Erika, Jeri, Jason, Trace and I

About 18 hours before I went to Miami for the conference, My Erika took me out to dinner and to a concert for my birthday.

About one hour before I left for Miami, I was able to resize all the pictures I took (61 pictures total) that night.

And then I left for Miami and haven't had a chance to do anything more with them. Until today. Today, I popped my Trace Adkins CD in the player at work and tried not to sing along too loudly at my desk.

The concert was FUN FUN FUN! But, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Erika is one of the finest human beings on the planet. She came over and rescued me picked me up around 4pm that Saturday. The concert started at 8:00pm, and was about an hour away. We were going to go out to dinner, and wanted to be sure we were leaving ourselves plenty of time so we didn't have to rush.

Dinner was at Red Robin. As you can see, they have lovely drinks there. The Tropical Mai Tai in the "face glass" for me, and a spiked lemonade for Erika. Bonus, they card anyone under 39-1/2 years old. Woo hoo!

After finishing our drinks, stuffing ourselves full of Clucks and Fries, and laughing and laughing, we were on our way to the concert.

Of course, the soundtrack for our journey was Trace Adkins. Erika has very nearly achieved sainthood after putting up with my singing and minor misnavigations. The weather was truly horrible. Rainy and cold, which made driving in the dark to places we've never been before less than fun. Somehow though, we survived.

I had heard my long lost Aunt Jeri would be attending concert as well. I haven't seen Aunt Jeri in a while, and I thought it might be funny to run into her there, but wasn't holding out much hope. There were going to be a lot of people there after all.

As we were finding our seat section, we came around a bend and bingo, there was Aunt Jeri. Evidently it had been a long time since she had seen me because she didn't even recognize me. We talked a bit, then went on our way to find our seats.

And people, our seats?! AWESOME! The opening act was Jason Aldean, and I have to say, I'm not a fan of his. He's ok. We had to laugh though, when he and his band began a medly of Guns and Roses songs.

During the break between Jason and Trace, we took a walk to look at the merchandise. We also found where Jeri and her friend were sitting and heckled them because our seats were so much better.

As we stood in line for the merchandise, we heard it... the first notes of the Trace Adkins concert. we got back to our seats as quickly as we could. I'm not sure really why we had seats because we stood for most of the concert. I sang, I swayed, I talked back to Trace as he addressed the crowd between songs like he was talking right to me -- and well, he WAS you know.

I took a LOT of pictures of Trace and his band and the jumbotron. You can see how close we were, and what great seats we had... well sorta. I was a little excited to be there, so some of the pictures I took are a little blurry.

Our seats were in the second balcony, but we had a clear view of the stage. At some point, it occurred to us that we might be able to move down to right in the front of the stage. "Should we try it?" "Why not?!"

So, we went down a flight of stairs, walked right past "Event Staff" towards the front of the stage like we belonged there. About 15 feet from the stage, I was stopped by someone heretofore known as "Blue Shirt Guy." Erika was sure Blue Shirt Guy was about to send us back the way we came, but instead, Blue shirt Guy said "You can come down by the stage to take pictures, but you can't stay." I kept a completely straight face and said "Oh, of course! Thank you!" and baby, I fired off pictures left and right... and they're blurry, heh.

Somewhere around the start of the third song, Erika let me know that Blue Shirt Guy was starting to get nervous about us I won't tell you my exact reply (Ok, it was "Tough shit"), but I stayed where I was for another 30 seconds or so. We turned around, walked back up the stairs a bit (thanking Blue Shirt Guy as we passed) and stopped only half as far as we should have gone. We plopped our coats down and stood and took more pictures (one of the jumbotron right above me) and shaked and sang and "Woooo'd!" for about another song and a half before "Event Staff" let us know we couldn't be there any more. (We probably could have stayed there if I hadn't of gotten carried away and started hopping up and down and waving my arms like a loon as Trace (finally) approached our side of the stage.)

We went back to our seats, enjoyed the rest of the show, and agreed that Mr. Adkins had a really shiny belt buckle. Boy, howdy, did I enjoy it. We left there with the crowd and made our way back outside to the cold and rain, eventually finding our car.

We proceeded to sit there for about a half hour before we could even back out of our parking space. Erika laughed at me as I took a picture of the traffic atop the parking garage near the Rockford, IL Metro Center.

All in all, it really was a terrific time... Hanging out, having dinner and shaking our badonkadonks. I was sure my voice would be shot the next day from all the wooing I was doin.

Thank you Erika! I had a blast! I really should have bought that calendar...


Nilbo said...

Ohhhh .. sweet new look!

As for this Tracey Allan guy ... large shiny belt buckles are always used to draw attention away from ... er .. shortcomings in other areas.

Anonymous said...

This is Long Lost Aunt Jeri: I sooooo agree with Kelli, the weather was horrible, Jason Aldean-yawn, but Mr Trace Adkins OH BABY! OH BABY!! OH BABY!!!. The only thing better then seeing such a fine piece of manliness (oh and his voice is to die for also ;) ) was seeing Kelli and Erika. I too thought my voice would be shot but instead my ability to concenTrace was worse.
Erika anytime you come across seats like that again you should invite the long lost Aunt to join in the fun:) Love Ya, Kelli

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Resize? Something tells me you don't keep the original size. Baaaad, CK, bad.

WILLIAM said...

I like the new look. Very cool.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Heh... I got awfully close to the stage. I didn't notice any... er... shortcomings at all.

Jeri - You're crazy! "ConcenTrace", perfect!

Mr.B - Oh, I keep the originals, I just don't post them on my blog.

William - Thank you!

Doug said...

It turned out to be just what you dreamed of, didn't it Sis ? And to top it, Aunt Jeri. Things don't get any better than that.

You went to the conference on a roll looks like.


Bone Machine said...

Did he do the song about the Tonka truck?

LadyBug said...

Sounds like so much fun! And Trace sure has a nice badonkadonk, huh?

Love the new layout, CK. Is that your back yard in the photo? That fence is so pretty!

eclectic said...

How do you find time to be so dang seasonal with your template?! *sheesh* I LOVE it! And Trace can show me his shiny belt buckle just about any time, any where. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Gives me shivers. I'm jealous you got to go, but so happy you got to go!! Thanks for the pictures!!!

Amy said...

Woman, you lead quite the life! Woo hoo!

Laura said...

Love the new look! Awesome photo!
i lovvve Trace Adkins, sounds like an awesome night!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - It was certainly a terrific evening!

Bone - He surely did!

LadyBug - Yeah, he does... Thank you! Yes, this picture was taken in our very own backyard.

Eclectic - When I listen to Trace's voice, my brain sorta turns to mush and leaks out my ears. I probably shouldn't listen to his CD at work anymore, huh?

Amy - Ain't I blessed?

Laura - Thank you! It was an awesome night.

Bone Machine said...

He should write a song about a Nerf football or maybe a rousing game of whiffle ball next.


Circus Kelli said...

Bone - If he did, I'd listen to it.

Bone Machine said...

I'm waiting for Motorhead to write a ditty about an air hockey table.

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