What I Know

I make lists.

This afternoon, I made a list of things to get through for tonight, and emailed it to myself.

I did not get all the way through my list of to-do's for this evening.

I did, however, spend time watching television with my Hubby after we put the kids to bed.

I brought home the coats and costumes for the kids that I bought during my lunch hour today.

I will be bringing two costumes and one winter coat back to the store during my lunch hour on Friday.

I will be seeing TRACE ADKINS in concert on SATURDAY, thanks to the lovely and talented Erika (who will also be taking me out to dinner and driving to the concert and putting up with my singing (yeah, that's what I'm calling it - singing) before, during and after the concert).

I will be winging my way to Miami, FL on SUNDAY for a week-long Administrative Management conference. Yes, that's right. Nearly a whole week.

I have not packed a single thing for this conference, nor have I decided which suitcase I'm bringing. I haven't even brought any of the suitcases up from the basement. I have, however, bought a little travel size tube of toothpaste.

I have a meeting all morning on Friday, and a looooonnngg list of things that I need to do at work before I can leave and even begin to think about the things I need to do at home before I leave my family behind for nearly a whole week.

And then, I'll be going to the TRACE ADKINS CONCERT WITH ERIKA.

The next morning, I will say goodbye to my family and get into a car that will take me to the airport.

I'm going to be a basket case until I get to my hotel room safe and sound.

And then, then folks... I'll take out the picture of my family, set it on my nightstand and call home.

This next week is going to be some kinda freakin adventure.


Nilbo said...

You'll be just fine. Travelling alone is daunting the first time, but you seem resourceful enough to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Miami, and if you get lonely, well, hell yeah, that's what long distance is for.

Doug said...

Gonna be a bit lonely around here for a week Sis.

Have a good time when you are not in meetings.

Now, try to behave, I can't watch you all the time.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Yes, you'll be fine. We'll all be bored, but yeah, don't you worry your pretty little head about us while you're jetting around the globe.1

Dori Lenine said...

Thanks for stopping by with those words of encouragement, Ck and thanks for the Hug. *Hugs* right back to you

Have a safe trip and Sing your heart out!


Candace said...

And you'll SLEEP the sleep of those in hotel rooms without kids! Sleep, glorious sleep!

Have fun, be safe, see 'ya soon.

Bone Machine said...

Just be sure and yell "Honky Tonk Tonka Truck" for me.

As far as Miami, you will be A-OK. I've made the trip many, many times and the last time I checked, my ass is still here. Of course, the Tonka Truck was loaded down with a truckload of that fine, fine Cuban cuisine.

Ah, Miami.

Ortizzle said...

You'll probably get through it a lot better than you think. The family pic is a good idea, too. Hope all turns out well.

Platypus said...

We will miss you! You'll be absolutely fine though, and so will the family. Have fun on your little break - make the most of it. :)

hellokittn said...

Honestly, with that quick of a trip it's easier not to have any fluids at all in your carry-on and just make a list of ones you wish you brought.

Just my humble opinion O:-).

Good luck with everything coming up and don't worry too much about the lists. Please? :-* GOOD LUCK :-*!!!!

honestyrain said...

travelling alone. sigh. sounds at once magical and absolutely an impossible thing to even consider. without my KIDS? my BABIES?

enjoy the peace and quiet for us both, though, will you?

Lynn said...

Traveling can be the pits. On the upside - honey, you are going to love it here! You might not want to go home. It's warm and sunny. We have palm trees... It would take a bomb-blast to get me out of here. If you get lonely while you're gone you can email me. I'm a couple of hours away from where you are going, but still, I'm around.

Lynn said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - you're gonna need some sunscreen:-)

Terri said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time and, Miami is such a fun place to go. It's so hard traveling for work with kids - I did it for years and hated it. The first and last few days are the hardest. (Those transition days!) Take care and be safe! About the time you get in the groove it will be time to go home. Isn't that always the way? Have a great time!

eclectic said...

HOW WAS TRACE?????!!!!! Are you on the plane? Do they have wireless access at the airport?? Do you get a room with a jacuzzi? Do they have a massage therapist on-site? You don't have to be in meetings the WHOLE time, do you? Is the room service good? Maybe there's a good restaurant in the lobby, or right across the parking lot so you don't have to worry about being too drunk to find your hotel. Do you miss us?? Are you going to write again soon? Did we tell you we love you enough?? You haven't forgotten, have you? Shall I shut up now? Why yes, yes I think I shall. ;) Have a great week!!!!

Bone Machine said...

It's almost like an interrogation with all of those questions up there. Hopefully, she didn't use the harsh spotlight like I usually get.


Susie said...

Wow, such excitement! The concert is over by now, I hope you and your badonkadonk had a wonderful time :) And maybe you're checked into your room by now. . . hope you'll be on the innernets during the week . .. have a terrific trip. I know you'll miss the littles sumpin' fierce :(
I just read other comments . . . you're not gonna be around for US either? That won't do at ALL . . . what if something needs FLAMIN'?

Amy said...

woo hoo!
I am reading all this backwards. you are in miami now and the concert was great and you are probably tatooed and pierced by now!
Go CK!

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