Christmas Quickies

Everyday, the kids say or do at least one silly/crazy/amazing thing that catches me off guard, stops me in my tracks, or sends my heart into my throat. For example:

Nearly three year old Buddy jumping from the second stair up, landing on the floor with his head a scant three inches away from the wall, then looking up at me and laughing.

Punkin referring to Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" as "The Three Scrooges".

As we're rushing in the house after a long day at school/work, Sweet Pea says "You know, Mom... I really hate dreaming of all those sugar plums dancing in my head all the time."

Buddy finally adding "I lah you, Mom!" and "I lah you, doo Mom!" to his repetoire of "things he has to say (and hear) before he can settle down and go to sleep." "I love you, Mom", "Good night Mom", "See you in the morning", and "I love you too, Mom."

Sweet Pea hearing "Little Drummer Boy" and asking all sorts of questions. What's pah-rumpa-bum-bum? Why didn't anyone let them in? Why was there no room? Where was the baby Jesus? What's a stable? And then finally, "Santa will find them somewhere to sleep" uttered with complete faith and confidence.


Doug said...

The utter enchantment of watching one's own grow into thinking responsive beings and seeing the ultimate goodness seeping out from them.

Buddy seeking reassurance in his night time bedtime preparations and rituals. What a sweet little guy he is.

Sweet Pea, Oh my, how can one answer all the questions she will come up with ?

Lynn said...

Santa will find them somewhere to sleep? She is just precious!

Andy Lester said...

Also, if the ox and lamb had to keep time, then he wasn't much of a drummer, was he?

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - Love you!

Lynn - :)

Andy - Hi! No kidding. :)

eclectic said...

The flying, leaping, laughing boy? Yeah, we have one of those over here, too. Scares me to death!!!! But makes me smile... Hope the countdown to crazy is being kind to you, Kel!!

Laura said...

Awww, this brings back good memories for me. Don't forget these things, Kelli!! ;)

Platypus said...

I loved those years - glad you are having fun with them. The Three Scrooges made me laugh out loud!

Ortizzle said...

The Three Scrooges is so funny, they should make it into a Christmas farce movie. I totally identify with Sweet Pea: I had to know how everything worked when I was a kid. How nice that she knows Santa is magic and can fix up whatever is wrong. :-)

Amy said...


You have your own little family of sugar plums there, CK. And who could ever get tired of them?

eclectic said...

Wait just a minute... what happened to Buddy's Rudolph the reindeer nose?

LadyBug said...

I love these. And you know I love hearing what Buddy's saying. It gives me hope for my own little man.

"The Three Scrooges" is my favorite. I'll be chuckling about that one for a while. Hee.

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