Guess what day it is!


My plan for today is:

  • Get organized
  • Complete several outstanding tasks (Boss' travel folder, meeting notes, my expense report from the conference, sort through all the conference materials, pick a couple of women from the conference to serve as my mentors, and other miscellaneous tasks that would make the boss think I'm a good little employee)
  • Feel like a contributing member of society
  • Kick procrastination's ass
  • Redeem myself for last Friday's afternoon of slothliness (my new word for the day)
  • Go home
  • Make dinner that at least 3/5 of the circus will eat
  • Look through a couple more catalogs
  • Start some laundry
  • Make a better attempt at sorting through some other paperwork
  • Get the kids into bed
  • Feel like I did good today both at work and at home
  • Sleep a long and happy and restful sleep

  • What are you up to today?


    Lushy said...

    My plan is to play catch-up, both at work and at home, while keeping a smile on my face.

    Oh, also, I plan to invent a self-sorting and self-cleaning laundry system for CK. :)

    Nilbo said...

    My day started with puppy duty, and that will continue all the way through it ... they morphed over the weekend into a cross between a Tasmanian Devil and tiny balls of fluffy, break-your-heart cuteness. All teeth and growls and pouncing and horseplay and ... poop. Tons of it.

    So, a metaphor for my day. I'll spend most of it intoxicated by the adorable and appreciating my good fortune ... and spend a little of it cleaning up poop. Never tedious. Always entertaining ...

    Doug said...

    What am I up to today ?
    Heh, my lower lip -- don't make any waves.

    We have loads of errands to do and Heather doesn't feel good, so it will be one foot in front of the other for her and with me trying to help as much as I can.

    No train wreck, just a bit under the weather.

    If Lushy comes up with a sort and wash automatic system, hope that a put away method is also involved in that automatic system. And I want one too.

    Laura said...

    my plan is to get organized, too. I just made another cup of coffee to make more plans to organize myself even further.
    I might actually get something done!

    you never know...

    eclectic said...

    Oh, I would procrastinate, but I can't be bothered right now. Maybe later.


    Bone Machine said...

    Because I care, I am taking time out of my oh-so-busy day of flipping Monday the bird to say...


    Effie said...

    Monday....sheesh...well, we're getting closer to Tuesday, that's all I can say about it.

    It's sunny, and not so cold--that's a good thing, right?!

    Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

    I'm up to about 5' 7".

    May I say that while this is a lovely template, the big, red, "Links to this post" makes me skip right past the "post a comment" link. It's like it draws attention more to the link thingy than the comment thingy.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Lushy - How did YOUR plans go? Did you get that thinga-ma-jigger invented yet?

    Nilbo - Don't you mean, Puppy Doody, rather than "Duty"?

    Doug - Hee! I hope Heather is feeling better soon, and that today wasn't too trying on both of you, and that you were able to accomplish everything on your list.

    Laura - You know, I cleaned the house like that once - "Just a glass of wine, I'll clean this room, then I'll have dinner... ok, another glass of wine, I'll clean this room, then I'll have dinner..." I was *so* sick the next day, but damn, the house was clean.

    Eclectic - Hee hee!

    Bone - *waving* Hi Bone!

    Effie - That's a very good thing. Take the sunshine when it comes. It makes the rest of it a bit easier to bear.

    Bloggy - I made a change. Let me know if that helps a bit.

    MrPhred said...

    I'm just shootin' for slothliness.

    Circus Kelli said...

    Me too, MrPhred, me too...

    Bone Machine said...

    Notice that I waved back with all fingers extended.

    Only select VIPs get the wave with all fingers present and accounted for.

    Lushy said...

    Tomorrow. I'll get to catch up and inventions tomorrow. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

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