Happy Thanksgiving to you all

I hope it's a safe and happy one for you


Lushy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Effie said...

Ooo--those turkeys look vaguely familiar, slightly reminiscent of some WTF Turkeys from over yonder at Uhohnowlook....very lovely door decorations!

I give thanks for friends like you!

Platypus said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Kelli! Love the picture. If I was an alian who was basing my knowledge of all things cultural in internet blogs, I might just decide that the USA was filled with scary looking turkey-monsters! I think they're lovely. :0)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Huh! What a turkey of a post!!


Nilbo said...

Gobble gobble. Gobble. Gobblegobblegobble. Gobble. Gobblegobble.

That is all.


Bone Machine said...

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and the Circus Troop.

eclectic said...

Heh. Those are cute!! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful, fun-filled holiday with friends and family, and LOTS of good food. We've got homemade icecream over here, with pumpkin and apple pies. Shall I get you some coffee to go with it?

LadyBug said...

God bless you and yours, hon.

Circus Kelli said...

Lushy - Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Effie - Yep. I totally stole the idea from Susie. :) I'm thankful for you, too!

Platypus - Hee! No kidding! :)

Mr. B - Yeah, well, there's no hidden peas, but we have kid-crafted turkeys!

Nilbo - LOL -- Right back at you!

Bone - I hope you had a rather nice Thanksgiving, yourself.

Eclectic - Hold the coffee. I'd like seconds on the ice cream and pumpkin pie. :)

LadyBug - The same to you, love.

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