Spring in Boom

"Mommy, did you see? Some of your flowers boomed! I mean, bloomed!"

What a long, crazy week this was. I've been shadow boxing with the negative thoughts for a little bit again. Then today, the sun came out, the weather warmed up and I found a really great new CD -- the soundtrack to Happy Feet! I know. It's silly. Especially since I've never actually *seen* the movie. I've only heard the kids watching on their way to/from school in the externally flameless Mommyvan. Seriously, though, the soundtrack has some really upbeat music in it. Music that makes me want to choreograph some silly (but totally fun) dance for my kids and I to perform on the deck that Hubby built (the kids use the deck as a stage after dark, pretending the light in the backyard is a spotlight). I listened to that CD all afternoon.

Way back a hundred million years ago, or maybe it was just 25 years ago, I used to take dance lessons... I loved them. I miss dancing, I really do. Lately, I've been tempted to join a jazzercise class... is that too cliche? Do you have to be a senior citizen to do that? It would be good exercise.

Anyway... Oh! Oh! Guess what?! The pictures the littles had taken at the beginning of April came in today, and really... our kids are SO freakin adorable! Even though I could probably sign over my next paycheck to pay for ALL the pictures I want, I won't do that... but really, the pictures couldn't be any cuter.

So, yeah, today was a good day. I had the sun, new, fun music, warm weather, pictures of my kids looking sweet, angelic and adorable... I *feel* the Spring booming in me. Oh, how I've missed that.


Susie said...

It's never too late (or early) to take a dance class! That's still on my list, too, whenever I get WTF outta here.

Better get busy on that choreography.

Brudder doug said...

I'd be taking dance classes, but my feet stutter -- so no hope there.

So, Sis, go manic for a while and have great fun. If you can do it without chemicals it is great fun.

I think any pictures of the littles would be great, just cuz it's their picture.

platypus said...

Yay for 'Happy Feet'! Funnily enough, I just finished watching that on DVD a few moments ago. I know, I'm supposed to be cleaning but the penguins are so cute...

I'm glad you have bomming flowers over at your place. That's exactly what I imagine they would do!

platypus said...

*Sigh!* That was 'booming', of course. Bomming would be bad...

Sharkey said...

Hooray for booming spring!

Susie said...

What kind of a sick woman wants to bomb innocent flowers?

CK, please be more careful with the company you keep. tsk tsk tsk

eclectic said...

Oh yay! So glad you've had a day like that!!

You know, I never took dance as a kid, dance being too "unholy" for my parents, but I always wanted to. So when Miss Eclectic started taking ballet, I signed up for a beginning adult class too at the same studio. I sucked totally, but had the time of my life.

As for Platy and her bombing flowers, I agree with Susie. You can't be too careful with those "foreign" folks! ;) Platy, you're officially invited to come bomb my flowers though. It'd be worth it to get to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I've seen her yard. She doesn't bomb flowers. It's more of a strafing thing.

I took dance lessons a few years ago. Step-dance lessons in fact. Think of Michael Flatley, except a bit chunkier, far less hair, and considerably less gay. That's me.

So of course, I encourage you to take dance lessons. Any kind of dance. Except, of course, country line dancing. That would be ... tragic. - Nilbo (f'ing Blogger won't let me sign in)

Susie said...

Ha, Nilbo. Jif has made the statement, "If you ever see me country line-dancing, shoot me."

I don't see the harm in it. I say line-dancing is good, dorky fun.

Ortizzle said...

Spring has sprung... and landed right on its happy feet! I haven't seen that movie yet, but I'm thinking maybe I need to.

Circus Kelli said...

Susie - Will do!

Brudder - Oh, I'm no Gene Kelly. I'm just Kelli Jean.

Platypus - I hope to sit down and actually watch the movie (instead of just listening to it) sometime soon.

Sharkey - Hooray indeed!

Susie - I do have quite the eclectic bunch of friends... oh look, there's another one now...

Eclectic - I took dance when I was a kid, but I couldn't talk about it at church. :) I'm going to take a dance class...

Nilbo - Oh, I don't need country line dance lessons -- I already know how to do that.

Susie - I LOVE LINE DANCING! It IS fun. Come on over, we'll go! I used to line dance before the kids came along. I was in a lot better shape because of it!

Ortizzle - You need to see the movie. Then you need to get the soundtrack.

Amy said...

I love "shadow boxing with negative thoughts".

Happy Feet!


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