Shameless Parental Bragging

Our first born turns 9 years old today.

People say she looks like me. Coming from a background where I never knew who I resembled, I have to say (for better or worse) this little fact tickles me.

Punkin asked me a while back about getting her ears pierced. She was careful to let me know that she didn't want to get it done at that time, she was just asking me if she could maybe someday get it done. I told her we would take her to have her ears pierced when she was ready, as long as she was responsible enough to care for her ears while they healed.

About a month ago, she told me she was ready. We took her to get her ears pierced last week. I've noticed off and on recently that she is getting to that in-between stage now -- not a little kid, but not an adolescent. She is mature in some ways, but still innocent in others. In the coming year or so, we'll have to have "the talk" with her, and yet, she still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

When she turned her head, put her hair behind her ears, and showed off the new little sparkle in her earlobe I was reminded (again) that she is growing up.

When Punkin was born, she had a wooly cap of black hair on her head and dark blue eyes. The pregnancy was a breeze, the labor and delivery went nearly perfectly. At six weeks, our little Punkin was sleeping through the night.

She caught the flu for her first birthday, but waited until long after the party to let us know.

She has a mostly dormant mean streak in her, but more importantly, she recognizes when it awakens and does not act on it.

Her third grade teacher could not say enough positive things about her at yesterday's Parent/Teacher conference. Punkin is doing well in Math and Science, and is a full grade level above with her Reading and Comprehension. She is a dreamer, can be emotional, and loves writing stories. She is independent, but will ask for help when she needs it.

Punkin is a sweet, nurturing girl, with a silly streak a mile wide. Get her around her friends and that silly streak expands exponentially.

For fun, she plays school with her brother and sister. She even received a whole "teacher set up" for her birthday -- by far, that is her most favorite gift this year... and the littles enjoy it, too!

The clothes she received for her birthday aren't little girl clothes anymore. Her new favorite outfit is a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, and a black shirt with pink letters that says "My Mom Rocks". (A gift from her Aunt)

I've been watching her around the house lately, with her brother and sister, with her friends. She has even helped me make a couple of meals in the past week. When did she get so big? How did that happen?

We love you, Punkin. You are our favorite Punkin ever, our first born Punkin. You're an awesome kid, and you make us so proud and happy and lucky to be your parents.

Happy birthday, Punkin. Don't go growing up too quickly now. We don't want to let go any sooner than we have to.

-- A few photos from the party last weekend --

A rare photo of Hubby

A not-so-rare photo of Me

Birthday cake made by Bio-Mom

Punkin's birthday flowers


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

PLEASE tell me that cake is chocolate so that it was like one big square horse poo!

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B! Shame on you! Of course, if you look real closely at the bottom right hand corner of that photo, you'll see a muck bucket just in case it's necessary...

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Wasn't going to say ANYthing about the muck bucket. Nope, nuttin' at all.

Nilbo said...

Wow. My mouth is watering. How come we weren't all invited to the party?

eclectic said...

WOW! That cake is the bomb!! And that picture of you is darling! Look -- it's my friend, Kelli!!! Miss Punkin is a miracle worth celebrating. It's so nice to hear a parent truly enjoying their child. Happy 9, Punkin!! They come faster and faster each year from here on out, so savor each birthday and the year it brings. Each one is precious.

Susie said...

Oh, I'll bet she's tucked in already, but Happy Birthday, Punkin. She is wonderful, I have no doubt. I LOVE the shirt. Perfect. And the cake truly is da bomb.
Love you. I think you're too young to have a kid so old, but I always forget that even tho mine is only a year older, I'm actually old enough to have college-types. eek

LadyBug said...

AWESOME cake. Beautiful post.

And would you believe I just took Miss Attitude to get her ears pierced this evening, after her doctor appointment? What a neat coincidence.

Happy Birthday, Punkin. I happen to think your Mom totally rocks, too. :)

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - You know, I'm not sure why I didn't invite you all to the party. I'm so sorry... what WAS I thinking? Oh wait... wrong blog...

Eclectic - Bio-Mom is our cake-maker. She's awesome! I have a feeling you're right about the birthdays coming faster and faster...

Susie - I try not to think about how old I am... isn't it weird how our kids age, but we don't? :)

Ladybug - Oh! Well, congrats to Miss Attitude! Her Mom totally rocks, too. ;)

Dori Lenine said...

Miss Punkin, Happy Birthday!

CK, Happy Birthing Day!

Roses and Chocolate Cake, always a pleasant combination!


Bone Machine said...

Happy birthday to the young lady and to her mom, be thankful that you're not going through the events of nine years ago plus a day or so.

Chocolate K said...

WOW 9 ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!

She's an AWSOME punkin!!!!! I love her to death and TRULY miss her around here! Her and krackel loved playing school, and krackel keeps asking when punkin can come back!!!



oh yeah, HI CIRCUS KEL!!!!! Hope your doing well with your "baby" growing up!
That shirt ROCKS!

WILLIAM said...

Happy Birthday Punkin. And Congrats to the parents on ten years of being a parent.

Effie said...

Wow--I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced until I was 13!!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY PUNKIN!! Your mom DOES rock, but then, so do you!! I'm guessing that your mom is going to say "I'm thankful for Punkin..." in the midst of her "what she's thankful for" tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner!

CK--just a question--did everyone's teeth and tongues turn green from all that green icing? The cake looks fabulous! I remember Mom told me a month before I turned 9 that we would have a "special talk" when I turned 9. I was excited--and then she gave me this book (which I was glad she gave me) and I read it over then we talked and talked at length. Exciting and scary time for girls! My little sister needed the talk sooner--and "early bloomer"!

Ortizzle said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! The ear-piercing takes me back: I did my own when I was 21. Totally barbaric. Much better to have it done with your Mom's permission when you are 9. :-))

Platypus said...

Fantastic cake and a beautiful post. Happy birthday Punkin, I hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead brings you nothing but good things.

Kelli, she's a credit to you and your parenting skills. :0)

Brudder doug said...

Beautiful cake, beautiful roses, prime top with the pink lettering all for the Birthday Punkin' who deserves the best of all 'cause she is such a good girl.

May each of your following birthdays be happier than the last, getting much better as the years go by.


Uncle Doug

Lynn said...

I gotta love a little girl who writes stories! That T-shirt is cool, too.

August95 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kelli and Family. Hope you are all well.

Amy said...

Well the flowers are beautiful and you are too.
And Punkin sounds just about perfectly great. Happy Birthday to her from me.
I love how you notice and describe things, CK. It is charming and disarming and utterly heartwarming.

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