I'm about 2.5 minutes away from declaring bedtime for the kids.

After they are in bed here is a list of what I'm doing:


  • Then, I'll shower and go to bed.

    Stick a forK in me people. I'm d-u-n, done.


    Doug said...

    About time you did that Sis. You need a break I think.

    Sleep well and dream sweetly.

    Nilbo said...

    Such a slacker ...

    Bucky Four-Eyes said...

    I think you forgot an item from your list:

    "Be goddess of love for husband"

    Lynn said...

    Hi, Kelli!! Nothing is the PERFECT thing to do after the kids go to bed!

    Susie said...

    Hope you're having sweet dreams. Oh, and I forgot to say this on the last post, where I've already said too much:
    "Would you like to swing on a star
    Carry moonbeams home in a jar
    And be better off than you are..."

    WILLIAM said...

    To follow up on Bucky's comment...IS FORK the nickname you have for your Hubs?

    LadyBug said...

    Deputy Dad got fed up with the girls fighting and sent them to bed at 7:30 last night.

    Hope you got everything on your list done. :)

    Circus Kelli said...

    Doug - You might be right. :)

    Nilbo - I'm a total slacker.

    B4E - Oh, I do that ALL the time... heh.

    Lynn - How right you are!

    Susie - LOVE that song!

    William - No, it's not. Actually, he's my widdle wuv spork... uh oh, I fear I've said too much...

    Ladybug - We've done that.

    Shelley said...


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