Where I Live, Part One

Laura of Vitamin Sea challenged us to put up pictures of "Where we live". We didn't have a digital camera at the time, but now we do. These are some pictures we took this past weekend, while playing with the new camera.

These first few pictures of Where I Live are focused in and around our house:

Two new pictures added!

Here is a picture of Punkin's Room

And PROOF that the kid's bathroom is really BLUE

Hubby "walking" the littles around the kitchen

View from our kitchen, out our front door

This would be the kids' cabinet.
It's nearly empty, except for the kids in it

A typical daily 5:30pm-6:30pm scene in our kitchen

A rare moment for me

The office Hubby built downstairs

Saying goodnight to Sweet Pea

Me next to Me 30 years ago

Once the weather clears again (and I have time), I'll get out and about in our neighborhood a bit more.

- - - - - -

In other news:
I got my first official call from the school nurse today. Punkin was feeling poorly this morning, and I encouraged her to go to school and wait it out. If she was still feeling so miserable at lunch time, she should call me. Usually, that works like a charm. By lunch time, she's forgotten all about feeling yucky and everything is fine. Today though, it didn't work, so I called the boss and gave him the scoop and went off to pick her up.

Once home, I gave her some medicine and got her settled in on the couch with water and crackers and a movie "Anne of Green Gables". It's a three-hour movie, and this is the first time she's had a chance to sit down and watch it from beginning to end. She was feeling MUCH better by the time an hour had passed. I'm thrilled that she is not sick, and we informed her that she IS going to school tomorrow -- for the WHOLE day.

Now, let's see... Monday morning I was out, and Tuesday afternoon I was out. Maybe *I* can put in a WHOLE day at work tomorrow, too.

Other than that, it's been the usual -- work, dinner, dishes, bath time for littles and getting everyone in bed. It wasn't the day I had planned overall, but a good one nonetheless.


Doug said...

Life goes on from complication to minor tragedy and suddenly you realize that you have come out far ahead of most of the people who are so far worse off than you and yours. You are a winner Sis.

Hubby walking the kids through the kitchen reminds me of how it was years ago at our house. We did all sorts of fun things then.

There were four kids and often rough housing put Dad in a bind.

One Thanksgiving after a huge over fed dinner our eldest son challenged me to a foot race. From the house to the bridge - a distance of about half a block. I said, "Okay, but lets make it a real one and race to the front door of the school," which was about a block and a half. We were off to a good start, and with my longer legs I was far ahead a good part of the way, and manged to tag the front door of the school (our goal) about three steps ahead of him.
I gracefully eluded his challenges thereafter.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...


I hate 'em.

Kidding!! Sheesh, don't freak out on me.

Bone Machine said...

It's good to hear the illness is easing. Of course, I will credit the strategic "Cut it out!!" as the cure.

Kick ass photos.

eclectic said...

Cool!! OK, now I have to ask you, what camera did you guys decide on? Because apparently, I'm about to me in the market for one soon. *bleh* But it's lovely to see your "space".

lawbrat said...

These are great pics of your space. I especially like the one of you, and 'you' 30 years ago. Amazingly, you havent changed much at all.

Nilbo said...

I heartily encourage your good taste in treating your daughter to Anne of Green Gables. It's a classic story set on a tiny island on the East Coast of Canada with which I have a passing familiarity.

Now, while the movie is lovely, it pales beside the book. So your next assignment is to read A of GG with her. By the time you're finished, she will demand you take a family vacation to Green Gables. And you can all come and visit me.

Show Punkin my post from September 4th - that will further fuel the fire. Soon the demand to come here will be irresistible. Wonderful beaches, plenty to do for the whole family, and lots of peace and quiet for Mom and Dad.

Our tourism slogan is "Come Play on my Island" ... and I think you should. It'll be a family vacation you will never forget.

Laura said...

"Me next to Me" reminds me of my daughter and I, many years ago. Enjoy these years with her, they go by fast!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - That's a great story! Good on you to quit while you're ahead.

Mr. B - No freakin out here... :)

Bone - Thanks! :)

Eclectic - It's a Canon PowerShot SD1800 ISO. We like it. I'm sorry that you'll be looking for a new camera...

Lawbrat - Thank you! Yeah, I'm just a little taller now (although Punkin is gaining on me!)

Nilbo - LOL - Excellent! I'll do that! And... I'm pretty sure there's an invitation for the circus to land on your doorstep and bunk with you for the duration, am I right? 'Cause that's what I'm hearing! I just *know* you want the whole three ring circus to invade your quiet home... great! That's SO sweet of you! We'll call when we get to the island!

Laura - I've noticed that the years go by quickly. It's scary!

LadyBug said...

"Me next to Me 30 years ago"

I love it. My oldest (The Drama Queen) is just like I was, too, although I don't like to admit that when she's at her worst.

WILLIAM said...

I know it is rare but I like when you post pictures.

Circus Kelli said...

LadyBug - Hee hee... I totally understand. Hubby and I spent the weekend "blaming" the other for our kids' behavior -- "That one is SO yours"..."No, that one is YOURS."

Circus Kelli said...

William - It may become less rare. (be careful what you wish for!) :) Thank you!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

And for my next trick...Bathroom Vanishing !!

Platypus said...

You've got a lovely house and it was great to see you and your daughter. I feel like that when I look at my daughter, it's just that we also look like my mother and grandmother so I just have the next 30 - 40 years all mapped out already. :)

MrPhred said...

Maybe it's the voyeur in me, but I just love glimpses into your home!

Your son is getting BIG.

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - It's no trick! It's a developed skill.

Platypus - Thank you! I've seen pics of my bio-grandmother (she passed away just after I was born), and I know what you mean. :)

Mr. Phred - That he is, Fred, that he is...

Amy said...

Oh! Loved all these pictures. Great kitchen! Great girls room and bathroom! Great movie pic for sick kid!

Great you.

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