looked at the fire trucks. He calls them all "fire peace" (fire police), no matter if it is a police car, or an ambulance, or a fire truck. When we told him we were going to see the fire trucks, his eyes lit up and he said "Me dive?" and "mimed" driving a car. He was excited, but when faced with the option to climb into the fire truck, he became shy and didn't want to do it... that is, until his sisters showed up.

As soon as the three of them were back together, he came out of his shell and the three of them climbed right on up into the trucks and the ambulances.

All the fire department personnel were so nice and patient with the kids. It was really a good time.

I think the thing that tickled me the most was when the girls put out the pretend fires with real fire hoses. There were wooden cut outs of the front of a house with "flames" in the windows and on the top of the house. The "flames" were attached with hinges, so that when they were hit with water, the "flames" would "go out."

Punkin and Sweet Pea both donned the little firemen jackets and went to work "putting out the fire." Buddy didn't want to do it, but he watched his sisters.

Seeing Sweet Pea dressed in the little fireman jacket and helmet cracked me up.

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon over at my MIL's house with my BIL and his wife and daughter. The kids played and the adults chatted. Hubby and his Brother tossed a football back and forth before we all ate lunch. It was a nice, laid back kind of afternoon.

As we were leaving, Hubby, his brother and the four kids all got into an impromptu game of football. Hubby had the ball and was being chased by our eight-year old and three little munchkins all over the front yard.

Hubby may have longer stride and age on his side, but the kids outnumbered him. He never even had a chance.


Lushy said...

You have a beautiful family!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Sports. Bleck!

Nilbo said...

Let's see. If you weren't on the field playing football, you were either a coach or ... ohh, a cheerleader! Pics of you in your cheerleader outfit for all the gentlemen, please. Sis, boom, bah! (Question: what does it sound like when the terrorists use sheep as suicide bombers?)

LadyBug said...

What a nice weekend.

Love and hugs to you, CK.

cat said...

Oooh, pretty family! And our community had the same Open House thingymabobber/coloring contest going on. What are the odds?


Circus Kelli said...

Lushy - Thank you!

Mr. B - But look at the pretty, shiny fire trucks!

Nilbo - I was the photographer. I never was a cheerleader.

Ladybug - Love and hugs to you, too, LB!

Cat - That's funny!

August95 said...

Lol, what a great weekend. That pic of sweetpea with the hose is the best.

Thanks for sharing.

Bone Machine said...

I'd love to check out the fire trucks, but only if I got to fire up the siren.

Doug said...

Reminds me of the time we took our grandchildren to a thing of that kind at Cottage Grove, Oregon. They had a blast.

Judging by the way you clutch your coat K, looks as if a cold wind was blowing.

Thanks for the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Real fire hoses are cool. The coats on the kids is priceless.

Williams Brother

Platypus said...

Wow, Domestic Diva and part-time fire fighter! Things certainly are busy round your way! The kids looked as though they had a wonderful time. :)

eclectic said...

Oh how I love, love, LOVE the pictures!!! I have a photo on my desk of our middle boy at about age 5 in full fireman regalia "driving" the engine with my husband's cousin, the firestation captain in hubby's hometown. Your hubby being tackled by the kids also makes me smile!! What wonderful memories!!!!

Annejelynn said...

more than once, when it comes to having children, I've been told that parents should never let 'them' out number you = you guys are screwed!!! (I can hear people saying it now: How will they ever survive that much cuteness? they'll drown in it!)

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