What I'm Wearing, or Momma Needs A Makeover

My coworker, Mo, got a hair cut. Not only did she get her hair cut, she also got highlights AND lowlights (whatever those are). It looks fabulous -- she looks like a whole new person.

You know that thing that happens when one room in your house gets repainted or redecorateed? How suddenly, the other rooms look like dumpsville? Yeah.

Now, I need a makeover.

I have wavy hair (since the birth of my son three years ago -- all the years before that, it was stick straight) and have been just "scrunching" my hair, or putting it into a ponytail lately. I wear jeans to work when I know my boss won't be there, and when he is in the office, I wear the same few outfits that never seem to require ironing.


Today, I used the hairdryer to straighten my hair a bit. I even ironed a skirt and a shirt and got all dressed up -- nylons, high heels, the works.

I do enjoy dressing up and feeling like I look nice... who doesn't?

This morning, I tried three different shirts and two different jackets on with this skirt. I wasn't happy with any of the choices, really.
I came to the conclusion that I love the skirt, and really like the jackets, but not all together.

Of course, after shuttling the kids around this morning, and contending with the windy, rainy weather and nearly being late for work, I was still feeling rumpled and rushed, despite all my efforts.

My feet were tired by the end of work today and I couldn't wait to get home and put my comfy Mom-around-the-house clothes.

This? Not too "matchy", but way more comfier...

Tonight though, I'll look through my clothes again and pick out something nice to wear to work, and iron anything that might need to be ironed, and tomorrow I'll get all dressed up again and maybe use the hair dryer to straighten my hair again.

And do you know why...?

I'll do it because damn, I need to work on how I feel about myself. If trying to dress up more and look more presentable/professional doesn't work, I may have to get a haircut and highlights. I'll blame Mo, of course.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Think Emo and/or Goth and go all blue/black on the hair and nails and all black denim/leather with the clothes. Bonus points for metal studs.

Nilbo said...

I say go for the "On my way to Wal*Mart" look: saggy-ass gray sweats and a Nascar t-shirt. Hair in pink fuzzy rollers, knee-high nylons, and a charming pair of black sneakers completes the ensemble.

That's for work, of course. At home, you'll want something more casual.

Circus Kelli said...

Oooo. Mr. B, that's an idea. Maybe for the next really big meeting.

So, wait, Nilbo, do you think the outfit in the second picture is too formal?

Susie said...

Thank you for answering what I wonder about you almost daily: What are you wearing? ;)
I dressed up today, too, because the weather is too warm here for the end of November, and I couldn't find any comfy thing that wasn't too stay-homey looking. The receptionist said, "You look very professional today." "Today," being the key word. I didn't have words to form a disclaimer quickly enough. So she said, "What, it's just a costume?" And I said, "Yea, that's it exactly."
You're very pretty. I love the skirt and the jacket, and I would belt it if I were your stylist.

word ver: opetsy Who calls me Petsy?

eclectic said...

Ooooh, you're so pretty!

Personally, I have the "gym-chic" look patented, heavy on the gym, light on the chic. Black gym pants are pretty much me, every day. Unless I go to court, then I wear a monkey suit with dress shoes, but it's definitely NOT pretty, it's just professional, whatever that means. I'm trying Nilbo's suggestion.

Ortizzle said...

If you decide to give today's work outfit another chance:

-keep skirt
-keep vest
-combine with DARK color:
dark rust, navy, burgundy... whatever suits your skin tone. I promise you that outfit will change dramatically for the better if the blouse or shirt you wear with it is in a DARK color.

Don't just sit there. Go try it out! No fair putting your comfy clothes on again till you do. (You don't really want to succumb to the men's suggestions, do you?!!)

P.S. If I'm wrong about the outfit... just do something fun to your hair. (Not that you need to, you look rather splendid in your comfy at home mufty.)

Lynn said...

Kelli, you look beautiful!! It makes me feel better, too, when I fix myself up a little, so I know what you mean, but FYI - both pictures look great.

