He Knows Everything

In our house, we have a saying. Daddy knows everything. Mommy knows everything else.

You want Math or Science or Geography information? Go to Dad.

You want the sleeve sewn on your sweater, dinner made, or a boo-boo kissed? Mom's your gal.

Recently, Sweet Pea learned some anatomy in preschool -- Not the difference between boys and girls, as I first feared -- She learned about her heart and brain and stomach and the "things that hold your blood in. The vines." Uh, veins? "Yeah, veins." She also knows her brain is the size of her two fists put together, and that her heart is the size of one of her fists.

On the way to school one day, she was chattering away -- she's very good at that. I'm ashamed to say my mind was elsewhere and I was only listening with half an ear when she asked "Mommy, what does the inside of your stomach look like?" Huh? "Well..." I wasn't sure how to answer that, and my brain couldn't work fast enough for formulate a correct answer.

That's when I was struck with an idea. A diabolical idea, but a good one. One that would answer the question sufficiently (for now) and provide a true to life answer later.

I smiled and said "You know, honey, I'm not really sure. You could ask Daddy, though. I'm sure he could find a picture of the inside of a stomach for you on the internet later." (Days earlier, he'd found a picture of a blue-footed boobie on the internet to prove to Sweet Pea such a thing existed)

Later that night, she asked Hubby about it "Daddy, can you show me what the inside of a stomach looks like on the innerknot?" "Sure, I can do that", he said. I just chuckled to myself.

Sweet Pea brought it up again the other night as I as making dinner (in the rather loud and raucous kitchen where the kids were bickering playing.) With her being sick and some other goings on, we'd forgetton to follow through on the promise. I promptly sent her downstairs to Hubby's (very quiet) office to ask him about it. (The kitchen quieted down quickly after that)

When they came up for dinner, Sweet Pea was happy that she now knew what the inside of a stomach looked like, as well as what her brain looked like. Hubby was pleased that he was able to teach her those bits of knowledge, and I was pleased that I didn't have to answer the question.

Daddy has the answers. Mommy knows how to go about getting them.


Nilbo said...

In our house - as it was in my house growing up - Daddy always has the SAME answer: there's the (dictionary/encyclopedia/internet) ... look it up.

I try to pretend it's to encourage independent research. Truth is, I'm just bone lazy.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

That's exactly how it should be, and she should know that at an early age. Yep, *breaths in deep, chest out* men have all the answers. Don't bother wasting your time asking them grrrls about nuthin' but sewin' and cookin'. Hell, don't even get any boo-boo's kissed, you'll only get more germs. In fact, let the men show you how to cook and sew. Oh, wait, she's a she, yeah, just let her ask the men to cook and sew and she won't have to worry her perty little head.

WILLIAM said...

You should show here the scene in Jaws when they cut open the shark's stomach and license plate falls out.

Ortizzle said...

Yeah, my Dad was the source for all kid questions, too. Except in those days, there was no "innerknot" so it was a little more challenging sometimes. :-)

LadyBug said...

I just love you and your sweet family, CK. Hugs to you all.

eclectic said...

In our house, BOTH parents "encourage independent research", and if that fails, we question whether their teachers are teaching them anything at all. *heh* Not really... but we do usually ask them where they think we should start to find the answer, and encourage them to try that first.

Platypus said...

That's a brilliant way to share the load, love it! When Stumpy wants to know the answer to a question we usually just Google it if I don't know but one time she rang me in a panic because she was at school and they were having a massive power cut. She was sitting in the library trying to do her prep and couldn't work out how to find out about plate tectonics ... doh!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your heart is at least two fists big.

Williams Brother

Doug said...

Just like with everything else Sis, you handle things well and I think your littles will have a male and female idol when they are old enough to realize it.

And of course the hardest work is Mom's. Hee, hee, hee.

Susie said...

You two make a good team.
(And in case anyone needs to see some innards, I have pictures of pretty much everything, these days.)

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