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Update: Ok, folks. I'm waving the proverbial white flag. After three weeks with this cough being various levels from "tight" to "chunky", and having body aches and chills again today (I have a shirt, a sweatshirt, thick socks, long pants, and my gray granny sweater on and my hands are STILL cold), I've decided to call the doctor on Monday. My Mom is sure I have pneumonia. Hubby says it's the Black Plague. I say it's damn annoying... I don't have time for this!

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A couple of posts back, I spoke of the "Bicker Twins." Our 2 year old and our 4 year old. They are 16 months apart in age. Buddy will turn 3 years old next month.

They test me and frazzle me and can, at times, drive me up the wall. Mornings can be one of these times. As I'm trying to get everyone ready for school (and me for work), making sure I don't forget anything, somehow motivating the uninspired (and unhurried) when necessary.

With this cold that we've been sharing here, both littles have a junky cough. Only Buddy needs a nebulizer twice a day in order to get the "junk" out, and keep his lungs clear. I do the nebulizer treatments in the mornings, and again at dinner.

As I've said, mornings can be tricky, especially if the littles are still a bit tired... and they nearly always are because they have trained themselves to get up before Daddy leaves for work (at 5:30am). After we say goodbye to Daddy, I break out the fruit bars and cereal and juice and let them snack for a few minutes. (This is when I do the nebulizer)

It was a morning like any other, Buddy and Sweet Pea were a tad touchy with each other. Buddy was talking to me and Sweet Pea decdided she wanted my attention. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..."

I'm so used to this sort of thing going to a minor shouting match, I could feel myself getting tense.

Then amazing thing happened. Buddy turned to Sweet Pea, held up his hand and said "SweePea. I talk Mommy now. Peas wait fi minna. Den you talk to Mommy."

Translation: Sweet Pea, I'm talking to Mommy now. Please wait five minutes, then you can talk to her.

Then it got better! Sweet Pea said "Ok." and went back to eating her cereal. No fussing. No whining. No bickering.

Wow. I just sat there in awe. That was amazing. I wanted to jump up, clap my hands and yell "Bravo! Bravo! Encore!" Instead, I smiled and commended them on a job well done. "Good taking turns and listening to each other guys! Very good!"

They never cease to amaze me, these little clowns.


Doug said...

Shows that you are doing many thing right !
Kudos Sis.
Thanks for telling me about the littles and their fortunes and misfortunes.


Platypus said...

That's gorgeous. It just goes to show what a fine pair of little people you're raising. I find that times like that make up for a lot of crap. :)

Ortizzle said...

Oh, my gosh. How grown up! That's how I feel when my students take the initiative to do something very balanced and level-headed. Sounds like you're doing all the right things!

Doug said...

You must have put that in after I read your entry.

Please Sis, get thee to a doctor stat !

eclectic said...

Moments like that are always such a welcome shock! Yay Littles!!! And CK, do I need to drive the ambulance myself?? Gaah! Go get some antibiotics!!!!

Bone Machine said...

Thankfully, it did not become a hostage situation.

Get yourself and everyone else well soon.

I, however, plan on remaining a sick bastage.

Platypus said...

Glad you're getting to the doctor, you really do not soound at all well. Big hugs and hope you can get something to knock it on the head soon. :)

Lowa said...

Hope you feel better soon!

My "little ones" are also 16 months apart! We had two and then four years later, had these two close together.

I hate nebulizers! We own two, for when more than one person needs a treatment at the same time. Everyone but my hubby uses them. *sigh* Dang allergies and asthma!

This was precious. I didn't need a translation, btw. I knew EXACTLY what Buddy was saying! SO CUTE!

Nilbo said...

Nebulizers? Are those th lil turkey baster things that you jam up their nostrils? We used to call 'em "snot-suckers". I guess "nebulizer" is a much more classy name

But they still suck snot. In a good way.

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - I take very little credit for that, and it tickles me that it happened. And, yes, dear Brudder... I'm calling the doc this morning.

Platypus - It surely does. I hope to get some medical assistance for this crud I've been dealing with today.

Ortizzle - It really did seem like such a grown up thing. It was splendid.

Eclectic - Yes, those moments are a welcome shock. :) Yes, you need to drive the ambulance. Eh, I'll call the dr's office when they open in a half hour.

Bone - No kidding. You are not a sick bastage. Unless you have a headful of globblesnop like me. Then you are.

Lowa - Thanks for stopping by! We have two nebulizers as well. Such a hassle, but hey, they work so whattaya gonna do?

Nilbo - No, nebulizers turn the medicine into a mist you can breathe in. I am, however, well acquainted with the snot suckers. I think I need one for me.

WILLIAM said...

Little people being polite always amazes me.

August95 said...

Yippy, good Job Littles.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Keeps the vics vapour rub handy.


LadyBug said...

That is just awesome. And what a mouthful for little Buddy to say! :)

In other news, I hope you're feeling better today. I'm glad you're giving in and going to the doc.

Bone Machine said...

Is that what's floating around in my noggin? I never knew the clinical term for it.

eclectic said...

Hope you're sitting in a hot bath with eucolyptus, and that there's peppermint tea waiting when you wrap up in a big, fluffy robe with warm slippers, and Hubby takes care of the Littles while you sleep. And then you'll feel like Kelli again when you wake up in the morning. Because I said.

Laura said...

Awww, you need a hot bath and break from the kids! It's been a few days, I hope you're feeling better???

Lynn said...

Just checking in. I hope you made it in to the doc for some medicine. I hope you feel better soon!

Circus Kelli said...

William - They amaze me too! Especially when they're mine! :)

August - Nice to see you! We have the Vicks Vapor Plug Ins, and those seem to help a lot.

LadyBug - It was a mouthful for him to say! And it's an accomplishment that we understood it!

Bone - Totally. Globblesnop. It's cruddy stuff.

Eclectic - Oh, wouldn't that be loverly?

Laura - Amen, sister. :) I'm feeling a bit better.

Lynn - I did get to the doc and was given a bunch of medicines to take. I suspect I'll be feeling better by the end of today. If not, I'm pretty much S.O.L.

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