Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

My inability to successfully create a proper grilled cheese sandwich is nearly legendary.

I've had people tell me how to do it.

I've had people (including Hubby) show me how to do it.

Granted, I haven't tried it in years, but the last time I did, it looked like this:

Do you see why I sort of gave up trying? The poor sandwich looks like it's been violated ten different ways.

On the wish list to the Moms/Grandmas/Relatives this past holiday season, I asked for a sandwich maker so I could make proper grilled cheese sandwiches for my poor, deprived children who have been going through life without proper grilled cheese sandwiches. Think of the children!

Shortly after I sent the wish list out, I got a call from my SIL, saying that I could have her sandwich maker because she never uses it. Awesome!

A couple of days later, Bio-Mom called me. In the course of our discussion (because our discussions last a good long while and span any number of a variety of topics), it came about that I just wasn't using the proper "tools" to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

"I'm not?"


"Well, then... what do I need to make a grilled cheese sandwich?"

"An iron."

Long ago and far away, she said, when she and Grandpa Choo-Choo were newly married and just starting out, they didn't have a lot. They did, however, have an iron. That's when Bio-Mom learned you could make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron. There's just a few things you have to remember though when iron-grilling cheese sandwiches:

  • Turn off the steam feature. Nobody likes a wet, soggy grilled cheese sandwich.

  • A standard iron is usually just perfect to brown a triangle-halved sandwich.

  • The steam holes make little patterns on the grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Be sure to thoroughly clean off the iron (and in the little steam holes) afterwards. Nobody likes burnt cheese on their work shirts.

  • I may have to have her come over and show me how to do it. Just for the laughs... and the look on my kids' (and Hubby's!) faces! I started thinking, if this works, I'll have to get another iron... or start pressing the clothes with the flat sides of our waffle maker.

    After telling me all of this, however, Bio-Mom gave me a "stove top griddle" for Christmas. She also gave Punkin a kids'cookbook with one of the recipes marked -- you guessed it. It's a recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches. (iddin that Bio-Mom a hoot?)

    Tonight, when I got home, I was asked the standard question "What's for dinner?" I didn't have anything specific planned and when I asked them what they wanted, the kids said soup. Armed with the ingredients necessary, as well as my new stove top griddle pan, I was feeling adventurous, and under Saint Shelley's tutelage, I was feeling brave enough to try making grilled cheese sandwiches.

    The ingredients

    The fancy new pan

    The cookbook (just in case)



    Not bad so far

    Looks pretty good

    Ready to serve

    The empty plate! They even requested "seconds!"


    So yeah, in the spirit of "setting resolutions," 2007 is the year I master the art of making grilled cheese sandwiches.


    August95 said...

    Wow that is one great looking GC. Congratulations on over coming your fear of the griddle.

    You have inspired me to try :)

    mrtl said...

    Quite a big achievement! (We make ours in the George Foreman -- no margarine needed, although we use that big ol' vat/crock, too)

    Lynn said...

    Now I'm STARVING!!! Want to hear something funny? I bought an iron today!

    Doug said...

    Lookin' good Sis.
    C'n I come over fer sammiches some day ?

    Ortizzle said...

    Awesome, C.K.! Take a bow, cuz that is a major improvement from the top picture!!

    Nilbo said...

    Yay, you! We're all so very proud of you. Next, we'll conquer bologna sandwiches. In no time at all, you'll get through that kid's book!!!

    WILLIAM said...

    That is a damn fine looking Grilled Cheese. Now you need to learn to add bacon to it.

    Candace said...

    Very, very good! Now, step away from the margarine and use real butter. Seriously. SOOOOOOO much better.

    Candace said...

    p.s. But you have to melt the butter on the griddle first and then sop it up with the bread.

    Bone Machine said...

    Cheese is the devil's work.

    Sharkey said...

    The sandwich looks great, but where's the ketchup? At our house it's a requirement.

    LadyBug said...

    I feel silly for feeling so giddy about your grilled cheese accomplishment. Hee. Congratulations to you, CK. Only three days into the New Year, and you've already fulfilled one resolution!

    Susie said...

    Get outta here! I just made myself a g.c. sammich, and I'm all, "hmm, I'm just gonna go tell ck about my fine-lookin' g.c sammich . . . " and i get here and PWAHAHAHHAAA!
    That looked really good, ck (not as good as mine)

    Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

    *likes cheese, but likely the last thing an ill Bloggy needs to see before going back to bed is food*

    *still though, nicely done*

    The Kept Woman said...

    Yahooooooooooooo for you.

    I have to admit that I was disappointed that you didn't try the iron method but maybe next time...

    wordigirl said...

    Doesn't success feel great? And, besides Mac & Cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich provides some of the best comfort food in the world.

    platypus said...

    Yay to you for cracking that! For me it was soft-boiled eggs. I finally managed that a couple of years ago and felt more proud than when I'd cooked for a dozen dinner parties! Your sandwich looked great! :)

    Circus Kelli said...

    August - Thanks! Oh yes! TRY! You need the "right pan", though.

    Mrtl - Thank you! I LOVE the big ol' vat!

    Lynn - Yay! You can make grilled cheese with that, I hear!

    Doug - Absoloodle! C'mon over!

    Ortizzle - I know! Thank goodness, huh?

    Nilbo - Oh yeah?! *sticks tongue out at you*

    William - Ooohhhh! And tomato!

    candace - Oooohhhh reeeal butter....mmmmm.

    Bone - So, apparently the devil ain't all bad...

    Ladybug - You made me smile from your comment! BIG HUGS to you!

    Sharkey - The ketchup is in the fridge. Want me to get it?

    Susie - WOW! Small world, huh? And no, I'm sure it wasn't as good as yours... but it was edible! That's a big improvement!

    Mr. B - Eww, honey, you don't look so good. Go on back to bed...

    TKW - Definitely next time... I may save the ironed grilled cheese for when little eyes aren't around.

    Wordigirl - Yes it does! It doesn't taste bad either. :)

    Plat.E.Pus. - Thank you!

    Bone Machine said...

    The devil gave the world cheese and Toby Keith. If that's not Hell, I do not know what is.

    I've got to get my sermon ready.

    Be Inspired Always said...

    That's wonderful. It's better than eating out everyday, like some people I know.

    Now if I could just figure out how to make a meatloaf that actually turns out to be something edible... that would be a miracle! LOL

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder what life would be like without grilled cheese?

    harleygirl said...

    It would suck that's for sure

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