One Sick Mother

So, after dealing with the cough/cold thing for a couple of weeks, I thought I was feeling better. Then, late last week, it came around and hit me again. I finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday.

Doc says I have some fluid in my lung, and she gave me an antibiotic (a shot in the arm), and oral meds to start on today. She also gave me a decongestant and some Advil Liqui-gels. She told me if I'm wasn't feeling 100% better today, I should stay home.

I'm not 100%, and I guess I won't be for a couple of days. However, because she told me that I have a "wet lung" and it could maybe possibly be the beginning of pneumonia, I'm opting to stay home for one more day to rest.

Thank you to everyone who has been stopping over here from Nilbo's site. I appreciate it, and hope that you come back around again when I have something with a little more substance to write about.


Ortizzle said...

Sounds like you need at least a week to recover! Take care of yourself, for Pete's sake, and tell 'em they'll have to make do at the office. Your health is more important. (Spoken by a fellow workaholic who has had colds complicate and drag out and go on for weeks.)

O.K., lecture over. But do look after yourself. Hope the meds are helping! :-)

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - I was thinking the very same thing. Unfortunately, it's not this week... there are a lot of goings on here at the circus this week... and, I already feel guilty about missing work today. I'll be back at work tomorrow no matter what, most likely.

Kentucky Brat said...

girl.. gotta take care of yourself first. Don't want to get to the point your no good for anyone.

guilty - work.... stop doing that!
Nice that they need you and all, but you don't need an ulcer to go with the pneumonia!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*covers mouth and nose with shirt*

Hope ya feel better soon, GermGrrrl.

eclectic said...

Oh, rest is good! Don't spend the day "catching up" -- just rest. You're gonna need it over the next 6 weeks!

Amy said...

Please. My hubby ended up with pneumonia last winter and it was awful. You tie the circus tent closed for a few days if it is at all possible. Cause if you get sicker you will have to do that, anyway.

LadyBug said...

Oh, sweetie. I certainly hope you're at home ALONE, with no kiddos around, so you can actually REST.

Love and (hermetically sealed to prevent contagion) hugs to you, CK.

Doug said...

I am so very glad you got into the doctor's . . . . . take your meds as prescribed, and keep on taking them 'til they run out !

Hope you do get some rest and are able to go back to work tomorrow, but BUT if you aren't able and feel that you will get worse, - - - - stay home and keep rested and warm, hit the chicken soup too.

Worried brudder

Doug said...

Hmmmm, tried to post this morning and apparently it died on the vine.

Take much chicken soup -- drink it -- don't rub it in your hair or use it for hand cream. Much rest -- horizontally of course.
And by golly Sis, don't fight meds like we did as kids. Take that stuff !

Hugs & worries

Platypus said...

Kelli, listen to Doug. Doug is wise and speaks the truth. Chicken soup will heal you - well, that and the drugs but do rest. Nothing's more important than your health. Big hugs to you.

Nilbo said...

Vicks. Rubbed on your chest.

I know, it won't do much good. But it smells heavenly, like a mom's hug. And ... the rubbing is fun. Well, not necessarily for the person with the headful of snot. But for the other? Sure, that's fun.

eclectic said...

Oh Nilbo, you make me laugh.

Circus Kelli said...

Kentucky Brat - No, work won't give me an ulcer. I do think I need to get back to it, though. :)

Mr. B - Wuss.

Amy - I did! I'm feeling better. We'll have to see what the next few days bring.

LadyBug - Yes, I was home alone. I can't properly be sick with the littles here.

Doug - I will take my meds, Brudder, and I'll eat my chicken soup. I'm a good girl. I'll be ok. Love you.

Platypus - Oh, I do listen to Doug.

Nilbo - Heh. Funny. We use the Vick's Vapor Plug-ins. They're great. Same Vick's vapors, but without the mess.

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