Of Dinosaurs, Dreams and Dwarfs

The best thing I've heard in the last 24 hours (besides "I'll pick up the littles from school today):

(to the tune of "The Wheels On The Bus")

Dinosaurs once wooled the woowld
Dinosaurs once wooled the woowld
Dinosaurs once wooled the woowld
A long time ago

(Of course, it's "Dinosaurs once ruled the world")

As the alarm went off this morning and Hubby got out of bed to get ready for his day, I lay there feeling negative and grumpy. Every little trivial thing on my mind must have marched through my dreams last night. Work dreams, family dreams, friend dreams -- no wonder I'm still tired!

Eventually, I hoisted my carcass outta bed and started my day and began feeling better. As I brushed my teeth, Hubby came to tell me Sweet Pea was crying and her bed was wet. She had had an "accident" -- apparently, her morning was starting out worse than mine.

We cleaned her up and got her dressed. After Hubby left, Sweet Pea and I hung out in my bathroom as I applied make up and curled my hair. For that half hour Sweet Pea was happy and chatty. As it turns out, "happy and chatty" can be contagious. We made faces at each other in the mirror and talked nonsense while I answered at least 500 of her 9,352 daily questions.

Unfortunately, that "happy and chatty" feeling hasn't lasted for me, but I'm working on keeping the "feeling like at least 2, maybe 3 of the 7 Dwarfs" thing at bay. Whenever I feel myself getting irritated, I hum a few choruses about dinosaurs wooling the woowld and I begin to feel a bit better.


wordgirl said...

My oldest (when young) was completely mad for dinosaurs. That little song would have come in quite handy.

Brudder doug said...

My Mom told me there'd be days like this, she just didn't tell me there would be so many in a row.

I try to find something funny so I can aff my lass off.

eclectic said...

So then, who wools the woowld now?!? Please, please, please tell me it's supuhewoes, because otherwise I've got some 'splainin' to do for Littlest Eclectic.

Ortizzle said...

Don't be sad. Think of this:

You totally wool! (You wock, too.)

Circus Kelli said...

Wordgirl - You can still sing it. :)

Brudder - I usually try to stay away from my mirror... ;)

Eclectic - It's the supuhewoes, fer shure.

Ortizzle - You have no idea how glad I am that you didn't say I dwool! ;)

Bone Machine said...

I was going to post the lyrics to Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult, but I wasn't sure if Godzilla was technically a dinosaur or a lizard with a thyroid condition.

Laura said...

Isn't it interesting, the small things that make us feel better?

On the other hand, I made the mistake of reading every single word to the dinosaur song, instead of speed reading right over it.
If this song is still stuck in my head tomorrow morning, I'm coming after you...

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Laura on this one. I think you may have cweated an earworm.

Lynn said...

The sweet little ones! It helps to focus on them.

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