Cold Snow

Both four letter words.

Ah, snow is so very pretty while it's falling when you're tucked safely inside your home, sipping Bailey's-laced cocoa beside a glowing fireplace, snuggled under your comfiest clothes and your comfiest blankies, wearing your comfiest socks... but then, the kids want to go out to play in it, and that's the end of that fantasy.

Friday afternoon, we let the kids out into the snow to romp and play. They were all dressed in their winter coats and scarves and gloves and boots (except for Buddy who didn't have boots that fit) and snowpants (how is it that I didn't get snowpants for Buddy?). Because it was the first snowfall of the season, I had to take pictures. It's a law or something. Wearing my sweatpants, sweatshirt, winter coat and winter boots, I went outside to take pictures of my children enjoying the snow.

In truth, I had intended to go no further than the garage, but since I was wearing my boots anyway, I walked as far as the driveway. Then Sweet Pea was calling me "Mom, I'm stuck!" I said, "Well, Honey, just stand up. It'll be ok..." "But Mom", she says, "I AM standing." Heh. So, then I trudged further away from the warmth of our home to the snowdrifts along the driveway and side of the house to rescue Sweet Pea from the snow.

I took a bunch of pictures, and followed the kids to the backyard to take some more.

They were playing on the playset, and the fabulous deck that Hubby built. Since there are no railings on the deck, it was hard to discern where the stairs were in all the snow. I didn't want the kids to get hurt. I made my way over to the deck, shuffling a path with my feet for Buddy to walk in, because he was getting stuck rather easily in the deep snow, too. I found the one deck stair and proceeded to shuffle the snow off with my feet (I wasn't wearing any gloves). Sure enough, I slipped and lost my balance. In what I'm sure would have been a very entertaining sequence on America's Funniest Videos, my arms started pinwheeling as I felt myself falling backwards. Thankfully, the snow broke my fall. I landed on my behind in the snow, while my children watched -- and laughed. Seriously, though, it was funny. Funnier still was when I stood up to brush the snow off of me, I noticed our backyard neighbor smiling at me. She had seen the whole thing. I just waved and smiled back at her.

The girls had a great time playing in the snow,and went through every pair of mittens they owned. Buddy had come in much earlier. They were pinked cheeked when they came in, and I had them change into dry clothes and cuddle under the blankets while watching television for a bit to warm up.

Strangely enough (not), after waking up super early (did I mention they were awake at FOUR FREAKIN THIRTY IN THE MORNING?) and playing outside in the cold and heavy wet snow all afternoon, they all fell asleep pretty quickly Friday night.

Here are some of the pictures I took as I braved the elements:

This picture speaks to the drop in temperatures from the day before. One day it's 60 degrees, the next, it's below 30. Somehow, this fly got caught unaware in a snow drift.

Can we go outside to play now? How 'bout now? Now?

Snow patterns on the window above our front door

Punkin helping Buddy

Sweet Pea standing in the snow


To the backyard

Inside looking out


Ortizzle said...

Great snow pics! Reminds me of my childhood in upper state New York... when we were told we couldn't go out to play in the snow if it was over our heads. And on more than one occasion, it was. But the rest of the time we were allowed to go through all the mittens we had which were later dried out in the oven (I bet nobody does that anymore.)

Nilbo said...

Wow ... just looking at the snow makes me want to cuddle under a quilt.

So, when you fell down on your butt, and were uninjured ... was that because there was so much snow ...?


Nilbo said...

Oh, and by the way, LOVE the new banner. Although, I don't quite understand the tag line. Could you explain exactly what the reference is? Frankly, it has me baffled.

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - I put the litten's mittens in the dryer. If we didn't have the dryer, it might have been the microwave. :) I did use a toaster to warm my hands this morning at work, does that count?

Nilbo - No kidding. All that snow makes me want to curl up with a blankie and a good book.

Yeah, there was a lot of SNOW to cushion my fall.

And, darlin... I'd explain the tag line, but frankly, it's over your head.

WILLIAM said...

That looks like it would be th eperfect day for playig in the snow.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

If I had actually gone to the store this weekend, I sure wouldn't mind a snow day right about now.

Circus Kelli said...

William - Oh, it was.

Mr. B - Perhaps if you moved further North... you don't get many snow days in KY, do you?

The Kept Woman said...

You are a much, much, much better mom than I will ever be. I maintain (to my children) that I am indeed allergic to snow and it will make mommy very, very sick if I go in it.

Thus, the Duckling shovels and romps in the snow with SD and Peanut and I sit inside the sunny house and watch...like the weiners that we are.

Bone Machine said...

Ah, winter!

I will be a cranky bastage until the spring thaw...or hit the lottery and move my ass south.

eclectic said...

Ha! What a great story!! I love the pic. of SweetPea and Buddy looking longingly out at the snow! But where's the snowman??

Platypus said...

Oh Kelli I want to hop on a plane and go and play in the snow too! I love snow and we just don't get much of it here any more. Those pictures are great - they made me turn up the central heating. :)

Oh and the Baileys - I MUST add that to my shopping list! they've just brought out one with 'a hint of chocolate' but I'm guessing yours is better!

Lynn said...

Hi, Kelli!

We used to put our mittens on top of the radiator in my Gramma's kitchen. It always made a puddle.

I love the pictures.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Snow...I've seen enough now. Thanks.

I know, I know...there are places where it doesn't snow, so why the fuck don't I just shut up move there? But you know what? THE BUGS NEVER DIE THERE! That's right, lack of snow causes mutant giant crawly things to blossom.

I guess I'll take my chances with the snow.

Circus Kelli said...

B4E - I'm with you. I hate the snow, but I think I would hate bugs the size of small cars even more.

Circus Kelli said...

Lynn - I'm not sure what we used to do with our mittens when we were kids... Hmm.

Platypus - Come on over! I'll have the Bailey's and cocoa waiting for you!

Eclectic - Snowman? Hmm...

Bone - Don't you mean you'll move "further South"?

TKW - But YOU! You're Martha Freaking Stewart!

LadyBug said...

Wow! How much snow did you get?? Looks like a couple feet, maybe?

That picture of Punkin and Buddy is priceless. SO very sweet.

Effie said...

WOW. You got LOTS of snow, girl! Much more than we did--and ours is melting away today... can you send some up north? Hmm? Hamilton would look so much prettier with some snow--just avoid the roads and the sidewalks, cover our lawns and roofs, and it would be lovely!


Bone Machine said...

I'm thinking that the Equator should be fine. Bugs as big as Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster, but what the hell.

Susie said...

If I didn't tell you already, or even if I did, I LOVE the wintery look here. You changed the tagline from when I was here last? I don't remember what it was (old, senile) but I remember I really liked it. Help an old lady out...

Thanks for the reminder to get some Bailey's. Now that I've decided to become a drunkard, that will come in handy.

Your kids are all the dearest. But why does Sweet Pea steal my heart again every time I see her? She's got some kind of voodoo or mojo or something.

Susie said...

OK, there it is. Do you hear what I hear? hee heee

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