WWC: Gracious, Steadfast

Weekend Words Challenge: Gracious, Steadfast

After hearing the words for this weekend, I decided to look up their definitions to make sure I got them right.

Gracious: marked by kindness and courtesy (a gracious host)

Heh, after the weekend I just had, that was a no-brainer.

There are eight kids in this picture, seven of which slept on the floor in our living room for a whopping 5 hours Friday evening, or should I say Saturday morning...

Steadfast: firm in belief, determination, or adherence : loyal

Another no-brainer for me. To me, Hubby is the very definition of steadfast. He is firmly fixed in place in our circus, and he can be very determined. He is the rock, the stability I never had when I was growing up. He is fiercely loyal to his family and friends. Hubby is tall and handsome, with short brown hair and warm brown eyes. He has an "open" face, an easy smile, and a mischevious grin he passed on to his son. He was also a bit camera shy, so I had to paint a picture of my steadfast Prince Charming in your head, rather than post a picture of him here.

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!


gawilli said...

Oh what a gracious host you were! I remember those days! Nice picture!

Circus Kelli said...

Gawilli - Thank you!

Susie said...

xxx :)

Brudder doug said...

I will hazard a guess that your hubby is a most gracious host and sheds his grace on you and the littles too.

Steadfast I think applies to you both !


wordgirl said...

The pink! The pink! You know...there is the kind of pinkeye you go to the doctor for...and then there's the kind you get from too much time on the Barbie aisle at Target. As a mother of sons, you understand why I am not used to the latter.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - Smooches!

Brudder - You give me too much credit, Doug. :)

WordGirl - Hee hee! I know! SO MUCH PINK! It burns the retinas, does it not?

Ortizzle said...

Well, I think you should modify your personal description to "goodness gracious." (That would be "goodness" and "gracious(ness)" in equal parts. :-)

The Kept Woman said...

It's nice to have a hubby that is a rock. I can't imagine what I'd do without mine.

Platypus said...

Aww, both of those are really sweet. I really do applaud you for not losing your mind with that many girls in the house. If nothing else I'd have expected Baileys taken intravenously!

eclectic said...

Your word-picture of him is stunning -- he looks very good in it! ;) Girlie slumber parties are a thing of the past here, and I can't honestly say I'm sorry about that, though I suppose I'll miss something about it someday... probably just the girlie. Oooooh, I just gave myself the scaredy-cat shivers at the thought of my girlie leaving home! Gah!

MarillaAnne said...

oh you are a far more gracious hostess than I ... I'm glad it went well.

I can clearly see your husband ;)

I finally got my pics up for gracious and steadfast on Wed and I'm just getting to visit around ... and i'm wondering what i'll do for this week!

hope your cold is all gone and you're having fun


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