I have made some bad rhymes


Have nothing witty to say.

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!

Kids are in bed
Long to do list in my head
Might watch T.V. instead

Do ya ever have that thing where there is just so much that needs to be done, you end up not doing anything??


Oh! Look at the pretty sunset I captured on the way home earlier this week! These pictures don't do the setting sun justice. The colors and the clouds were fabulous.



Doug said...

There are times,
You know,
That bad rhymes,
Are all one know.

The meaning is clear,
My dear,
Have another beer,
And spout with good cheer.

Love the sunset pics Sis.

Lynn said...

Ha! Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I call it 'being overwhelmed straight into under-drive'. I hate it when that happens. I makes me feel somewhat less than smart!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I'll only post my werd verification:


LadyBug said...

Happy Friday, CK!

eclectic said...

We call it the "death instinct". Where you're gonna die if you don't get this stuff done, but you can't get anything done because you're dying with so much to do. I have that every year at this time. Maybe today I'll do better.

Effie said...

I'd like to sing a song for you
Or hum to you a note or two
But since I sha'nt see you today
I think that I will only say
That Friday's here, the sky is clear
we should go and hunt some deer? Drink some beer? Scream in fear?
Oh dear!

Sorry--my rhyming today is rather horrid, but nevertheless--it IS Friday--and we're nearly halfway through it! Woohoo!


LadyBug said...

Oh my. Effie certainly deserves a prize for that one.

Well, TWO prizes, actually...

...one for her clever poetry,

and one for her use of the word sha'nt.


Annejelynn said...

your new masthead? yeah, you made me cry!

Have a great weekend, Kelli! you're a total peach - - thank you for all your encouragement and kind words! You make me smile

Platypus said...

Loved the poem, Kelli! Happy Friday to you too! :)

Bone Machine said...

The fiery sky photos are great.

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