The Mouse

On the way home Tuesday night, I filled the externally flameless Mommyvan with gas, stopped at the grocery store, picked up the littles, then came home.

The three clowns were playing in the front of the house, then the back while Hubby mowed the back and front yards. I made dinner in between putting lunches for tomorrow together, collected the garbages, emptied the dishwas--

"MOM! Come quick! Buddy hit his head!"

I ran outside to the deck where Punkin was holding a sobbing Buddy.

crying, that's a good sign, right?

"What happened?!" I demanded

"He tripped and hit his head on the stairs to the deck"

Before I reached Buddy, I could see the strange white-blue mark next to his eye. That wasn't there before.

I dropped to my knees on the deck and scooped Buddy onto my lap, then stood up with him in my arms.

Steady now, Kel. Don't panic.

"Get your Dad, tell him to come here."

Hubby, my rock. I know I should be doing more, but I need to know if I'm supposed to panic.

"It's just a mouse, he'll be ok. Kel, get him in the house. We need to get ice on that..."

"Dad, what do you mean a mouse?"

"A knot, a goose-egg, a bump on the head. He'll be fine."

We laid Buddy down on the island countertop in the kitchen and put some ice on the mouse. By now, the mouse was covered by a thin scrape of blood. Apparently, he hit the edge of the stair and slid down somehow.

Hubby applied the ice pack while I wet a washcloth to dab at the mouse. Buddy was awake and laying still. I stared at that mouse next to my son's eye.

Oh my God, that looks bad. Is he ok? Yes, he's ok, it's just a bump on the head. He's awake, he was crying, his eyes look fine. Yeah, but are you sure because it looks really bad. Shouldn't we take him to the emergency room?

"Hon, shouldn't we take him to the doctor?"

"Kel, we'll keep an eye on him. He'll be ok. You ok, Buddy? Let's see, sit up... yeah, you'll be ok."

The kids went outside to play with instructions from Dad "Take it easy" and instructions from Mom "Be careful now, don't play too rough out there, no running all over the place and climbing all over everything. He needs to just take it easy for a bit. Punkin, if you notice Buddy acting strangely, or his head starts really bleeding or anything, come and tell me right away. I'm just inside the door in the kitchen, and I'll be watching out the window..."

Ok, so he looks ok. He's playing ok--yikes! He's climbing again! Don't climb! Stop! Just sit, rest, please... Oh man, I feel like I'm going to be sick. Is he ok? What about now? Is he ok now?

I watched Punkin re-enact what had happened for Hubby, then Hubby went back to mowing the front yard. I went back to juggling dinner and emptying the dishwasher. I also called another Mom to ask "So, when should you take a headwound to the hospital...?" She calmed me with some sound advice and a few "I've been there" stories.

Dinner was served a bit later, Buddy ate well, played well, and acted like he always does. The mouse looked smaller by the time dinner was over, and still smaller by the time he went to bed.

This morning, the mouse is gone. Leaving this in it's place:

It's swollen and purple and blue. The scrape is scabbing over. He looks a bit like a little, tiny thug. "You should have seen the other guy."

Whenever Buddy jumps off something or climbs or runs and slides on the kitchen floor, I cringe. Hubby constantly reminds me "He's a boy. Boys do stuff like that."

I know, I know... I just wasn't ready for that mouse.


WILLIAM said...

Wow that looks scary. I never heard the term "mouse" before.

Nilbo said...

As I have learned, sometimes when you go out and play and get active, stuff happens and you end up with a mouse. A little cry, a little ice, a little love, and it starts to go away.

A few days later it might still sting a bit, but you're back to being active and if anybody asks you about it, you shrug and say it's no big deal.

It doesn't mean he shouldn't be careful the next time he's in that situation. But let's not let a mouse or two stop us from having fun and living life large.

Oh, and hub made a good call, not going into emergency. It's just a typical kid's play injury, but oh, the pointed questions they have for parents who bring in kids with black eyes ...

Effie said...

oh wow--that's scary--I never heard them called mice before!

Poor Buddy! I'm glad he's OK!!

Therese said...

As a mom of three boys and one daughter, you kind of get used to these things. Boys are always scabbed up somehow.

LadyBug said...

Ouch. Poor little guy.

I was (and still am, mostly) largely unprepared for all this boy stuff, too.

Love and hugs to you, CK. And kudos to you, for keeping your cool.

wordgirl said...