WILLIAM said...

First of all. Hot.

Second of all the best way to feel better about yourself using an outfit..I always found was to wear boots. A good pair of solid boots always makes me feel like I could conquer the world.

Circus Kelli said...

You're most welcome, Petsy. I'll try the belt idea, thanks!

Eclectic, darlin, don't sell yourself short. Your smile dresses up anything you're wearing.

Hey, thanks Ortizzle, I'll try a darker color with the outfit! (I may take William's suggestion, though!)

Thanks Lynn!

William, thank you! You're SO right about the boots. I'll have to go buy me a pair... maybe today!

Susie said...

Ooh, when William's right, he's right. Boots, definitely.
Did I mention that you're really pretty? Beautiful, even. Lovely.
You are also very generous to allow a bunch of internet wackos to critique your ensemble. And I think I speak for all present when I say, it's FUN! I see a weekly feature here, ck . . . are you game?
What accessory does Momma need with this outfit?
Pumps or flats?
You can be our very own paperdoll! (You're getting a restraining order against me, aren't you?)

Circus Kelli said...


Who thinks William is right about the boots? (in general, and with this outfit)

Who thinks Susie is silly?

Who thinks her "paperdoll" idea has merit?

Who thinks it should become a weekly feature?

Who thinks I should get a restraining order against Susie?

LadyBug said...

You're so lovely.

That is all.

Circus Kelli said...

Ladybug - As are you, my friend.

Effie said...

1. You're purty!!

2. I LOVE William's idea about boots--they always make you feel as though you could conquer the world--make sure they're cute with a tiny little heel--only an inch or so high but skinny and maybe a pointy toe, side zip or stretchy...wowza!

3. Oh--and I love the skirt and I love the shirt/jacket combo. Add a chunky necklace? And loving the hair! Very good!

4. Go shopping too but definitely keep the outfit you have! Your comfy home clothes are cute too!

5. I see you in a nice v-neck deep red sweater, maybe a silver chain on your neck and a slim fitting but slightly flared skirt, charcoal in colour with neutral nylons and boots! Sounds cute, no? Maybe too fancy for work...dress it down with a jacket or a cardigan? And your straightened hair too...

6. Um yeah, having too much fun here. And Susie's not weird at all...paper dolls were my fave when I was little! The only reason I had Barbie's was to change their outfits again and again and again! I remember I had a Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding book with paper dolls that you could dress in all sorts of outfits. One of my fave's!

Sidenote: if you need to get a restraining order put out against Susie, put me on that too...

Bone Machine said...

I'm no expert, but I highly recommend a Motorhead necklace. High fashion *and* functional.

Amy said...

You bin readin 'flylady.com'?

You look fantastic cleaned up. And totally cute dressed down. You just take the cake, CK. And that's all there is to it.

Kat said...

I think you look great in both outfits!

I love the paperdoll idea too! Don't restrain Susie, it's not nice.

eclectic said...

I want a Circus Kelli paperdoll!! And Susie can't be restrained. WTF has been trying and trying, but even that is ultimately powerless against the goodness that is Susie, so I wouldn't recommend trying it.

Diana said...

You looked lovely, with your beautiful slim figure, in both outfits Kelli, and why do you have to straighten your hair? I would give my eye teeth for wavy/curly hair, spend a fortune on having it permed, and there's you straightening yours!

Anonymous said...

You should buy a couple pieces of clothing, even if only underwear, that are twice your normal price range. No one else would know but you. Only wear them on days when you want to kick butt.

Williams Brother

Amy said...

If I bought underwear that were twice my normal price range that would mean a FOUR dollar pair of underwear.

Annejelynn said...

when I'm having self-imagine feely-feelings issues, making an effort of any kind ALWAYS works...

A couple years ago though, when I was quite quite down on myself, my father offered some surprising advice to spur me into 'take care of myself' action:

Buy some frilly underwear

Yes, my father's advice AND it worked!

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