I hate the time change

"Spring forward" has become quite annoying. It's been a couple of weeks now, and truly I should be over losing that hour already, but it has truly mucked up our sleep schedule.

First off, we're a couple of weeks early with it. What's the deal with that? Why?

I never did like spring forward, losing that extra hour -- I know it's pretty much psychological, but I've always preferred "falling back" instead. Anytime I can gain an hour of sleep, I'm all over it (and before they moved the falling back to early October, I would occasionally get an extra hour of birthday)

It seems that this particular spring forward has really affected the little clowns, though. Well, not Punkin because she has always been my best sleeper -- but the littles... good GRIEF. Since the time change, they haven't been willing to go to bed at their regular bedtime AT ALL.

One night earlier this week, I put them all to bed at 8:30pm. After several trips back up the stairs to settle one little clown or the other, I decided to just stay in my bedroom and watch television for a bit. I ended up going back downstairs to retrieve a toy for Buddy before being able to settle in and watch television. (How needs a stairmaster when you have littles?)

Going on the theory that "he's a big boy now", we stopped using the baby gate that kept Buddy in his room at night. Apparently, that wasn't the wisest idea because he kept coming in my room to check on me when he should have been sleeping. I wasn't feeling well, and after about a half dozen visits from him, I got upset enough to shoo him back to his room and tucked him in AGAIN. He checked on me one more time after that, and then just closed my bedroom door. I figured the television was bothering him. After a few minutes of silence, I thought he had finally gone to bed.

As the program I was watching neared it's conclusion, I heard talking coming from the other room. It was 9:30pm, a full hour after I had initially put the kids to bed. Thinking one of the kids was just playing with a couple of toys in their bed, I very quietly opened my bedroom door and ventured out to investigate. The bedroom light in Buddy's room was on, but the room was empty. I rounded the corner to Sweet Pea's room and saw her bedroom light was on as well. As I peered around the doorway to Sweet Pea's room, I saw the two littles sitting on Sweet Pea's bed, facing each other with about two dozen toy cars in between them. It was truly such a sweet little scene. If we didn't have to get up by 6:00am the next morning, I would have left the two of them to continue playing and gone back to bed.

As it was, though, I had to let them know (again) that playtime was long over and it was time they went to sleep. Buddy helped me put the toys away and Sweet Pea began to cry (proof to me that she was pretty tired). The fussing didn't last long, and I was able to get them both into their beds (again). They were both fast asleep just a few minutes later.

Since then, Buddy has been a bit better about staying in his bed (he knows that the consequence will be having the gate put back up if he's wandering when he should be sleeping). Getting the two littles to bed has still been a challenge, though. The phrase "herding cats" comes to mind. Just when I get one clown in his/her room and settled down, the other clown goes flying off in the other direction. It's crazy.

I realize this is only temporary, and I figure it won't be much longer until they go to bed easier... I mean, it's only about six months until we "fall back," right?

Now, if you'll excuse me. I hear some talking going on upstairs. Time for me to herd some more cats...


Brudder doug said...

Does take me back, our oldest was four when the next progeny made the scene, then two girls in a row with birthdays a year apart. Now herding two pussycats approximately of the same age is definitely not for sissies. Then our fourth came along, and the girls spoiled him greatly. Then it was herding two pussycats and a little tomcat. The old bit of, "Of shut the door, oh my, now they're coming in the windows," applied to keeping kids in their own beds.

Ahhh, but ain't they cute though ?

platypus said...

Oh it's been winding me up too... I totally forgot it was coming until the night before when my mother texted a reminder. The one good thing is that the clock in my car is only 13 minutes slow again...

Ortizzle said...

I hate it in the spring, too. And moving it back two weeks earlier was just the limit. Are we really saving that much more electricity? They certainly are NOT saving on people's sanity.

Circus Kelli said...

Brudder - Ah, yes they are cute.

Platypus - Always a silver lining...

Ortizzle - I have never been able to save my sanity; at least not since the kids were born...

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