Work Week Wecap

Last Monday:
I faked out the fates this morning. Buddy was fine enough to go to school today (no fever, appetite returned and he seemed his "old" self), but Punkin's school was cancelled due to the cold. Heh, isn't that how it always goes? Thankfully, Hubby was planning on staying home today anyway.

Around 10:30am, I got a call from Punkin asking "Can we tak you to lunch today?" Well, of course! That was a lovely surprise. During lunch, I found out Punkin had gone on a drawing frenzy, completing about a half dozen pictures -- all for me, except one. One was for my boss -- a drawing of a rocket ship with "Tom rocks!" written on it.

It looks as though I can stop sucking up to the boss now. Punkin will be carrying the torch from here...

Last Tuesday:
Buddy was sent home (again) from school with a low grade temp. Thankfully, Hubby was able to pick him up from school, and I didn't have to miss any work again today. It was bad enough (from a "competent, responsible employee kind of way") that I missed a half day of work last Wednesday, last Thursday and last Friday. I'm worried about what is going on with Buddy. I'm also worried about what the boss thinks, and how I'm going to get my work done.

It has been so very cold here in Northern Illinois. The forecasters say that the temperature will warm up to 20 later this week. WARM UP to 20! Yikes.

Have you seen how some people take a couple of golf balls, pu them in an uninflated balloon and hang them from the hitch on their trucks? You know, to show "this truck has balls"... whatever. Personally, I'm not all that amused by that -- ok, maybe I was the first time I saw it, but it loses it's charm quickly.

What DOES amuse me, however is sitting in traffic behind the manly-man truck and seeing one of those balloons tear from the cold and the golf balls just fall to the ground.

Yeah, it's THAT cold here.

Last Wednesday:
I'm back to working only half days again, it would seem. I'm sure my boss is thrilled. Thankfully, Aunt Shelley could help us out again.

When Hubby picked up Buddy from school last night, he discovered that another child in the class had been diagnosed with a sneaky kind of strep. We took Buddy to the doctor today, and guess what?! Buddy has that same sneaky kind of strep. The doctor tested him only because Buddy's lymph nodes were a little swollen, and because some other kid in Buddy's class had strep. Buddy had no other visible symptoms. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and alternating red and orange medicines to keep the low grade temperature at bay.

Last Thursday:
I'm home again this morning, because Buddy can't go back to school until he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours. The girls were tested for strep this morning. Thankfully, their tests came back positive. They didn't really have any noticable symptoms either (other than complaints of mild headaches now and then), but we thought it might be good if we could "catch" if they had anything and ward it off before they would have to miss school.

Once again, Aunt Shelley is coming to our rescue, watching Buddy for us for a couple of hours so I can put in an appearance at work.

I'm looking forward to dinner with Our Erika tonight to celebrate her birthday.

Last Friday:
Dinner with Erika was so much fun. I surprised her by inviting a coworker she hasn't seen in a while.

This morning, Hubby and I are going to work, and all the kids are going to school. This will be the first "normal" day for all of us in over a week. Buddy has woken up all smiles and silliness the past two mornings, and I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that everyone under the Big Top is now on the mend.

I feel like I've been racing around, spinning my wheels for the last week. In an amongst juggling work and the sick boy, I've made cookies and brownies, rushed around to three different places for a meeting for work last Wednesday, done the minimum requirment of housework, and barely held it together long enough to drop into bed exhausted every night.

I've also been attempting to fight off a case of the "blues" that has been hovering over me like a black cloud the past couple of weeks. Whether it's the hectic pace, the cold, gray weather, some internal chemical imbalance, or a combination of all of the above, I'm not sure. What I do know is that the feelings like I can't accomplish anything well, I'm not "good enough," and/or that I'm somehow "broken" are finally starting to fade a bit. The cynical, negative "voice" in my head isn't as loud as it was earlier this week.

Sometime this week, I've managed to snap off a couple of post-worthy pictures...

