And now Saturday


I have a moody nine year old who is taking all morning to clean her room

Our three year old is wearing *underwear* in the hopes that someday I won't have to shell out the big bucks for pull-ups with Lightning McQueen on them anymore.

Our four year old is talking very loudly today and makes whining noises whenever I say something she doesn't like.

Hubby is helping our neighbor today and won't be back until after the kids are in bed.

In a bit, we'll color eggs for Easter and mix different color frostings for cookies I made that did not turn out like they should have.

Shelley is coming over in a few hours to hang out with the kids, then Erika is coming over and she and I will go out to dinner and a movie.

I should be making lunch right about now for the little clowns... and I will. In a minute, after I clean up Buddy's second accident of the day. Pardon me, won't you?

** Ah, false alarm. I did have to break up a bit of a fit between the two littles, then administer ice to a pinched finger. Time for lunch now.


Ortizzle said...

Do you do the Easter Egg Hunt thing? --Cuz I'm thinking you might have to hide 'em in the snow! Down my way it has gone from balmy spring temps to freezing temps (at night) and they are saying very light snow flurries would not be surprising. So I'm thinkin' it must be really freezing up your way.

Have a good weekend. Dinner out sounds like a nice break!

Effie said...

ouch--pinched fingers are the worst!

Have fun with the eggs!

eclectic said...

Hi!! Happy Easter weekend!! I've missed you. Hope your holiday is relaxing and fun.

Laura said...

Happy Easter to the circus kids!! Bet they had fun this morning! Hope you're enjoying your...er, their candy!! LOL

Brudder doug said...

Cold and slick, Easter Sunday Denver area. And we ? We are being transported to the top of Lookout Mountain for dinner at our grand daughter's house.
Needless to say there were no Sunrise Services at Red Rocks Amphitheater today.

A few of the typical Easter things went on here, without the help of any littles. Said things appreciated by littles that came around later.

So, Sis, hope your Easter Sunday is the greatest, and just a forerunner for happier ones in the future.

Circus Kelli said...

Ortizzle - We did the Easter Egg Hunt this morning. Our Easter Bunny hides our eggs outside and we find them. Thankfully there was no snow this year. It was pretty chilly, though.

Effie - We did have fun. Did you and Katrina color eggs?

Eclectic - Right back at you darlin.

Laura - They did have fun... and before I get to their candy, I'll have to work through the candy that came in my own Easter basket. :)

Brudder - Sunny, but chilly weather here. I hope you have a fantastic Easter as well.

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