New Stuff

I love me some new stuff. Who doesn't?

This is the coolest ornament ever. In fact, it's WAY too cool to pack away during the "off season." I was so giddy about receiving this lovely this little gem from a dear friend of mine, I hung it in the flameless Mommyvan right away. It catches the light just perfectly, no matter what time of day and reminds me that I always have hope.

Just after Christmas, I was able to steal some time to myself. I painted my toenails, shaved my legs, and applied my new makeup. While wearing my new underwear, but not new boots (because I wasn't going anywhere, after all) I brought out the new hair dye, "Medium Beige Blonde", and gave myself a new hair color. I went from mousey brown/blonde with a streak of white to... um... this:

About the time I get used to this color, it will be fading away. The "resistant grays" on my head are more like "dye repellant whites," so I still have a white streak, but I think I like it... maybe. I don't know.

My new favorite shirt, a present from someone who loves me and knows me well enough to know that I would LOVE this shirt. And I do. I love this shirt. If I wasn't already married (to a wonderful man), I would totally marry this shirt. I love it that much. I love it so much that I may nibble on the sleeves if I get kinda snacky today. Do you know what I love best about this shirt? Besides the colors and the fit... it has CHOCOLATE ALL OVER IT. How could I not like it?

This is the coolest pillow ever. Or, it's the hottest pillow ever. I'm not sure which. There is no other pillow just like this one on Earth. Not anywhere. No way. No how.

And the piece de resistance, new floor mats for the externally flameless Mommyvan. You can't have them. They're mine all mine.

You're all jealous... I can tell. (hee hee!)


mrtl said...

The pillow belongs in the van, too. Outfit the entire inside with flames, no?

Loving the shirt.

Kentucky Brat said...

I agree.. the inside of the van should be totally flaming!! LOL

and can I taste of your shirt? uh.. when you aren't wearing it, of course.

Circus Kelli said...

Mrtl - I thought about putting the pillow in the van, but then I wouldn't be able to lay on it. :)

KYBrat - Um, yes, as long as you leave enough for me to wear later. :)

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Dang. Looks like Tweety went straight to H. E. Double-hockey stick!!

Ortizzle said...

Love the shirt. Gorgeous hair. And the floor mats: Where can I buy some for me?!!

Candace said...

How could you NOT love a chocolate shirt. Unless, of course, you had a shirt that was ACTUALLY made of chocolate......oh. Sorry. I got a little dreamy there for a minute.

Bone Machine said...

That is a pillow to be reckoned with.

LadyBug said...

Whaddya know, I have a Hope ornament just like that, that a dear friend sent to me.

Love the new hair color. And the yummy shirt! You're beautiful, dear.

MrPhred said...

The floor mats - HOT.

The new hair - *super* HOT!

eclectic said...

Suh-mokin'!!!!!! You are TOO hot! You're going to melt that chocolate shirt, so quick be a good lass and send it over here before it's too late.

Hi Kelli!

Circus Kelli said...

Mr. B - Oooo. You might be wight.

Ortizzle - I'll find out where they were purchased and let you know. :)

Candace - Wow, now that WOULD be a great shirt...

Bone - It surely is.

Ladybug - As are you, my dear. Isn't our friend the bomb? ;)

MrPhred - Well HI!

Eclectic - Hi love!

Laura said...

We have almost the same hair color!
and I love, love love the star ornament!

Susie said...

You have cool stuff.
I have new boots. I wore them with my nightgown. Because I wasn't going anywhere either. I'm coloring my hair . . . today, I think. I think it's Natural Instincts "Pecan" #18. Or could be Basic Instinct Brazilnut 69. I DON'T KNOW, CK! Why do you ask me these things?!
(Sorry. It's "that time.")

Your hair looks beautiful and your chocoshirt is looks totally HOT on you. (It could melt, even.)

Amy said...

You look so fantastico in your chocolate shirt, CK. YUM. and what scrumptious hair you have!

WILLIAM said...

I like the ornament and I love the shirt you are wearing. very cool.

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