Weekend Stuff

Update at the bottom of the entry...

Most of the first floor is now straightened up. Not clean, but tidy at least.

All the clean laundry is folded and stowed in it's proper place.

There is still Christmas to take down and pack away for another year.

A trip to the grocery store will have to be done later.

I've already started getting things ready for our work/school week.

The girls are downstairs in the playroom.

The boy is sitting at the kitchen table behind me playing with a travel lite brite.

The Hubby is bringing up the empty boxes for the Christmas decorations.

Thank you notes from Buddy's birthday party and gifts we received over the holidays are hanging over my head, along with a bunch of other mail/paperwork that needs to be sorted through and dealt with.

There is vaccuuming and cleaning and sorting and straightening left to do. There always is.

This week, I'll register Sweet Pea for Kindergarten in the fall, and take Punkin to the orthodontist for the first time.

Just now, though... I'm enjoying sitting quietly. Listening to the swooshing sound of the water in the dishwasher and Tim McGraw on the CD player. I even took a few minutes to flip through a catalog and read some of my favorite blogs.

As I typed this, each of the kids have come up from downstairs and my quiet solitude has been interrupted.


Time to take down the ornaments and get back to cleaning the house.

*crash* -- All 100 of the lite brite pieces just hit the floor.

I think a nice hot bubble bath will be in order for me later today... after... later...

** Update **
It is still Christmas in our livingroom.

I never did make it to the grocery store today. It will still be there tomorrow night for me, though.

Some of the paperwork has been sorted through.

I did get the kitchen is all straightened up finally, see?

You know why so much didn't get done today?

This is why:

Punkin's room, before

Until today, I'd make token forays into this room to clean and organize it. It was hideously messy. Since we moved in almost two years ago, it's never been 'completely' organized. A lot of stuff had been "stowed" here and there. Until today. Today, I sorted through every nook and cranny in that room, under every piece of furniture, in the dresser drawers, and in the closet.

This is what it looks like now:

SO much bettah.

We've, er cautioned her that if it EVER gets that disgustingly, hideously crudded up with clothes and papers and toys and shtuff again, she'd be in some serious trouble.


I just need to do something with all this stuff...

(...and I didn't take that hot bubble bath... I don't have the energy to clean out the tub.)


Nilbo said...

That moment of settling down into the tub, free from all possible interruptions ...? Ahhh, now THAT is a wonderful moment.

Susie said...

May I join you?
heh I'm pretending to be Nilbo.
No, really, a bath would be nice. I have to go in-law visiting now. Not in the mood, so much.

Ortizzle said...

Just when you think everything is nice and tidy... crash! But you'll be able to laugh at it once you're soaking in your nice bubble bath!

Nilbo said...

Sometimes it feels like Susie knows me better than I know myself. How did I miss that opportunity? I must be getting old.

Doug said...

Resuming speed after Christmas and New Years is a daunting task. Performing all the normal day to day chores and the attendant clean up post-holiday is a must-do grim thing.

But the antidote is chocolate, both bars and hot.

Lynn said...

School is back in session tomorrow. Now, THAT, is the most wonderful time of the year. Geez, that sounds mean. What can I tell you? I'm exhausted.

Amy said...

Ah, I do so love the sound of the dishwasher swooshing in the evenings.... It's the little things, eh.

Well, not the little lite brite things, but the other little things, I mean.

Annejelynn said...

oh nooooo! - - I was finally gettin' a bit settled, my 1st day back in Vegas, thinking I had my to-do list all in order for the new week and pre-weekend must-do's, and just now remembered that 'Christmas' is still all up and so NOT put away, back in L.A. - fooey! All my weekend plans are now shot!


Well, at least you helped remind me of this fact now, instead of my realizing it come Friday night, right?

"Calgon, take me away!"

Circus Kelli said...

Nilbo - Wouldn't it be, though?

Susie - Ha! If you did, you wouldn't have to ask what I was wearing. :)

Ortizzle - Oh, I will... whenever that may be...

Nilbo - Getting old, eh? Heh.

Doug - How right you are, on all counts.

Lynn - I know what you mean... you can nap tomorrow.

Amy - All the other little things.

Annejelynn - Bring on the Calgon!

Doug said...

Addition to the update:
Reminds me of our 43 year old baby girl when she was a teen ager living at home.

It was much like that comic strip I recently saw, only baby girl didn't think of going that way.
LuAnn I guess it was, the bedroom had rolling clothes racks and such things, and her bed was in the closet.
Baby girl carpeted the floor with clothes and other detritus.

But we loved her and still do, and she keeps an immaculate house now.

WILLIAM said...

I love your kitchen

Laura said...

Your "before" photos remind me of our house in many ways... if it helps, your house looks very normal! LOL
Hope you finally get a bubble bath soon. ;)

platypus said...

I've said it before, you are superwoman! I hope you got that bath in the end!

Nilbo said...

Well, I think we all hope that, Emma. And that maybe she can get the other parts clean, too!

platypus said...

See, Kelli, I open the door and just let Nilbo walk right through it! Sorry about that... Oh and you did a brilliant job with Punkin's room!

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - So, what you're telling me is, there's hope, right? :)

William - Oh, well, thank you kindly.

Laura - WHAT?! Our house is NORMAL?! Well, that won't do at all...

Platypus - Oh, yeah, that's me... Superwoman.

Nilbo - Oh... funny.

Platypus - Thank you!

wordigirl said...

Oh my gosh... I need a nap after seeing the "before" picture of the room.

Ortizzle said...

Love the after pictures. My house needs some of that elbow grease applied to a few gothic corners.

Circus Kelli said...

Wordigirl - That's pretty much how I felt, too. I nearly gave up Sunday before I started.

Ortizzle - Heh, we have too many gothic corners here and not enough elbow grease.

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