Tuesday's Scorecard

I did well with my plan for yesterday. I was able to get a lot accomplished, both at work and home. That was a great feeling.

Most of the list for Monday was completed. The only things I didn't accomplish were sorting through the paperwork and sleeping a long and happy sleep.

I'm still fighting the cough, and was up hacking away off and on all night. I'm giving it another week (that will make it three weeks with the cough) before I decide to haul my carcass to the doctor about it.

Both littles are sick as well. Yesterday, her teacher said Sweet Pea felt a little warm after nap (but not feverish), and they have both been dealing with the same cough I have. (and, of course, I won't wait that long to take the littles to the doctor if their coughs continue)

Today is gray and dreary, my bones ache, and I'm tired... and this too, shall pass, for on my desk this morning when I arrived was a homemade butterscotch scone that a coworker left for me. That was a lovely surprise this morning.

The forecast calls for sunny and warm tomorrow. Sometimes, it's best to just put your head down and muddle through the day, keeping an eye on tomorrow.


LadyBug said...

Here's hoping today goes quickly, and tomorrow is sunny and warm in every possible way.

Love and hugs to you, CK.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

muddle muddle

Amy said...

so true. if you weren't muddling through looking down, you might have missed that scone on your desk!

Doug said...

Ha ! Scones the remedy for many ills - - - - - Bet you enjoyed it as you scarfed it down with coffee - - hot chocolate -- or whatever.

Heather and I went and did our doody and voted this morning - now we have bitchin' rights !

Platypus said...

Hugs, Kelli. I don't know how you manage all that you do even when you're 100% so good on you for keeping going when you're not. Don't leave it too long though with that cough. x

Lynn said...

Oooh, I love butterscotch. Isn't it neat how such a small thing can bring about enough cheer?

Circus Kelli said...

Lynn - I love butterscotch, too. I love the little surprises like that.

Platypus - The cough is getting better... a little bit at a time.

Doug - I surely did enjoy that scone!

Amy - Indeed I might have!

Mr. B - It's just like that.

LadyBug - AMEN.

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