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Every weeknight, we have what I facetiously refer to as "Happy Hour." It's not the drinking and relaxing kind of "happy hour" -- it's the everyone coming home, preparing dinner, finishing homework, littles running amok kind of "happy hour." I use quotes because a lot of times, this transition from daytime to nighttime is anything but happy.

As I made my fabulously normal looking grilled cheese sandwiches the other night, I captured some of the activity going on around me with the camera.

Happy Hour at the Big Top:

Buddy being silly
The best part about this shirt?
When you hold him upside down by his feet,
the shirt says "WOW"

Clowns running amok
See that table behind the kids?
Yeah, that's our dining room table full of toys.

Punkin in the box

Sweet Pea in the bag

My kids are totally goofy. I have no idea where they get it...


Nilbo said...

Yeah, it's a real mystery. They say goofiness skips a generation. Clearly, not the case here.

Sharkey said...

Yeah, I'm sure the goofiness didn't skip a generation with you guys. The kids definitely got it from their dad.

mrtl said...

What kind of circus you got going there? hee

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

SOMEone is trying to tell you that you give them heartburn.

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - What are you saying Nilbo?

Sharkey - Clearly.

Mrtl - A three ring goofy circus.

Mr. B - Yeah? Who?

Bone Machine said...

Now that's fashion!

LadyBug said...

I love that you guys have so much fun together.

Happy Friday to you, CK!

Susie said...

I like this kind of happy hour. Cheaper than the other kind, and you don't have to drive home.
Your family is delightful, ck.

Ortizzle said...

Man, I'm gonna get me a shoppin' bag and try that out. Worse case scenario, I'll have a nice pic for my blog header. I'm thinkin', though, that I might have a traditional happy hour first just to get things rolling.

Amy said...

Hee! Love the bag and the boxes and the wows!

I call it the 'power hour'. And yeah, it is quite the hour, ain't it?

Circus Kelli said...

Amy - Oh yeah, it is. Some nights, it's the kind of "happy hour" that makes me long for a "happier hour" of my own after the kidlets are in bed. :)

Ortizzle - Whatever works, darlin. :) Maybe we could start a trend in the blogworld - "unknown comic" pictures!

Susie - Aww. You're too sweet.

Ladybug - Oh, is that what you call it? FUN?! :D

Bone - His Momma dresses him, can you tell?

wordigirl said...

It's my theory that silly people live longer due to the decrease in high blood pressure. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Kept Woman said...


A Woodman's bag.

That place freaks me out.

Sorry, what was this post about?

Doug said...

Heh, next time I am in the neighborhood, I'll put on a gunny sack and visit the kids.

Crazy is fun you know,
Gives other people a go,
SO I'm with it bo !

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Hey, Woodman's ROCKS! I can shop in that store for unseemly amounts of time. Usually in the middle of the night, but still...

And your new and improved grilled-cheese sammiches are beautiful to behold. You go on with your bad self!

(Uh, you might want to cut some eye holes for Sweet Pea next time)

Circus Kelli said...

Bucky - Yep. I usually go there by myself after the kids are in bed. Eye holes? Ya think?

Doug - C'mon over! We've got a paper sack with your name on it!

TKW - What? This post was supposed to be about something?

Wordigirl - Sounds like a good story to me. :)

platypus said...

I love that you put stuff on your kids' heads! I thought it was just me...

Lynn said...

We always have to clean the floor after happy hour. The kitchen takes a pounding. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich today. It made me think of you :-)

Circus Kelli said...

Platypus - I'm not above doing that, but they did what you see here themselves. :)

Lynn - No kidding. Our kitchen gets cleaned up A LOT. I hope your grilled cheese was awesome.

August95 said...

Looks like a very good happy hour. I love goofy.

eclectic said...

Over here, we call it "Arsenic Hour"... though we're never sure whether to administer the arsenic to the children or to ourselves. Gah! ;)

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