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Before the sun was fully awake last Saturday, we all got out of bed, got dressed and piled into the Circus-mobile to head down to The Field Museum of Chicago.

Why? (Hee, I'm still asking myself that)

King Tutankhamun was there.

Now, back when Hubby and I were growing up, we would go on school field trips to the Field Museum in Chicago (and the Shedd Aquarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Robert Crown Health Center). I don't really remember a lot about the trips down to the Field Museum, other than we got out of school for a day, and there was always that huge Brontosaurus bone sculpture right when you walked in.

This time around, however, our trip was all for King Tut (the other stuff was just bonus). It was a really cool exhibit. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures in there. I didn't realize King Tut was only 9 years old when he became King. His reign lasted for 10 years. He died when he was just 19 years old.

We had only three headsets for the audio tour, so Punkin and I shared with the two littles. Since a lot of the exhibit was waist high for adults, the littles couldn't see a lot of it. They got a little antsy, but they did ok.

Some of the other things we saw at the museum included exhibits on China, Asia, Africa, Evolution, precious metals, undersea life, and, of course, Dinosaurs.

We walked around and around and around for about three hours. They really enjoyed the dinosaurs. The littles even got to stand in a dinosaur footprint, and also use a machine that imitated what a particular dinosaur might have sounded like.

The littles were getting tired, you could see it on their faces and in their body language (laying down on the floor is usually a good indicator for fatigue). That's when we told them we were going to see one more thing, and then we could sit down. There were some vague moans from the clowns before the next exhibit came into view. Hell, even I got excited about it. After walking for three hours, lugging a backpack and chasing after the littles, I wanted to sit down, too.

And there, before us, stood the bestest exhibit. It was completely interactive and you could sit and talk and not disturb the other people. It was a McDonald's Restaurant. Right there in the Museum. I guess it's been a few years since I've been there. I surely don't remember THAT from when I was a kid.

After that, it was time to pile back into the Circus-mobile and head back home. Since we had left early, we still had half the day to do whatever we wanted. About 20 minutes into the return trip home, three out of five of us were asleep. The kids' naps were far shorter than mine, though.

Here are some pictures we took that day:

It was a good thing we did - all of us going down to the Field Museum. It won't be the last time, that's for sure. I just hope that McDonald's exhibit is still there.


Effie said...

look--it's a pterodactyl! And a t-rex! Wowie zowie! You musta run fast!

I love going to the museums--even though they do get tiring...sometimes I like the headphone thingies, other times I prefer to read my way through....

There's this really neat art museum in Milwaukee...we loved that and spent far too much time there! The outside is shaped like a sailboat at full mast, kinda...

Bone Machine said...

Somebody better have a sturdy butterfly net to bring that flying bastage down. I don't think he's going to go without a fight.

Doug said...

Hmmm -- Tried once, now for another.

I know the fascinations of museums, they have been a wonderland for me for years.

A couple of years ago our Oregon daughter wheelchaired me around the Denver Art Museum, stopping and giving me time to commune with various works I love.

This year the new very angular addition is open, a biggie too. I hope she will take me there.

Lynn said...

That sounds great, Kelli. I love museums. Time to talk to the Hubs. I think we need a field trip, too:-)

Susie said...

I can't believe no one has asked:
How'd you get so FUNKY?

I always wanted to see the Tutster, but missed him when he was in these parts.

I went to one of them McDonald's exhibits just the other day! Interactive, yea, that's it.

Ortizzle said...

Sounds like good fun. I haven't been to a museum in ages. Would really like to see the interactive Mc D. exhibit!

WILLIAM said...

Nothing like Mcdonalds Fossilized fries.

Bone Machine said...

and a fossilized chicken McNugget lurking beneath the automotive seat.

LadyBug said...

What a fun trip!

Platypus said...

What a lovely day out for you all. We love museums and Stumpy is a huge fan of all things Egyptian. You're such a cool mum!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

A good tie-in for the new movie. Are you being paid for this?

eclectic said...

Museums are soooooo great!!!! As a kid, we used to go to the Denver Museum of Natural History, with the dinosaurs, etc. SO COOL! It didn't have a McD's, but it DID have a cafeteria, with doughnuts. Mmmmmm....

Circus Kelli said...

Effie - Please tell me you had to look up the spelling of Pterodactyl...

Bone - No kidding! Don't look up!

Doug - There was so much to look at. There was a lot of "Ooo! Look at this!" going on.

Lynn - Do it.

Susie - Hee!

Ortizzle - Just check around the city you live in. I'll bet you have two or three of those interactive McD's exhibits right under your nose!

William - No kidding! I find those in the flameless Mommyvan.

Bone - LOL, I knew you'd throw that in there!

Ladybug - It was!

Platypus - Not really... It was all Hubby's idea.

Mr B - No, but I wish I was!

Eclectic - Donuts? I LOVE donuts!

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