Greetings from Mommyland



Mommy... Mommy!

Ah, gotta love the smell of regurgitated nuggets and fries in the morning.

Sweet Pea isn't feeling well today.

The girls and I dropped Buddy off at school, (He's used to Sweet Pea being dropped off with him, and he cried when I left him there "alone") then buzzed on up to my work for a minute or two so I could set the food for a breakfast meeting and grab a couple of things to bring home with me in case I needed to work on them at home. After that, Sweet Pea and I dropped Punkin off at school.

It's been pretty uneventful here since then. Sweet Pea is just watching television, and I'm washing all the laundry in the house, and taking care of some other domestic chores for a bit.

Not the day I had planned, and most likely, not the day Sweet Pea had planned either. Either way, it's Friday... and that's always a good thing.


eclectic said...

Awww, yeuchhhkk. So sorry Sweet Pea's not feeling well! Hope no one else gets it over the weekend -- I'm crossing my fingers for you!

As for the smell of recycled nuggets and fries, all I can say is at least it wasn't garlic chicken and broccoli. :)

wordigirl said...

Yeah...Friday has this "FINALLY!" feel to it. Even when you're home with a sick kid. Hope he feels better soon!

Ortizzle said...

Well, having a sick child at least got you home early on a Friday. A mixed blessing, but hopefully you got more work done that way. Hope Sweet Pea is feeling better.

Brudder doug said...

Something not quite right when chicken nuggets and fries stay in the stomach overnight to be hurled later. Poor Sweet Pea, hope she soon feels better.

My sympathies to Buddy, being left "alone" at school -- "tain"t the way it usually goes, is it ? But he'll get used to it as time goes on and then one fine day he will strike out on his own and scare the heck out of you.

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Good point.

Wordgirl - She is doing lots better today, thank you. You're so right about that "finally!" feeling.

Ortizzle - She is feeling better, thank you.

Brudder Doug - Heh, Buddy (and Sweet Pea) scare the heck out of me on a regular basis. :)

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