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Sometimes, I'm just slammed over the head by the fact that boys and girls are so different. I love my girls so very much. I was a Mom to little girls for six years. That's a lot of pink and lace and Barbies and frills.

Then, three years ago, our little boy was born. The color blue appeared slowly. Then onesies with footballs and baseballs and other sports appeared. Then came things with little cars on them, some truck-themed books...

Now, I have a motorcycle in my kitchen

and some trucks parked under the cabinets

A talking bear in the dining room

The Incredible Hulk, the Thing and Spiderman in our living room

The Piston Cup 500 in our family room

And a mini Superman running about the house

Buddy's third birthday party was held on Saturday. Bio-Mom made the Lightning McQueen cake. As usual, she did an awesome job.

It not only looked fabulous, it tasted great! And, lemme tell you, that racecar cake went fast! (hee hee)

One of the gifts that the kids really liked was T.J. Bear

Today, I've had an uncharacteristically long time at the computer, and I'm enjoying it. Pretty soon, though, I'll have to clean up the dishes and the house from the party. I've got a bit of the after party blues, I guess, but that will pass. Especially after the house is straightened up again.

My brown-eyed baby boy is three years old now, and looking less and less like a baby every day. He had a shakey start to life (being born 6-1/2 weeks early), but now he's nearly as big as his next-oldest sister.

It's been a long weekend, and I'm going to take my time getting things done today. Tomorrow, it's back to work. It will be a busy week this week with doctor's appointments and school holiday programs, then Christmas will be here.

I hope you are able to have a lazy-ish Sunday wherever you are, too.


Ortizzle said...

My Sunday is not going to be lazy-ish due to work committments, but I am looking forward to getting into vege-out mode very soon! Great pics, that cake is something else!

Laura said...

Don't blink or he'll be 16 and riding off on that motorcycle.... ;)

And that cake is amazing! Bet it tasted just as good as it looks!

Nilbo said...

Ah, yes ... the familiar "S" logo! Always brings back fond memories...

My brother was Superman. I was his sidekick, Superboy. My sisters sniffed and went back to whatever it is that girls play.

I had two girls, and if people think it's all environment or parental influence, they've never watched boy cousins come in and lay waste to a predominantly girl's house. They're different, and let's all be grateful for that.

Sharkey said...

Other people are commenting on your sweet boy, or his awesome-looking cake. But what do I notice? Your sparkly, shiny, spic-n-span kitchen floor!

Do you think that amongst the doctors' appointments and Christmas programs you'd have time to run out here and do my floors too?!

Hope you're enjoying your lazy-ish day!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*thinks those talking bears are a bit freaky*

*maybe two bits*

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - I hope you can get into veg-out mode very soon, too! I've been doing that most of today.

Laura - No kidding, especially if the boy is like his Daddy. And yeah, that cake was awesome tasting. Bio-Mom makes the best cakes.

Nilbo - Superman and Superboy? Hmmm. You've just given me a great idea for Christmas. Hubby, if you're reading this, move along, there's nothing to see here.

Platypus said...

He's so cute! I've often wondered what it would be like to have a son (since I was so very certain that Stumpy was a boy until she appeared and surprised me) and it looks like fun. I'm glad he had a wonderful party!

I've also apent a long time at the PC today - moving blogs! Hopefully things will return to normal shortly...

eclectic said...

Happy day, Buddy-boy! Carter wanted Lightning for his cake and party too, but the poor kid only has me to make his cakes, so it wasn't nearly as grand to look at. But chocolate cake is chocolate cake afterall, so we didn't have any left-over! We have miniature Batman flying around over here. Bet they could save the world if they got to play together!!

lynn said...

I once listed a house that had a full-sized motorcycle in the living room. It dripped oil on the hardwood floors. There was always dirty underwear and pornographic magazines strewn about the house. Yeah, three guys lived there. I can't believe I sold it.

Effie said...

Honey, first off--I'm LOVING the new profile pic! Beautiful!

Second off--Bio-mom did a fab job of the cake, yet again!

Third--Buddy is absolutely adorable! I had a slow-ish day yesterday and today promises to be busy, (rearranging baby-room, putting up and decorating Christmas tree, vacuuming, etc) after I take my nap! ;)


(Oh and Bloggy has a new profile pic too! Cool!)

LadyBug said...

Awwww...Happy Birthday, SuperMan!

WILLIAM said...

Just wait until Spidey and the Thing and the Hulk discover the Barbie dolls. Co-ed action figure party.

Anonymous said...

3-7 year old boys are the best.

There is nothing like playing guys.

Don't tug on Supermans Cape

Williams Brother

cat said...

Oooh! Voting! I'll vote when I get home! (Stupid Net Nannies...)

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