Wowza! That's no mouse...that's a rat! Before I call the doc after a head injury I check the kid's pupils and then see if the knot is poking out (a good thing) or in (not good). But internal panic? Baby...it's my middle name.

Brudder doug said...

Hey Sis, be sure to get a good full face picture of Buddy and put a copy in his personal picture album, giving hin bragging rights you know.

So very glad he is okay, sure looks bad though. The "what ifs" are the scary thing.

Proud of you Sis.

oddmix said...

Good job hanging on to your sanity there. Never an easy task in a case like that.

At the same time, though, I can totally hear myself saying, "He's a boy. Boys do stuff like that." to my wife.

eclectic said...

Yikes! I don't like that kind of "mouse". At all. Poor little Buddy -- our daughter took a header into the hearth at age 18 months, got a huge mouse in the center of her forehead. Scared me to death. She has survived so far though, so I'm finally starting to believe it might be okay now that she's 13. ;) Love you!

Laura said...

My daughter got a "mouse" when she was litte, it showed up on the back of her head when she fell out of a grocery cart and somehow landed on her back and her head. Then she tried to sit up and passed out. That time, we ended up in the ER, but she was ok.

Or maybe she wasn't, she's 18 now and there are some days when I wonder just how hard she hit her head that day. (g). And she did go on to get a lot more mice... is that the right term? and that's why my hair is so gre...er, "other color"

So I know the feeling you described, there is nothing more terrifying at that one moment, or in the moments that follow until you know for sure that they're all right.

It's tough to be a Mom sometimes, that's for sure. I'm so glad he's okay!!

mrtl said...

Nothing reminds you of your heart quite like this. Breathe!

MrPhred said...

Poor little feller!

My baby brother was much younger than me and my middle brother. By the time he was Buddy's age, we'd managed to break 4 of his bones and inflict enough cuts to require a grand total of 57 stitches. I don't think he was *without* a mouse for years.

It all turned my poor mom's hair a brand new color.

Ortizzle said...

Eeeew, that "mouse" looks damn nasty. I would have wanted to take him to the Doc, too. Hope he's on the mend, C.K.!

Circus Kelli said...

William - Me neither, until last night.

Nilbo - To hell with the pointed questions. If my son needed to go to the ER, I was gonna take him.

Effie - Me too!

Therese - Get used to it? Once again, I'm glad we only have ONE boy. :)

Ladybug - Thanks, love! Apparently, I'm not quite prepared for it either.

Wordgirl - Oh, I stared at the boy, demanded he talk to me (to which he refused) and tried like hell to keep the panic internal. (I did better than I've done in the past...)

Brudder - I HATE the what-ifs... and yes, I'll get a "full face" picture for posterity.

OddMix - Never an easy task hanging on to my sanity?? Did you mean for me in particular, or just in general? :)

Eclectic - I'm not a big fan of those mice either. Love you, too!

Laura - Oh wow... that had to have been SO scary!

Mrtl - No kidding! I'm breathing... now. :)

Mr.Phred - Again, I'm SO glad we only have ONE boy...

Ortizzle - And that's what it looked like this morning. Last night it was much puffier. Of course he's mending. "He's a boy." *snork*

The Kept Woman said...


You are brave.

I wouldn't called 911.

Again...it takes such special moms to have boys. I would have just freaked the hell out.

The Kept Woman said...

Oh and the "mouse"? I was all ready to offer Sugar Daddy's mouse-hunting services to you guys.

Kat said...

Oh, poor Buddy! My eye hurts just looking at that. So glad that he's OK though minus the shiner. Too bad he's not old enough to really make up some great story of what happened.

Susie said...

One more who's never heard "mouse" used for that before. Give Buddy an extra hug from me. Hope he's looking and feeling better.

Bone Machine said...

He can tell his associates that he got it in a bar fight. Thus, gaining their respect and they will always fear him.

Circus Kelli said...

Bone Machine - He probably will do that. You know, all the preschool chicks dig tough guys...

Susie - I've given him many hugs from you. He's doing great now, thank you!

Kat - We can make a story up for him, though. Just for fun, we'll change it every time he looks at the picture. :)

TKW - Apparently, I did freak the hell out -- according to Hubby. I told him what he saw on the outside was only a tiny fraction of the freaking out that was going on in my head.

Amy said...

Oh my love. I hate it like crazy when they get hurt.

"mouse" sounds too innocuous for something that strikes such fear in a momma's tender heart.

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