Gaggle of Gigglers

Friday night was the big party sleepover for Punkin.

Thankfully, my cold subsided enough to not take me fully out of commission and force a (second) cancellation of Punkin's birthday party. (We had to cancel her party in November because Sweet Pea had the flu).

By seven o'clock pm, all the girls were at our house, and Hubby had taken the two littles and gone a'visiting elsewhere. (Why didn't anyone warn me about the squealing? Every time a new girl showed up and rang the doorbell, the squealing rang out as well. I'm sure dogs three blocks over were in pain because of it.)

The gaggle of girls and I made pizzas for dinner, then opened presents and had cake and ice cream with toppings and sprinkles. They made beaded friendship bracelets, and also made a big show of hiding from me when I appeared with the camera.

Two of the girls are into Irish dancing, so they danced for the other girls. That performance led to a round of "let's play "American Idol"! Each of the girls sang a few verses of their favorite High School Musical song, while the others decided if the singers would be going to Hollywood or not. A couple of the girls are actually pretty good singers.

Because this was the first sleepover I'd hosted, I had to make up some rules as I went along. After one girl declared she would burp until she puked, I laid down the "No puking" rule. Another girl passed gas in her sleeping bag, and yet another declared the first girl pooped. That brought out the "no pooping in your sleeping bag" rule. Another girl was being dramatic, exclaiming she would "just die!" over something. That statement lead to the "no dying in my house" rule. These rules only worked for so long before one of the smarter cookies of the bunch declared "New Rule! We're in charge! No more rules!" I countered with "No more cake and ice cream for you!"

One by one, the girls got into their p.j.s, but none were ready to go to bed. We played a rousing game of "here Mom, hide this stuffed animal, then don't tell us where it is, but write us little clues that lead us from place to place until we find it." I played one round of that, then went into an adjacent room to fold laundry. (Giving the girls space, but still being around to supervise.)

Around 9:30pm or so, they put the DVD of Cinderella III in the player. Some of the girls watched the movie while others went downstairs to play in the playroom.

Just before 10pm, Hubby arrived back home with two sleeping littles. Sweet Pea came in and went right upstairs to get her jammies on. When Buddy was carried in, all the girls gathered in the doorway to catch a glimpse of him. He is still considered a baby in their eyes, and everyone knows babies are so adorable when they're sleeping. The only problem is, all the attention woke Buddy up a bit. As Sweet Pea was brushing her teeth for bed, Buddy came out of his room and promptly informed us he was not tired and wanted to go see Punkin's friends.

Sweet Pea woke up more and wandered about some, too. After coming down to complain that the movie was keeping her awake, and collecting her personal goody bag from the party, she was ready to go up to her room and stay in bed. The rest of the girls and Buddy were in the playroom giggling and laughing.

I don't mind telling you that by 11:00pm, I was pretty much done in. It was past my normal bedtime, and this head cold wasn't helping matters.

All in all, this adventure had been pretty painless... so far.

As it turns out, getting the girls in their pajamas and sleeping bags was the easy part. Getting them to sleep was another matter altogether -- and Buddy was right there with them.

I had gone up to "bed" around 11:30pm. In actuality, I sat down in my chair in my room and dozed, ready to spring into action if I was needed. Around 12:30pm, I went back downstairs to let the girls know they really, really had to be quiet starting *now.* The majority of them sat up at that point (one was already asleep) and in unison said "Can we go downstairs? We're not tired!" "Sure," I said, "you can go downstairs, but understand you *have* to be quiet when you come back up." (Yeah, I know it was a pretty futile statement, but I said it anyway.)

The girls and Buddy went down into the basement, and came back upstairs to the livingroom around 1:00am. I could hear them for a bit, then I dozed. Around 2:00am, I woke up and didn't hear anything down there at all. Ahhh. They were all asleep. Now was my chance to get Buddy and bring him up to his room. I tiptoed down the stairs to find Buddy right smack in the middle of the gaggle of sleeping girls. There was no way I could get to him without stepping on anyone. I left him there and went back to bed.

I blinked and it was 5:00am. Sunlight was making it's way through the windows, and the house was still silent. I blinked again, and it was about 6:30am. I heard stirrings. A few minutes later, Hubby went to investigate. He came back with the report that all but one of the kids was awake. I rolled my eyes and went downstairs to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

After breakfast, some of the girls went down to the playroom, and some went upstairs to Punkin's bedroom to play on her computer. It was pretty nice. No major dramas, no meltdowns, everyone was just hanging out and having fun.

Hubby went out to run some Saturday errands and help a friend, while the littles and I watched cinderella III... again.

One by one, each of the girls left. By 10:30am, I was back to just the three little clowns I gave birth to. I straightened up the living room and family room again, vacuumed and then just hung out with the kids a bit.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a lazy haze. I had hoped the little clowns would nap, (What? A girl can dream, can't she?) but it was just Buddy who napped in the recliner for a bit while I cuddled with him.

Once Hubby got home, the clowns went outside with him while I finally napped in peace. My head is still full of globble-snop, but that's on the way out, slowly but surely.

Punkin had fun at her party -- and I survived it (as well as having some fun myself). Now I just have to convince Buddy his birthday isn't coming up until December. You see... he's been told his birthday comes after Punkin's...


Brudder Doug said...

What an enchanting tale of domestic/parental bliss, Sis. And you told it so very well.
I think you will look back on this slumber party the rest of you life.

Glad that Punkin' finally had her birthday party. So, two birthday parties in the same year ? ? ? ?
Will it also be a slumber party ?

Nilbo said...

I remember those parties. I remember actually having to pull up a chair in the room and read my book right there to guard against kids shrieking and laughing through the night.

Good times. Amazed that I (they?) survived them.

WILLIAM said...

No puking rule is always a good rule.

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - HA! No more slumber parties until I catch up on my sleep.

Nilbo - No kidding! Good LORD.

William - I always thought so, too.

Bone Machine said...

It's like a Shriner's convention, only different.

eclectic said...

Ah... welcome to the wonderful world of slumber parties! Eeeeep! Thankfully, after 13, slumber parties appear to become "babyish", and mom's off the hook. *whew* Glad you're feeling better!! Happy Monday!

Ortizzle said...

Sounds like it all turned out for the best, especially the New Rules. Only problem now, of course, is that it was postponed for so long that you don't have an entire year to recover before the next one. (When do they outgrow the pajama party thing?!)

MrPhred said...

Great Rules!

I'd rather face the Taliban than a basement full of 11-year-old girls. You're a brave woman.

Circus Kelli said...

Bone - Really? Hm. Cool.

Eclectic - Great! Only 4 more years until 13 with Punkin... and another 9 years until 13 for Sweet Pea... then there's Buddy...

Ortizzle - I'll be fine. I just keep telling myself that... I'll be fine.

MrPhred - It was a gaggle of 9 year olds, plus a 3 and 4 year old. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. :)

Sharkey said...

Your last line was the kicker for me. The next nine months with Buddy might be more difficult than the night with the girlies.

Glad you're feeling better!

Circus Kelli said...

Sharkey - You may be right, but it's been about 24 hours now where he hasn't mentioned that his birthday is coming up... we may be in the clear... ;)

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