WWC: Familiar and Unknown

Weekend Words Challenge: Familiar, Unknown

There is SO much that is familiar to me, I couldn't settle for just one thing.

The way Sweet Pea always sits on the kitchen chair

Buddy walking around with his hoodie on like a mini-Uni-bomber

The desk where I've spent the last 10 years working


A picture of the calendar I keep at my desk at work. The calendar shows 2007 and 2008. I made myself a promise a couple of years ago that I would either have a web development centered job, or be well on my way to getting one by the time I turned 40 years old. I have about 18 months left to fulfill my goal. I don't really know what the next 18 months (and beyond) has in store for me, but I know I have to find out if this is something I can (and want) to do.

Don't forget to stop by OddMix's place to see who else played!

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OddMix had a bit of a meme over at his place, too. You could ask him "interview" questions, and he would answer them. In return, he would ask you the same number of questions. Here are the questions he asked me, and my responses:

1. If you had it to do over, what (if anything) would you change about your career path?

Heh, my career path. When I was younger, I decided I wanted to be a secretary to the President of a company. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Instead of sitting back and admiring the view for so long, though, I should have started working towards my Webmaster Certificate and/or gaining knowledge and skills for the next career I want in the Web Development arena.

2. If you had to move out of your area, to where would you want to move?

Arizona. In a heartbeat. Tucson in particular. I really do love the beauty of Sedona, too. If Hubby could find work out there, we most likely would have already moved out there.

3. What three bloggers would you most like to meet in real life (in addition to MDW and myself, of course).
(Of course) Hmmm... lemme think. I would really like to meet Susie and Eclectic -- those are the first two names that come to mind. After that, I look at the list over there in the sidebar and have a tough time picking just one more...


WILLIAM said...

Mini Unibomber is great.

Susie is on my list too.

Susie said...

I wanna meet you, too, honey. You're kind of in the middle between eclectic and me. Maybe we'll pop in there one of these days ;)

You're on a list of mine, too, William.

When the Uni-bomber was in the news, LG was a baby with colic. I called her the Uni-baby. She terrorized us!

Platypus said...

I think Susie's on everyone's list! I love the way Sweet Pea sits on her chair. It always amuses me how children can sit in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and not mind.

Circus Kelli said...

William - Hee!

Susie - I think William is on a couple of lists. Pop on in! I'll make mimosas! Or Cocoa and Bailey's!

Platypus - I know, my legs go to sleep just looking at that picture!

wordgirl said...

Let me tell you that meeting bloggers is awesome. I did it last summer when I met Teebs, Mean Girl, Arabella and Mignon in Savannah, Georgia. You should definitely try it.

Nilbo said...

They're all ax murderers. Go ahead, meet them. But when you're stuffed in a barrel behind a barn in Arkansas, don't come crying to me.

Be smart. People aren't who they say they are. I happen to know that your so-called "Susie" is a morbidly obese 57 year old former mental patient named Eugene who sits all day in his sweats and a torn Empire Strikes Back t-shirt, brushing the greasy hair out of his eyes as he trolls chat rooms looking for victims. He sits in his parents' basement on his computer and tries to get young girls to meet him.

His Mom used to scream at him to "Get a job, Eugene! Get a goddamned job!" but she doesn't say much any more. Sometimes there's a gurgle of gases and a whiff of quicklime from the barrel in the corner, but that's about it.

Oh, yeah, you're "right between" "Susie" and "Eclectic" (also known to the police for his frequent trips deep into the woods around the Pacific Northwest). I'm sure "Susie" and "Eclectic" often talk about meeting you and dividing you up: "Heads or tails?"

Fair warning. And I'm not at all wounded I didn't make your list. People don't put me on lists. Nobody likes me. (sigh)

Susie said...

OK, Nilbo got . . . three details pretty close to accurate. Which three? I'll never teh-elll (spoken like a former mental patient).

Nilbo, I already told you I'm coming to get, I mean to SEE you some day. When you least expect it. MWAHAHAAHAHAAA!


Effie said...

I love that Sweet Pea sits that way--so sweet!

Why don't people wear the hoods on hoodies more often, anyways? That's what they're there for, right?

(you've been tagged by me! teehee)

(and from the sounds of it, you might want to watch out for Eugene--you don't want to meet his mother!)

Kat said...

I love how Sweet Pea sits, like she's ready at a moments notice to run and play!

Ortizzle said...

The pics of the kids are classic.

There are at least a dozen bloggers I would love to meet. You are one, for sure!

Unknown: You are so going to achieve your goal. The only doubt would be whether you really "wanna." But I would say you've also made that pretty clear.

Lovin' yer chocolate page more and more. Makes me feel like I've actually had some chocolate every time I log on to the Circus. :-)

Brudder doug said...

Sweet Pea, so sweet and sturdy !
Buddy, a classic boy to the umpteenth.

Nilbo, takes one to know one ? Hee, hee, hee.

oddmix said...

Great pictures! Gabriella sits just like Sweet Pea... when she sits at all.

Circus Kelli said...

Wordgirl - I recently met Bucky, but that's the only blogger I've met in real life. I'd love to meet others.

Nilbo - Uh-huh... and now I'm starting wo wonder if you are who you say you are... for all I know, you're just some skeevy old guy who surfs blogs all day...

Susie/Eugene - I still want to meet you... even if it's just to prove that Nilbo is wrong. :)

Effie - Hee, Buddy never takes the hood off when he wears that sweatshirt. NEVER.

Kat - Oh, she IS ready to take off, and she frequently does.

Ortizzle - Thanks, darlin! I'd love to meet you, too!

Brudder - You know it!

OddMix - Yep, a rare moment for Sweet Pea... she can wear me out just by watching her fly around.

eclectic said...

OHHHHH, so THAT's why William declined to meet up with me while we were in Florida!! Geez Nilbo, thanks alot. ***sigh*** Fine then, tell everyone. Nevermind that I trusted you to keep a secret. Susie (I mean, Eugene), you ready to make a trip to Prince Edward Island? I'll bring the chainsaw. ;)

CK, I'm honored to be on your list! It's actually kind of funny -- I was just telling Mr. Eclectic yesterday on our flight that I wish we had driven across the country instead of flown so I could stop in the Midwest and see you! Of course, while in the general vicinity, I'd have to try to see Bucky and Squirl too!!

Circus Kelli said...

Eclectic - Great minds, huh? :) Hey! If you're going to Prince Edward Island with Susie, count me in. It'll be like Thelma and Louise and Louise, but without the fatal ending... for US anyway... ;D

Susie said...

Ha ha, I just came back here to get Nilbo's quote right, to put in a "things about me" post. You, me and Eclectic heading north to terminate Nilbo? heheee Oh, it is GOOD to have something to look forward to . . .

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