These cookies are SO good... chocolate, peanut butter, and peanut butter Hershey's kisses. Very yummy.

I looked in the "conversation mirror" in the externally flameless Mommyvan the other night on the way home to see the two littles holding hands. I snapped pictures over my shoulder until they were giggling and telling me to stop.

Now, you must excuse me. It's after noon and I either have to put all the chairs back around the kitchen table for lunch, or I have to wash the floor. Or, maybe I'll just sneak a cookie and watch television for a bit while everyone else is otherwise occupied.


Patsy said...

WOW, what a week you have had. and feeling poorly mentally , maybe you should get tested for strep also! You probably just need some sun. I'm glad that everyone is better. Your boss is probably a very understanding person! Take a break and eat some of those delicious looking cookies. You sound like one of those super moms. Keep well!

platypus said...

Good grief, girl, what a week! By the way, when you said about it warming up to 20 I was a bit puszzled since we'd consider that really pretty warm over here. Then I remembered we use Celcius so if you were talking Farenheit it made sense...! Doh!

I'm so glad everyone seems to be on the mend and that you were able to get into work more. I know exactly where you're coming from when you write about feeling bad about it but it sounds like you've juggled it really very well and I'm pleased the blues are lifting. Sometimes being a working mother sucks.

I do hope you chose to watch some TV and have a cookie this afternoon. You need a break too, you know. Oh, and you know we all think you rock so no more talk of not doing things well enough because it's just not true. xx

Ortizzle said...

Sneak a cookie and watch T.V. (while you can!!). You so deserve it.

As for the Blues: you just tell 'em Boogalaga. It works, I'm tellin' ya. (And hopefully it's a hormonal thing, which it could easily be. Pay no attention to the humbug behind the curtain.)

Ortizzle said...

Back again. I just realized you put "Wecap" in the title of the post. Bwaaaaaaahhhhh! I have no idea why I didn't wead that wight.

eclectic said...

Go for the cookie and the couch after THAT week, girlie! You deserve it!!! Whew, huh?! It's over, and next everyone will be well, and things will get back to normal, whatever that is.

Doug said...

Couch, cookies and things that rhyme is the prescription Sis.

Hope everyone stays well, and did you get a strep test ?

Awwww, that pic of Buddy and Sweet Pea holding hands is the greatest.

All too soon they will be fighting over territory in the car and hassling each other about whatever.

But the love will still be with them, even so.

Lynn said...

No wonder you guys got sick! You must freeze your butts off when you have to go out. Your heating bills must be outrageous. I hope it warms up soon. I hope you wrapped up in a quilt when you sneaked off with a cookie to watch TV:-)

Amy said...

Cookies are distracting me. I want to say glad the little guy is better and sorry it is so cold and how flippin adorable is that holding hands picture and yay for getting taken out for lunch!

But those damn cookies. They are distracting me.

Happy start of the week, CK.

Effie said...

wow--what a week, woman!

Those cookies look so good and having Erika over must have been great! I hope this new week is better and Buddy (and everyone) stays healthy!


Annejelynn said...

recipe! recipe, please! those look like 'peanut butter blossoms' in my fam... what's your recipe?

eclectic said...

Pssssssst.... hey CK? You here? I hope you're having a better week so far than last week.

***tip-toe-ing out so's not to wake any sleeping circus types***

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Hey girlie! I'm here!

Annejelynn - I emailed you the recipe.

Effie - Hugs to you and yours! The cookies were delish, and hanging with Erika is ALWAYS fun!

Amy - They were distracting me, too. I had to eat them.

Lynn - Winter weather is crazy. Yesterday it was around 24 degrees. Today it is 10 degrees. That's just not right.

Doug - I love that prescription. I'll bet it cures anything!

Eclectic - Let's hear it for normal!

Ortizzle - You're right! I need to tell them blues BOOGALAGA! Glad you liked the wecap. :)

Platypus - You know what? I just love you.

Patsy - I don't know about me being a Super Mom, but I can tell you I'm Super tired. :)

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