Do NOT Tap On The Glass

Scene: The CircusKelli Natural Work Habitat Exhibit -- Tour about to begin

CircusKelli Handler #1, Joan: Gather 'round folks. Can everyone see the exhibit? Those of you who are more vertically challenged may want to come up front. There you go. Can you all hear me in the back? Yes? Good.

Now, before we begin, I just want to caution you all that CircusKelli can be easily upset and unpredictable. We ask that you refrain from any flash photography or loud noises.

Ok then. Welcome to the CircusKelli Exhibit. Here you will see CircusKelli in her natural home and work habitats. This is one way glass, she has no idea that we are here, or that she is being observed.

As you can see, CircusKelli is sorting through paperwork, and working diligently at this time.

Tour Group Patron #1: Why do her eyes look so cold and vacant?

Joan: Her eyes are vacant, yes. CircusKelli is suffering from sleeplessness. We noticed her tossing and turning in her natural home habitat late last night, and chose to observe her. When we noticed that she wasn't really sleeping, just lying there with her eyeballs popping open now and then, we decided to have a look around her brain to see what was going on.

Would you like to see what we saw?

Tour Group: *nodding, makes affirmative sounds*

Joan: Excellent. Follow me.

*opens trap door and steps inside CircusKelli's brain*

Everyone huddle in closely now, it's a tiny space, make sure you can see.

*queueing playback*

This is playback from last night. See how her eyes are closed, but all the synapses are lighting up? Her mind is racing...

Tour Group Patron #2: Racing with what?

Joan: Thoughts about things she needs to do. Despite having made her lists, she is thinking about how and what and where to have Punkin's birthday party in two weeks, Thanksgiving, Buddy's birthday next month, work, Christmas, family, friends, and all the things she has to do between now and the end of the year.

Tour Group Patron #3: Are you sure it's not just the piece of fudge she ate around 8pm that's keeping her awake?

Joan: Well, it could be that, but look again at the playback. You see here where she hears Sweet Pea coughing? CircusKelli got up to give her some night time cough medicine. Sweet Pea and Buddy both have coughs. Sweet Pea was up once or twice more before falling asleep. And look, just after Sweet Pea finally nodded off, Buddy had a bad dream, and Circus Kelli was called in to tuck him back in to bed. Shortly after that, Hubby came to bed. CircusKelli was worried that her own coughing would keep Hubby awake, and with only three hours left in the night, she went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

Overall, CircusKelli only slept about 30-45 minutes at a time all night, and has been awake since around 4:30am, possibly writing a blog entry in her mind.

Tour Group: Oooohhhh.

Joan: Yes, she will be one sleepy Mother today, folks.

Now, let's go back to her natural work environment, shall we? Watch your step folks.

Um... excuse me, sir? You'll have to stay with the group. Please, no playing with her mind. It's a fragile thing.

Tour Group Patron #4: Oh. Sorry...

*back at the one way glass*

Joan: As you can see, CircusKelli is not without resources to combat her sleeplessness. She has her Coca-Cola (her favorite soft drink above all others) and a good size slab of that fudge to get her through her workday (just in case it was the fudge that kept her awake). The sun is also shining, that's a good sign.

The rest of her day will be much like you see here. Paperwork, scheduling meetings, and communicating with the outside world primarily through email and phone. Around 3:00pm, she will leave her natural work environment to go to the dentist, before returning home to her natural home habitat. Once there, she will have to carefully navigate the internet. It was discovered last night that there is a freaky and elusive little virus on her home computer. She is lucky that she has another handler to take care of that situation.

Tour Group Patron #5: What is she doing now?

Joan: *looks behind her at the exhibit* Oh dear. Her head is down on her desk... and... yes, I think she's snoring. I think now would be a good time to move on to another exhibit... shall we? This way, folks... quietly now, follow me.


eclectic said...

You're so funny! This is such a clever post, Kelli!! I hope you get a good nap at your desk, and that the dentist gives you candy, and that the littles feel better and sleep better soon. :)

Doug said...

Wow Sis, didn't know ya had it in ya . . . . . . .
So, let it all out, take a deep breath, slug a hot chocolate and go for the gold !

Enjoyed the Grand Tour.

Lushy said...

*sneaks CK some Pocky*

That oughta do it. I didn't see a sign saying "Don't Feed the CK" so I'm guessing it's ok.

LadyBug said...

Even in your sleepy state, you've come up with something clever and witty. Kudos to you.

Now, here, why don't you just let me take over the controls for a bit, while you go get yourself a nap?

P.S. My word ver is ecuxevty, which I first mistakenly read as executivey. Heh.

MrPhred said...

"...one sleepy Mother...". Hee-hee!

'Tis the season for list makers to begin freaking out. Won't it be nice to have christmas behind you ;)

Amy said...

The handler forgot to say how clever and witty and adorable Kelli is, lack of sleep or not.

What fun!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

TRAP door indeed.

Nilbo said...

HELLO??? (hellohellohello)

I'm back here! (here - ere - ere)

I got separated from the group in Kelli's brain! (ain-ain-ain)

It's dark! (ark-ark-ark) And there are echoes! (oes-ose) HELLO?? (helloe-hello-hello) Anybody?? (ebody-body-ody)

Crap. I knew I should have stayed in the middle of the group. But, noooo, I had to stay out on the edge. (ege - ege- ege)

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - No nap at the desk. No candy from the dentist, but a full night's sleep. Yay!

Doug - Hee!

Lushy - I've never heard of Pocky before! Looks delish!

LadyBug - Oh, I'm very executivey... :)

MrPhred - You know it, Phred! :)

Amy - Thank you! Hugs!

Mr. B - Heh

Nilbo - Well, aren't you clever-ever-ever. As long as you're in there, would you be so kind as to do something about the cobwebs?

WILLIAM said...

You. Are. Funny.

Laura said...

Chocolate was always my salvation when my daughters were your kids age. Now that they're older, I need something stronger cause the sleepless nights don't go away!!! LOL.

Enjoyed the flashback..., er, I mean the tour. Hope you're feeling better. :(

P.S, when they get older, you might want to consider having the bday party early in November.

That's what we do with our youngest daughter because it gives us more time to deal with the holidays.

She couldn't have handled it when she was little, but for the past 2 years, its been held the first week of November. I just got done with her big bday party and now I can concentrate on thanksgiving. A timesaver? Definitely!

'course, on her actual birthday, (Dec 1) we hold a family only party with her fav meal and cake.

Just an idea to look forward to if it works for you all when they get older!! Just thought I'd share. ;)

eclectic said...

Ooooh, Laura, I have a December 1 baby, too. But since I have a November 7 baby as well, it seems like a rip-off to put their parties together or back-to-back. So I just don't put up anything Christmas-y until AFTER the Dec. birthday party. It's a crazy time of year over here!

(sorry CK, I hijacked your comments)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Tap, tap.

Bone Machine said...

Since the wise men seem to be slow to arrive, I figure a wise ass will do in a pinch. I brought the gift of donuts.

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - Ooo! DONUTS! SO glad you stopped by!

Mr. B - DO NOT. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Eclectic - Hijack away! I tend to do that, too. Buddy's bday is December 15... sometimes, it's difficult to wait.

Laura - You know, that's a great idea. I might do that next year. Thank you!

Annejelynn said...

I always joke at work that after lunch, I'm ready to crawl under my desk for a nap - - they think that I really am just joking... but that yoga mat in my office is there for a reason, a reason entirely contrary to the idea of exercise...

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