It's an art form, really...

Around 7:30pm Saturday night, after a long day of playing and running around, both littles had "crashed" right next to each other, each with a pillow and blanket on the floor in front of the television. We waited a while, then carried them up to bed. Punkin was in bed an hour later.

Hubby was watching something completely fascinating on PBS -- something about space and galaxies and black holes. Oddly enough, he fell asleep in front of the television, too.

After making myself a cup of cocoa and Bailey's, I surfed for a bit, then went upstairs to catch up on some of my guilty pleasures -- TiVo'd programs. I am now all caught up on "Ghost Whisperer" and only have about three episodes (each) of "House" and "Without A Trace" left.

It's Sunday morning and breakfast is over. It was a very informal meal today -- we each had a different breakfast cereal. Fancy, huh?

I've worked my way through about an inch or so of catalogs, and gotten some ideas for the kids for Christmas.

Heh, what I'm really doing now is procrastinating. Just over my left shoulder, there is an islandful of clothes to be folded, and a sinkful of dishes to be loaded into the (still full) dishwasher. Directly behind me is the floor that needs to be swept and cleaned, and all over the house is carpet that needs to be vaccumed and dust and dirt that needs to be eradicated. Lurking in my cabinet is also paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and just behind this window on my screen is some computer work that keeps calling me. Oh, and sometime today, I'll try to sneak out of the house alone and do the grocery shopping. The odds are against me that I'll be alone, but I'll give it a shot.

My tattoo is long gone, and I'm now fully assimilated back into circus life. Marc Cohn is on the CD player, the kids are playing together (quietly!) upstairs, and Hubby is working on the kids playroom downstairs.

Now, if I could just lie down for a long uninterrupted nap, my life would be golden.

Procrastinators unite! You know... later.

- - - - - - - - -
Update: We've let the kids loose on the backyard, and Hubby is just about done with the playroom for the day (there is still a lot to do, but the game will be on shortly). I've vaccumed the first floor, dusted a bit, cleaned up the kitchen (just in time for lunch, heh), and folded all the clean laundry. Now, I'm procrastinating again...


Nilbo said...

Yeah, OK. I'll get back to you on that. No, really ... soon.

Sounds like a hardworking Sunday ... karma for the slothful excesses of your Saturday night, when you probably got two whole hours to do whatever you wanted?

I've loaded in the week's firewood, and the football game starts in a few minutes. No laundry, no dishes, and with no kids home, an informal supper much like your breakfast, only with sandwiches.

So, keep busy on behalf of the REAL procrastinators out there! I'll be thinking of you while I si my drink and watch the game!

Doug said...

Got a little work done, a shower and shampoo taken, Heather will be home after church with goodies from Arby's and then it will be a birthday parts for a great grandson at his maternal grandfather's house out in Littleton, Colorado.

And then, home, relaxation and maybe an entry.

Lynn said...

Sometimes I procrastinate laundry and bills. I think it's because I know I can never really be 'done'. There is a never-ending pile of both!

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Oh sure... "I'll just be sitting over here watching television..." Yeah, thanks for that.

Doug - I hope you had a great time, Doug!

Lynn - Gawd, no kidding... Can't I just BE DONE with either of those? Just once? :)

Bone Machine said...

I tried to comment on this one in a timely manner, but I procrastinated.

LadyBug said...

"Procrastinators unite! You know... later."


Annejelynn said...

I've almost got my honey-man hooked on House . . my dad's likes it too and was the one who turned me on to it.

We don't watch much TV, but Tuesday nights have taken on greater 'importance' with House and Standoff... and Prison Break and CSI Las Vegas... very bad. We watched 3 hours of TV last Tues. (while I was quilting), and my honey-man didn't know how to cope. It was hysterical... he couldn't just relax and veg out beyond CSI. I told him we need to work on his veg out stamina!

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