A Friday Afternoon Kind Of Thing

Around 3pm on a recent Friday afternoon, I wandered into the lunchroom to peruse the vending machines. We have one that some refer to as "the wheel of death". On any given day, this machine may offer chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, a ham and American cheese sandwich, or the ever-so appetizing Pork Fritter sandwich.

While I've never been so adventurous as to try any of the above, I was pleased to see at least two of my favorite items in this machine on this day. Chocolate pudding and the Hershey Sundae Pie from Edwards.

I was delighted, but also in a sudden quandry. To no one in particular, I said "Oh! Two of my favorite things! But I only have enough change for one of them... what should I do?"

A nearby (younger) coworker I've seen around, but never asked her name was purchasing some snackage from the next vending machine over. She came over to join me in my plight, eagerly assisting with weighing the pros and cons of chocolate cream pie versus chocolate pudding with whipped cream, taking into account which item had the more chocolate for the money (the chocolate pie cost 5 cents more), and if I might be in more of a smooth, creamy mood, or tasty, crunchy pie crust kind of mood.

In the end, we agreed the chocolate pudding with whipped cream was the better choice, and, as it turned out, the right choice. Boy that was some yummy pudding.

I don't know who that coworker was, but when I see her again, I'll thank her... and maybe buy her some chocolate pudding with whipped cream.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

What a concept, assisting your co-workers instead of being rude an ugly.

Nah, I like my way better. SCREW those co-workers. Let 'em pick their own damn food out!!

Circus Kelli said...


Doug said...

Ah, memories of the old "Canteen" machines, a devils brew of candy bars on an endless chain in a long metal and glass cabinet. First candy machines I ever saw.

I think they were before the first soda pop dispensing machines.

Patsy said...

Where you guys been, those stand up machines have been around for years, and will be for many years to come. And Chocolate, oh my yes, as I write I have a dish of chocolate pudding sitting in front of me! Oh, the yummieness of it all!

Susie said...

Pork? Fritter? sammich? ohlordhavemercy. That scares me, CK. That scares me somethin' fierce.

word ver: ohnohopo
Apparently, it's scared, too.

The Kept Woman said...


I remember those machines from college...we used to have one that dispensed chicken noodle soup...it was the best thing ever. I should see if I can get one for my kitchen.

Ortizzle said...

Never take a chocolate cream pudding lightly. Eat it for all the heaviness it has to offer.

Congratulations for the Vending Machine Victory. (Vending machines are very, very, very fickle. This is no small victory.)

Circus Kelli said...

Doug - They keep threatening to put "healthier" food in the vending machine. I'll have to quit if they ever really do it.

Patsy - I loves me some chocolate pudding.

Susie - The pork fritter sandwiches both amuse and terrify me.

TKW - I've never tried the chicken noodle soup out of there. It's good, huh?

Ortizzle - "Never take a chocolate cream pudding lightly. Eat it for all the heaviness it has to offer." I LOVE that.

Doug said...

Perhaps supplied by the same dudes who produce non-alcoholic beverages that taste like beer.

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