Happy New Year!

For some of us, this year sucked.

For some of us, this year was fabulous.

Some of us are happy to see 2006 go.

Some of us will miss 2006.

No matter which group you fall into, there is no doubt that 2007 will be a year of twists, turns and changes. We'll lose loved ones, we'll make new friends. We'll make mistakes, and we'll be brilliant.

The start of the new year brings with it an implied clean slate, a chance to start fresh, make some positive and maybe even some overdue changes.

I don't really make resolutions, but I do want to work on a couple of things this year. Learning to make grilled cheese sandwiches is one (more on that later), and changing my attitude and outlook about my job is another. I need to find where my passion lies, and find out how to follow it.

Whatever path this new year takes you on, whatever path you choose to travel in the new year, may you find happiness and peace along the way.


mrtl said...

Happy New Year!

sharkey said...

I see your NYE is as exciting as mine and JP's. Funny you mention the grilled cheese . . . last year at this time I went to a resolution-generation site, and my resolution came up as Eat my weight in grilled cheese sandwiches. I love me some grilled cheese, but I don't think I made it.

Happy New Year!

Bone Machine said...

May 2007 be a happy and healthy year for the entire Circus troop.

Doug said...

Heh, rules are made to be broken as they say, and for the most part, given a month or two resolutions are so broken they disappear and are forgotten. At least that is my track record Sis.

But I have found my joy and happiness, doing just what I do now.

And, I'm up to my lower lip in doo-doo, so don't make any waves.

Happy New Year to you and yours Sis, hope each New Years is ten times happier than the one before -- starting now !

LadyBug said...

Happy New Year to you, CK, and may God bless you and your sweet family this year.

Laura said...

Happy New Years Kelli!!! My current ny resolution is to stop eating this ChexMix, which, at the moment, is just so addictive.
Once I throw it away, I will have accomplished that resolution and my year will be complete.
there ya go, keep it simple! LOL

Susie said...

Happy New Year, ck. xxx

Lushy said...

Hope 2007 brings you and yours happiness and blessings!

Ortizzle said...

Happy New Year, C.K.! (Let us know about those fancy grilled cheese sandwiches... mmmm, one of my weaknesses, for sure, second only to mac & cheese.)

August95 said...

Happy New Year to all in th circus tent!

wordigirl said...

I'm keeping my resolutions limited to the functional and the realistic.
1) Learn to knit better (I'm taking lessons)
2)Get back into running (2-3 miles only...no more long distance for me)
3) More yoga
4) Make more bread.
5) Meet more blogfriends.

You know...things I like.

The Kept Woman said...

Happy new year to you too!

I have to say that I make a pretty mean grilled cheese sandwich...my ex-husband taught me. My cookies are for shit but give me some bread, butter and cheese and I'm a whiz in the kitchen.

Nilbo said...

This year I resolve to play more golf and spend more time on the computer.

Finally. Resolutions I WANT to keep.

Circus Kelli said...

Happy New Year, Mrtl!

Sharkey - Happy New Year to you! Who knows maybe this year will be your grilled cheese sandwich year!

Bone - And right back at you, my friend.

Doug - And the very same of everything to you. Love you bunches.

Ladybug - May you and your adorable family also be blessed in the new year.

Laura - I'm resolving to "finish the food" so we can stop eating it, too... throwing it away, though seems so drastic... ;)

Happy New Year to you, Susie!

Lushy, the same to you! :)

Ortizzle - Oh, I'll let you know about the grilled cheese sandwiches - for better or worse! :)

August95 - And Happy new Year to you, too!

Wordgirl - Your resolutions sound FABULOUS. Good luck with them!

TKW - Tell you what, I'll make the cookies, you make the grilled cheese. :)

Nilbo - Hee hee! Good luck with those!

Doug said...

Anybodyd know where nilbo can find a computerized golf cart ? l Wireless of course.

sheryl said...

Happy New Year, Kelli!

Best wishes in finding your passion :)

Circus Kelli said...

Sheryl - Thank you so much!

Doug - If I see one, I'll let him know.

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